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Comment Re:Hey GM, how about that EV1? (Score 2) 289

Go read some the interviews from the lawyers of the people who wanted to keep the cars outside of the movie. They admitted that if something had happened to any of the cars they would of had no problem suing GM no matter the case and papers shown in the movie. Actually looking into reality the movie lied so much about what actually happened and could happen that is should of been labeled fiction.

Comment Re:Meanwhile in Germany ... (Score 1) 364

That bottom line is based on lack of knowledge on what people what and are getting.
In the USA you could go to a school similar to what you will get in Germany and the rest of Europe for a very similar cost.
Instead what the USA student is looking for are private living conditions, with a massive environment with entertainment, round the clock lab rooms each with the latest top of the line equipment, and a big campus that is its own city. All of that stuff costs lots of money.
It is very easy to end up with a degree going to one of the schools similar to what you find in Germany and with the end result being that you will get a job that will pay for a lot more than a similar job in Europe and having no college debt.

Comment Bad summary (Score 0) 424

The summary skipped over the major piece of information
âoeTwelve states, from Vermont to Wisconsin, are currently challenging the legality of the FCCâ(TM)s order in the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit," Pai wrote. "In my view, it would be a waste of judicial and administrative resources to defend the FCCâ(TM)s unlawful action in court. I am therefore instructing the Office of General Counsel to ask the DC Circuit to send this case back to the Commission for further consideration. And the FCC will soon begin a proceeding to eliminate the new federal designation process."
So the previous FCC took rights from the states, states sued and Pai decided to make sure the rights of the states were returned and he did not have to fight a bunch of lawsuits.

Comment Re:Are there alternatives to John Deere? (Score 1) 500

Depending on the size of the tractor(exclude the really big ones) and equipment the connectors and power transfer connectors are rather universal and you can switch between tractor and equipment. So you can take a modern tractor or something from the 60s and the equipment will attach and work.
Most stuff tends to fit on the standard three point hitch, universal joint or PTO connectors.

Comment Re:Planet USA (Score 1) 374

Lol you have never lived in Europe or the USA.
As someone who has lived decades in both your comments are totally outside of reality.
To tell the truth I did love the European heath care system, I would call up tell them I need shots, medical appointment, etc and would told it would be a month or two since it non-emergency. I would then say I would not be using that countries health care system and would be paying by bank transfer and I had my appointment that week. I would walk in get the work done and leave and the poor people in that system would still be there. European friend that had a bad knee got pushed back for over three years, they kept telling him he was below the age they would normally replace it, and since he could still get around he was not a priority. He just had to give up all sports and activities that placed any weight on that leg.
In the USA there are so many medical places around, and here I can use insurance, so it is fill in paperwork, hand over a card, and I am in and out. Last month I had to get a bunch of work done and some shots and longest wait I had was 45 mins to get blood drawn for lab work because I needed to get it done that day.

Comment Re:Yeah, the bubble will pop long before that (Score 1) 374

If you want the free experience that you get in Germany then go to your local community college. Most offer degrees of multiple levels and are free or nearly free.
Also there are plenty of other methods to pay for the non-community college experience be ISAs, agreeing to work at some location for a period of time or public service. People enter into those loans because they of the financial benefits they gain from them.

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