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Random Humor 236

An anonymous reader sends in Monitor Man: "Monitor Man is the latest idea in Japan for advertising at sports matches. Seems to be quite popular with the kids, anyway... siliconshock writes "Here is a torrent link to a 10 year old educational video from the SPA (Software Publisher's Association), which tells kids not to 'copy that floppy'. The video contains oldskool screen shots from "Oregon Trail", "Tetris" and other games of the era. The best part is the rapper who is singing and dancing to a great anti-piracy song. Here is more info. The file is 16mb, and in case you were worried about this file being copyrighted.... 'The Software Publishers Association gives you permission to copy this video for the non-profit purpose of promoting the ethical and legal use of software.'" And [vmlinuz] writes "After recently hearing a few different versions of RMS's legendary Free Software Song, I decided to do my own version, considerably heavier. You can get it in MP3 and OGG format."
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Random Humor

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