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Submission + - What are the odds of finding Earth 2.0?

An anonymous reader writes: The latest haul from NASA's Kepler mission indicates that, in it sample of some 150,000 stars, there are over 2,000 confirmed exoplanets, with approximately 40% of them rocky worlds. If we extrapolate this to our entire galaxy, we have about 60 billion habitable zone planets in our galaxy alone. But there's a big difference between habitable zone and capable of hosting humans as they are right now. Here's how close we are to finding the first possible Earth 2.0.

Comment Re:Always seemed redundant to me. (Score 0) 267

I have been using Firefox ever since, like, 2004 since I ditched Internet Explorer in favor for it. In the last few years, Firefox has become a bloated piece of shit. I now run Linux only and still use Firefox. I do like it but I am sooo tempted to switch to Chrome. They keep copying Chrome anyway so what’s the point of using a bloated browser that tries to mimic Chrome? And if you wanna talk about unpopular features in Firefox why not start by removing the built in advertisements. That shit sucks. I don't care if the ads are approved by, or from, Mozilla. They are ads. And they're BUILT IN to my browser. Remove that shit. I care more about ads and invasion of privacy than I do about bloat.

Submission + - FBI Allowed Jared Fogle to Molest Children For More Than 4 Years (

NeoGeo64 writes: New details involving disgraced Subway spokesman Jared Fogle and his obsession with child molestation have surfaced from the woman who took it upon herself to expose him.

Rochelle Herman-Walrond, a former Florida journalist, befriended Fogle after she heard him confess his sexual perversions. Herman-Walround would end up wearing a wire for federal investigators for over four years. During that time, Herman-Walround had to endure disgusting conversations about Fogle’s inclinations and sexual escapades with children.

Comment Re:That was easy (Score -1) 867

Bullshit. I switched totally over to Linux Mint last year. I single boot Linux on my top-of-the-line Dell XPS 8700. My hardware specs are an Intel i7 4770k @ 3.4GHz, 8GB (upgrading to at least 16GB soon) and 1TB ext4 HDD. I have some kind of AMD video card, 7000 series I believe. I do have additional storage on portable USB hard drives but no ext4. I am presented with no boot-loader. Just as you would turn on a Windows only PC and see the Windows splash screen I experience the same thing, only with a Linux boot splash screen. It does everything I want. Yes, it has it's quirks and I've even had to manually edit a text configuration file or two on Linux Mint 17.2 Cinnamon 64-bit, however, Windows has it's quirks, too. It's all about familiarity. Which is why Windows 8 flopped. It's not a particularly bad OS under the hood, I'm sure, but they changed too much. Linux will take over the computing world in the next five to ten years in some form or fashion. It already has as Android. As far as Linux on the desktop (or laptop) I do see the userbase increasing but not to the level most Linux users would like to see. But, be careful what you wish for. I love running an OS that is incompatible with viruses and the like. Linux does what I want. It is definitely non-commercial and it shows. Running a distro means that some parts may be incomplete to a point or even buggy. Linux is a continuing digital construction zone. A constant work in progress. That said, I am blown away how far Linux has come from Linux Mandrake 8.0 in 2001 to Linux Mint 17.2 in 2015. Notice I didn't mention Ubuntu. It's spyware disguised as a Linux distro. Both Mint and Ubuntu don't ship with essential tools to compile but all of that can be fixed - all of it's little quirks. The only thing I'm still on the fence about is compiling from source programs that I can't find in the software center or programs in the software center that just don't work anymore. That's all for now.

Comment Re:Fed up (Score 0) 528

That is why I installed Ad-Block Plus. Well, it was the final straw. Slashdot was running some shit based Flash ad that was taking up the entire page and using 5GB of RAM to run the ad in plugin-containter. Not only does it block ads but contributes to the general stability of your system.

Comment Re:Not first (Score -1) 181

Well, as a happy Mediacom cable Internet customer I can happily say that the speeds I get are always over what I pay for. I pay $24.99 a month for 100/10. I get 113/17. Not to mention a 1TB cap I'll never hit. For $5 more a month I can get 150/20 with a 2TB cap I ever need to. If your Internet Service Provider isn't suiting your needs there aren't always options. For example, the only other ISP in my area is AT&T with their "blazing fast" 6/512 ADSL service that got it's last speed boost sometime around 2007 with the xTreme 6.0 package. Now, they're pushing uVerse but the fastest they can offer in my (and most other) areas is 18Mbps for over twice the cost of my 100Mbps service. The USA really needs to get it's act together concerning broadband. I'm not saying we need gigabit connections everywhere (although it would be nice!) but 50Mbps+ is really needed these days to fully enjoy the interwebz.

Comment Re:It's About Time!!!! (Score -1) 132

Yeah, seriously. It's not a desktop OS and it never will be unless the designers want to destroy it's mobile usefulness. Android was born to compete with iOS. Why would you want to run it on a desktop? Go ahead, try it. Within a week after the neat factor dies off you'll be clamoring for that Linux or Windows installation disc. The best thing, actually, would be to run Android x86 in live mode off USB. That way, you could run it without having to alter your PC. It would be interesting to see run on a big screen and all but an even better idea is to just broadcast to a big TV from your smartphone. There's lots of devices out there nowadays that do just that.

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