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Comment Re:Why would Putin fear Clinton? (Score 1) 758

Egand not this again, it has been proven false so many times that the you have to be rather stupid to keep posting it.
The money amount is wrong, the time frame is wrong, they ignored taxes, they ignored that he gave away and splits of that money.
Start thinking for yourself! What you are cut/pasting says he is worth $100M yet he is called a billionaire that should make something click that what you are being feed is incorrect.

Comment Re:Why would Putin fear Clinton? (Score 1) 758

If she becomes President she could take away that Overcharge button she gave to the Russians year ago.
That thing is rather powerful with it they have invaded the Ukraine and basically annexed parts of it, they have tried to provoke NATO members, and have attacked forces friendly to the US and opposing forces friendly to Russia and had the US President smile and accept it.

Comment Re:thats (Score 0) 203

Don't forget the lawsuits for Clinton university.
Also that the clintons were is so bad a financial shape that if they had any businesses or any source they personally created for income they would of had to plead bankruptcy, that is according to hillary.
Doesn't make the things about Trump false but since you have such a small window that you are judging the candidates on you might as well stop wearing blinders.

Comment GPS thing does not make sense. (Score 1) 80

Checking some geocaching forums no one in South Korea mentions GPS issues and there are plenty of caches in the country.
You do have issues with north korea jamming GPS signals. http://www.reuters.com/article...
Instead of GPS being illegal what is happening is that Pokemon GO is not enable for SK. This is done by the methods mentioned except that the place mentioned in the article is not part of the country block.

Comment Re:old wisdom (Score 1) 387

The problem with Galileo was that he could not prove it, Newton was the first to do so.
During his time his demonstration was not even the best. There was another mathematician who was almost at a correct formula.
Galielo was just the most vocal and most high ranking person who believed in the Copernican Model and continued to believe in it even when he could not prove it.

Comment Re:FBI Director says 1 prosecution in 99 years (Score 1) 289

Yep people get over it!
Between her and her advisors showing both incompetence, lack of basic concern of the safety of the security of the material, and the wiping of drives, emails and what would be the evidence she did nothing wrong.
Move on after all what difference would it make?

Comment Re:No justice (Score 1) 801

Her personal system administrator, of which there are many had access, unless you think they setup a multi-level security email server with proper encryption, which based on the FBI report they did not. The FBI proved that those people had access to the email. They could not prove that others did because Clinton had the evidence destroyed and the remaining server had been cleared of most data. So it is an unknown if crackers and other government actually provide they have the info instead of just claim they do.
No need for others to show that she transmitted/broadcasted classified information because the FBI report said she did. This came down to a decision that because the evidence was destroyed and she was able to prove she was incompetent that there was not enough to prove in a court that she broke the law.

As for Bush go back and read the many, many news reports that came up out that that. Bush, and others in his office, were doing it somewhat correctly. They were using a separate system for personal and non-federal business. The problem from that came when people would be on the non-federal business account and would send off email to a federal address. To fix that different laws were put into place.
So what laws did Bush violate? Also why is Clinton so incompetent (according to the FBI) and stupid that she did not remember all the news articles about the Bush administration and that new laws that were put into place to make sure that happened under Bush would not happen again?

Comment Re:"Adding no Value" (Score 1) 327

If they want Spotify could charge $9.99 and apple would take 30% of that. It is not a US type tax that is added after the price.
Spotify ends up getting their exact same $9.99 a month and that is what Spotify wants and does not want to pay for the benefits apple gives the seller.

Comment Re:Me SO shocked (Score 1) 801

So Powell sent classified material to his email account?
Also Powell had written permission to use the email account, Hillary did not, she had been told not to do it, and had worked to keep her serverS hidden.
The reports on this cover the actions of the former secretary of state and explain why she was unique.

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