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Submission + - ARPANET Co-Founder Warns of Cyberwar

An anonymous reader writes: Dr. Lawrence G. Roberts, one of the Internet's creators, is working with the federal government's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) on Internet security, something which Roberts says he dropped the ball on when creating the Internet. "The task that DARPA has put on Lockheed and ourselves, and Microsoft and the team working on it, is to authenticate the end-user by the network and make sure we know with substantial security who that is," said Roberts in an Internet radio interview. "We need to work very quickly on it before nation states can attack other nation states in a way that's particularly more dangerous than war."

Submission + - MPAA shuts down town's muni WiFi for 1 download (

nam37 writes: The MPAA has successfully shut down an entire town's municipal WiFi because a single user was found to be downloading a copyrighted movie. Rather than being embarrassed by this gross example of collective punishment (a practice outlawed in the Geneva conventions) against Coshocton, OH, the MPAA's spokeslizard took the opportunity to cry poor (even though the studios are bringing in record box-office and aftermarket receipts).

Submission + - 9/11 Seen Through Day-Of Screen Grabs (

macsox writes: "A columnist looks back at the events of 9/11 through the lens of screen captures he made of websites during that day. Slow loading, old-looking, graphics-free — they are a good look back at the turbulence of the day."

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