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Submission + - Linux Kernel 4.9 released (

NeoGeo64 writes: Linux Kernel 4.9 has been officially released today, December 11, 2016. Linux 4.9 has a ton of changes, including: Memory Protection Keys (MPK) are now mainlined, support for vmapped kernel stacks, one of Torvalds' favorite features for Linux 4.9, experimental AMDGPU Southern Islands support / GCN 1.0 for AMDGPU, but keep in mind it's disabled by default and needs to be set at kernel build-time, similar to the experimental GCN 1.1 / CIK support for AMDGPU DRM, improved P-State performance for some Intel Atom CPUs, AMDGPU virtual display support, support for 29 more ARM machines by the mainline Linux kernel, the introduction of a new subsystem, Greybus, and various file-system improvements.

Comment Old News (Score 0) 177

I've been able to send SMS from Pidgin with my AIM account for over 10 years. How is this a new feature? By the way, Skype for Linux sucks. I use it, but it really needs to be on par with the Windows version. Microsoft is still as bad as they were in the 90's. Nothing has changed, they're in it to make money. That is all they care about.

Submission + - What are the odds of finding Earth 2.0?

An anonymous reader writes: The latest haul from NASA's Kepler mission indicates that, in it sample of some 150,000 stars, there are over 2,000 confirmed exoplanets, with approximately 40% of them rocky worlds. If we extrapolate this to our entire galaxy, we have about 60 billion habitable zone planets in our galaxy alone. But there's a big difference between habitable zone and capable of hosting humans as they are right now. Here's how close we are to finding the first possible Earth 2.0.

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