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Comment Re:WHO IS JOHN GALT? (Score 5, Insightful) 612

You miss the whole point of those tax breaks. The states didn't sacrifice anything to attract his business there. If they hadn't offered tax breaks, they wouldn't receive ANY tax revenue from Dell because the company wouldn't have set up shop there. It was a calculated decision by the state that resulted in a large net gain in tax revenue, and a net gain in employment, regardless of the makeup of that employment, and it was an agreement entered into willingly by both parties. Dell has no obligation to the state beyond that.

I sincerely hope that people with such attitudes never buy imported products. It's always easy to criticize others' decisions to use their own resources in the most efficient manner, but when the tables are turned they claw for rationalizations to make themselves exceptions to their rule.

Comment Re:willingness to relocate (Score 1) 494

Well you're only partially right, that bailout money came mostly from China, but some did come from Europe too. Don't go yelling about how taxpayers funded the bailout because we were in a deficit long before a bailout was even 'needed.' All that bailout money and upcoming stimulus money is borrowed money. None of which came from the US taxpayer.

But we will be paying for eventually through 'quantitative easing' which is going to hit us with one of the largest inflation taxes this country has ever experienced.

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