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Comment Re:Put the business logic in the database (Score 1) 674

Well they asked for "bad ideas that work" - it's bad for all the reasons we know but it sure does work, except for when it doesn't. If you are already locked in to a SQL Server or something then taking advantage of its modern features and tooling can be a real productivity boost over say writing lots and lots of plumbing code just to avoid having your "business logic in the database".

Comment Never happened (Score 5, Informative) 209

I've been using 64bit nightly since the idea of dropping the builds was mentioned in bz. There was a big debate and a bunch of tech news sites picked up the story and now the latest is that they're being "restored". But the 64bit nightly builds never stopped! I'm sure this story is just to get everyone to STFU about it already.

Comment The problem is bad acting (Score 1) 607

Actors are pretty good at delivering convincing dialogue but there are a million subtle things that we sense subconsciously in every little movement. This information is mostly missing in 24fps so our minds fill it in with something appropriate - basically our subconscious gives the actors the benefit of the doubt and we see convincing movements. But when their actual movements are accurately captured and played back for us our subconscious sees every subtle thing and it ruins the effect. We can sense that they're just acting and it feels like they're just reading lines.

That's my theory I just made up but it doesn't explain why we get the same feeling when TV's add interpolated frames to double the frame rate.

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