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Submission + - Interview with "Chocolate Rain" Tay Zonday (

feastoffools writes: "Feast of Fools podcast talks to musician and YouTube overnight celebrity Tay Zonday, who in recent weeks has landed himself in the middle of a media deluge over his homemade music video "Chocolate Rain."

Since the video was posted three months ago it's received over three point seven million views and catapulted Zunday from an ordinary life as a American Studies grad student to one of the most recognized YouTube video personalities and inspired thousands of other responses and parodies. Why?

Tay Zonday's video caught on because it's a great blank canvass for people to superimpose themselves. If the song was directly addressing race it wouldn't be so much fun to make your own version.

Also, the mismatch of Tay's voice with his face, his obliqueness and outsider feel adds to the appeal. Like the Mona Lisa, Tay Zonday's knowing yet emotionally unavailable gaze draws us in further.

Tay Zonday (in this interview):

        "Consumerism has reduced participation in our democracy to where we feel obligated to say 'I love this' or 'I hate this' and there isn't any more sophisticated public discourse in that binary."

My suspicions is that Tay creates these videos as therapy for himself, as a roundabout way to express himself to those he can't speak to directly. Tay Zonday: "the anonymous medium [of posting a video on YouTube] allows people to say the things they want to say to their employer or spouse..."

Join us as we ask Tay Zonday about why he made this video in the first place, his reactions to the publics response and why is it so hard for mainstream journalists to embrace ambiguity. Visit Feast of Fools dot net to listen to the full interview."


Submission + - Win Free Seat to ChicagoCon 2007 (

ddonzal writes: "Ethical Hacking, Expert Pen Testing, Web App Hacking, Cisco, Forensics, CISSP, Linux+ and more. ChicagoCon is a pro. security conference, certification training and a hacker con rolled into a single, unique event from Sept 17 — 23. Keynotes include John C. Dvorak, Steve Hunt, Lance Spitzner, DoD & Symantec. Hacking Presentations and prizes, too."
The Internet

Submission + - What tech feeds do you subscribe to?

An anonymous reader writes: I am curious as to what other tech sites all the other Slahdot users read on a very regular basis. I for one read Slahdot, Endgadget and a number of others but am curious as to what everyone else reads when they are looking for their daily fill of tech news. Any suggestions?
Desktops (Apple)

Submission + - Apple introduces new iMacs (

Rebelgecko writes: This morning, Steve Jobs introduced new iMacs. They come in 20 or 24 inch sizes and are constructed from plastic, aluminum, and glass. They will ship with a new Bluetooth keyboard which will look similar to this developmental prototype. Steve Jobs has also shown iLife '08 with features like iPhoto "events" and direct uploading of movies to Youtube.

Submission + - NVIDIA Premiers Animated Short "The Plush Lif (

MojoKid writes: "Showcasing the advanced rendering features of NVIDIA's Gelato GPU-accelerated rendering software, this week at SIGGRAPH, Timothy Heath and his team from the NVIDIA Digital Film Group put together a short film dubbed "The Plush Life". The film features Lundo and Flint, two plush characters with a penchant for joyriding in their 1969 Buick Electra. The Plush Life is the first release in a planned series of animated short films created with Gelato using some of its more advanced features like subsurface scattering, depth-of-shadows, and a new shader technology used to create the velvety appearance of the "Flint" character. HotHardware has more information regarding the short film and an array of impressive screenshots that were taken from the film which was created using Maya with the help of NVIDIA Gelato."
The Internet

Submission + - Megavideo - New Contendter for YouTube (

ilikenwf writes: "Megavideo, by the same people who are behind Megaupload, is an alternative to YouTube that blatantly says it "Beats YouTube." There are lots of features that are very appealing, including the ability to make money and earn premium points through your videos. Besides that, the service will import all of your YouTube videos to make the changeover super easy! See the 10 Reasons page for more information. I know I am going to make the switch."
America Online

Submission + - AOL Ditches Kaspersky for McAfee (

jjean writes: Users who were skeptical about using AOL's Kaspersky-powered antivirus before will be even more weary now. AOL has teamed up with McAfee to offer a free security suite (antivirus, antispyware, and firewall) to anyone with an email address. While the lack of fees attached to the suite may sound appealing, keep in mind that McAfee is not exactly known to be a resource-friendly application.
The Internet

Submission + - Internet campaign '08 may lag the hype (

heels writes: "The first real Internet campaign may be upon us, but campaigns still have a long way to go. "Nobody is sure precisely how social networks translate into votes. Getting candidates and senior staffers to buy fully into an Internet strategy can be a challenge, and some of the basic plumbing needed to integrate applications and share information across organizations is still in development...'It's still an open question whether any campaign will run a truly well-organized Internet campaign on Feb. 5,'the early primary date shared by big states." Web video is well established, but social networks and mobile tech have yet to prove themselves."

Submission + - Weekly World News Eaten by Bat Boy! 1

Dekortage writes: "While not exactly a primary source of technology news, the Weekly World News was always popular among engineers, programmers, and other geeks when I was in college. So there's something sad about hearing that the August 27 issue will be its last. Where else are we going to hear about FBI conspiracies, alien probes, bizarre technological experiments, and right-wing nutjobs? (I mean, besides on Slashdot, of course!)"

Submission + - Israeli researchers generate time machine model

neuralfire writes: Scientists at the Technion University in Haifa, Israel claim they have developed a theoretical model of a time machine that, in the distant future, and with a little spacetime curvature, could enable future generations to travel into the past. html?articleID=201203157&cid=RSSfeed_eetimes_semiR SS
Media (Apple)

Submission + - Brad Stone Ruins a Near Perfect Blog

mattatwork writes: NY Times writer Brad Stone figured out the real identity of Fake Steve Jobs. With classic nick names like 'freetards' and 'beastmaster' Fake Steve captured an audience of 700,000 visitors to the site and around 50 emails a day. There is no definite plan for the future of FSJ, according to Daniel Lyons, a senior editor at Forbes magazine who maintained the blod himself....

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