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Comment Re:Pat McCrory is a crook (Score 1) 222

Unlike the Democrats and they goosing stepping minions and shutting down speech the Republican party is a wide open to a variety of people and beliefs. Unfortunately this means you get some people who do things like this.
Another difference is that you have Republicans that are fighting this law and under the Democrats it is accept it or else.

Comment Re: what Trump said and meant (Score 1) 531

Comey said the reason they did not prosecute her was because her action were just incompetent.
Hillary said she did not could not remember or understand the briefings she had and could not understand that the markings like (S), (C) in front of paragraphs meant the classification level and thought they were to number them. If that is not "lacking intelligence or common sense" I don't have a better example.

Comment Re:Missing investigations? (Score 2) 159

They have been asked about this and the RNC has released some info that they follow industry and government security policies and have people with the job of making sure the servers are protected and procedures are followed unlike the DNC.
On some of the security boards you are even seeing people slamming trump and the rnc for releasing that amount of information and how carless they are. Others have taken it as a challenge.

Comment Re:Why would Putin fear Clinton? (Score 1) 769

Egand not this again, it has been proven false so many times that the you have to be rather stupid to keep posting it.
The money amount is wrong, the time frame is wrong, they ignored taxes, they ignored that he gave away and splits of that money.
Start thinking for yourself! What you are cut/pasting says he is worth $100M yet he is called a billionaire that should make something click that what you are being feed is incorrect.

Comment Re:Why would Putin fear Clinton? (Score 1) 769

If she becomes President she could take away that Overcharge button she gave to the Russians year ago.
That thing is rather powerful with it they have invaded the Ukraine and basically annexed parts of it, they have tried to provoke NATO members, and have attacked forces friendly to the US and opposing forces friendly to Russia and had the US President smile and accept it.

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