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Comment So many questions... (Score 2, Interesting) 172

... and none of the articles I've read about 'Wi-Di' seem to answer them.

How about sound? Transmitting video directly to my tv sounds nice, but how does this tech account for transmitting sound to a HT receiver? Potential for audio/video de-sync? How will this be handled?

Potential for latency issues? This could be a big one, especially for gaming.

Comment Re:Fixed point numbers? (Score 2, Interesting) 626

yea because the missile counter measures failed to fire because the system was doing its scheduled reboot is so much better than the missile counter measures failed to fire because of timer precision

The OP's suggestion for scheduled reboots could be solved by having redundant systems, no? System X comes up at 0 hour mark, System Y comes up at 233 hour mark. System X switches to System Y and reboots at 466 hour mark; System Y only has 233 hours uptime.

Comment Re:I don't overclock (Score 1) 48

The snippets that I've read about the core i5 750 in TFA mention a possible TDP between 82-95W. Under load, you'd easily be over 100W.

If your main focus is green computing, you're looking in the wrong direction. There are several, very capable cpu's from AMD and Intel right now that are rated at 65W TDP (even fast Core 2 Duo and Phenom II X3 parts). With speedstepping, an energy-efficient power supply and green HD, you should be about to hit your 100W mark or atleast get very close to it.

Comment Shift in focus... (Score 1) 202

At least part of the reason for the decline in humor is that there has been a shift in focus from quality writing to things like 3d modeling, game physics, and texture work. That's my opinion, anyway.

In the old days, you didn't have the advantage of high resolution models and fancy special effects to bowl over your audience. You had to wow your audience with great writing. I think many developers have forgotten this.

Social Networks

Submission + - Facebook Retroactively taking back User Names

Matt Wilson writes: "It appears Facebook is retroactively taking back user names for celebrities, even if you have a legitimate reason for having the user name. My wife previously had (her name *is* Brigitte Wilson) until she just received this e-mail: From: The Facebook Team Date: Fri, 10 Jul 2009 12:37:36 -0700 Subject: Removed Username To: Hi, Your chosen username was on a list of terms that were meant to be blocked from registration, and it was only made available as the result of an error. We have no choice but to remove it from your account. We understand the inconvenience this creates, so we've added 500 credits to your account to express our gratitude for your understanding. These credits can be used in our Gift Shop ( to purchase virtual gifts. Thanks,"

Submission + - DOJ report on NSA wiretaps finally released (

oliphaunt writes: "As regular readers will recall, after the 2004 elections the New York Times revealed that the NSA had been conducting illegal wiretaps of American citizens since early 2001. Over the course of the next four years, more information about the illegal program trickled out, leading to several lawsuits against the government and various officials involved in its implementation. This week several of these matters are coming to a head: Yesterday, the lawyers for the Al-Haramain Islamic Foundation filed a motion for summary judgment in their lawsuit against the Obama DOJ. The motion begins by quoting a statement made by Candidate Obama in 2007, acknowledging that the warrantless wiretap program was illegal. US District Judge Vaughn Walker has given indications that he is increasingly skeptical of the government's arguments in this case. In what might just be a coincidence of timing, today the long-awaited report from the DOJ inspector general to the US Congress about the wiretapping program was declassified and released. Emptywheel has the beginnings of a working thread going here."

Submission + - Open Source Speech Recognition simon Going Stable (

bedahr writes: "Almost three years after the start of the development, the first stable version of the open source speech recognition suite simon has been released: simon 0.2 is ready for download.

With simon you can control your computer with your voice. You can open programs, URLs, type configurable text snippets, simulate shortcuts, control the mouse and more.

Because of simons architecture, it is not bound to a specific language and can be used with any dialect. It is also specifically designed to handle speech impairments which makes simon a viable alternative to conventional input methods for physically disabled people.

simon 0.2 is based off of the open source Julius speech recognition engine and the HTK (which — due to licensing restrictions — has to be installed seperately).

In comparison to the 0.1 series that never made it past alpha quality, simon 0.2 does not only bring stability improvements but also lots and lots of new features and improvements all around.

The software is available from sourceforge."

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