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Comment Re:Still Don't Get It (Score 5, Informative) 65

is Device limited to mobile phone & purchasing apps? Because we sure as hell have 'Devices' in the house older than 2013 that came with those titles for free. On desktops & laptops. That's why OP's original question is still valid.

Do you mean the mobile apps are now finally free too? (know yer history son).

There's a few different things going on here with regards to the Mac versions.

Versions of iWork prior to 2011 were traditional boxed commercial products - as in, you went to the store and bought a disc. The Mac App Store had been introduced in 2010 and in 2011 Apple released iWork '09, the then most recent version, on the Mac App Store as three separate apps at $19.99 a piece (which meant that the three together were cheaper than the $79 they had been charging for the iWork DVD-ROM).

In October 2013 they released new versions of all three, now just called "iWork" with no particular year or version designation, and now exclusively on the Mac App Store. They also made this version a free upgrade for iWork '09 users both to reward existing owners but also because this allowed them to transition to using the Mac App Store as their central software update platform. At this time, however, they were still three $19.99 applications.

The way the free upgrade worked was that the Mac App Store looked to see if you had iWork '09 installed and if so it would install the newer iWork (leaving the old one intact) and associate your Apple ID account in the Mac App Store as having owned the apps. At the time there was a trick people discovered - by accident or design the Mac App Store was incapable of determining whether or not your copy of iWork '09 was the full version or the 30-day trial, which Apple had rescinded from their website but which was still floating around. If you installed iWork '09's trial and rebooted, the Mac App Store would start installing the new version of iWork and your account would now own the latest iWork even though you had not purchased iWork '09. In a statement, Apple acknowledged that this was possible but that they thought the convenience of upgrading and Mac App Store association was worth the potential loss in sales they might suffer as a result.

In October 2014 Apple announced that the three iWork apps would be free with new hardware purchases. Prior to this point you had to either qualify for the free iWork '09 upgrade or purchase the apps, and anyone who didn't do the trick above would still need to buy the apps.

What's changed today is that now the three iWork apps are outright free to everyone, not just people who bought a Mac after 2014 or were willing to perform the iWork '09 trial trick. If you had them on devices prior to 2013 for "free" then either you had taken advantage of some promotion or some bundling, or you may have gotten the upgrade as a result of the 2013 rollout.

The iOS versions of iWork followed a similar trajectory, though skipping the part about being on DVD prior to 2013 and any upgrade tricks - they were released as three $9.99 apps, free with hardware purchases past 2014, and now just free to anyone.

Comment Some context (Score 1) 55

I bought one of these at launch, as I was looking for a cheap Android tablet that wasn't total garbage. Since B&N seems to be willing to take a hit or sell it at break-even in order to promote their Nook ecosystem, it's actually a really good tablet considering the price. It's basically a stock Android 6.0 tablet with Nook apps installed and Google Play, unlike Amazon's entry which is stuck with FireOS.

That said, to be clear, this is basically a relabeled off-brand tablet. In adb it shows up as "Southerntelecom". I'm willing to bet this same basic tablet is available for a few dollars more without the Nook logo on the back.

All of this to say that it's maybe less likely that B&N wanted to pinch pennies on the charger and more that the charger was a cheap POS to begin with because the whole gimmick with this tablet is that it's cheap. It may be why that issue with ADUPS showed up a while back (they have since patched it out). B&N sells cases for it at $22.99, nearly half the cost of the tablet itself.

Comment Re:Any insight into language design choices? (Score 1) 339

Well I think what he's saying is that right now you have

var someVariable:Int = 3
let someConstant:Int = 4

and you could have done

var someVariable:Int = 3
someConstant:Int = 4

so you just don't have to have a keyword make it be a constant.

And I'm curious to know too. I think it was probably just a style choice, or perhaps lessening the odds of accidental declarations, but it would be interesting if there was some technical reason for it.

Comment Re:Congrats! Apple screwed you to sell more headho (Score 2, Informative) 252

Fast forward a year or so and now Apple ONLY sells devices that can use wireless headphones in their most popular product.

You can plug in your old headphones using the adapter they include in the box (and sell replacements for $9), or you can use the wired Lightning Cable EarPods they also... include in the box. Heck, they sell replacements for those too.

I get that you're mad but your assertion that you can ONLY use wireless headphones is false in more ways than one.

And as for being mad that they bought a wireless headphone company and then did something to encourage usage of wireless headphones? That just says you don't understand how hardware companies work. Especially if you don't think every other phone manufacturer isn't about to do the same.

Comment Re:Twitter as a protocol (Score 1) 284

I think one of the differences between, say, twitter and email is that twitter's thing is that it's the one place where everything lives. As in, everyone can see Trump's tweets, you don't have to find the particular server that houses Trump's tweets. Email is decentralized - my email server houses my emails but it doesn't house yours. The protocols of email make it possible for email from your server to get to my server but while I can search my email, I can't search yours. With twitter though, I can search everything. I can see everything everyone's ever said, in theory.

As for being an open protocol, well there is the SDK for it and all but Twitter-the-company has been doing a lot lately to try and put the cat back in the bag on that one, being restrictive with keys and basically telling client authors to please just stop, after buying up each platform's best client.

Comment The summary is naive (Score 1) 341

From TFS:

...and also it needs to be pointed out that several movie companies have discarded these ideas before because they know that by offering you new titles so early they are going to lose on all the overpriced cold drinks, and snacks they sell you at the theatre...

OK first, "the movie companies" is hilariously vague - are you talking about the studios that make movies or are you talking about the theaters? They're not the same companies, pretty much ever.

Second, assuming you mean the studios - they see none of the revenue from the sales of concessions. None. They take the majority of the ticket price in most cases, usually on a sliding scale downwards from the week of release. A theater playing The Force Awakens on day one actually makes very little money on people seeing the movie. Maybe a dollar a person. They barely make enough to cover the costs of the janitors at the end of the night. This is also why they hate long movies - you can't have as many showings which cuts down the take further.

The theaters make their money on the concessions. That's why they're so expensive. That's why you can't bring your own. That's why the "dinner and a movie" chains like Alamo Drafthouse or Studio Movie Grill are thriving. That's just how the business works.

It's also why ideas like this generally fail because the major theater chains will usually refuse to carry movies that undercut them like this. There was a movie years ago called Bubble which released day one on PPV and DVD. You've never heard of it because theaters refused to carry it.

This is also why ideas like The Screening Room will include the cost of a ticket to your favorite theater in your rental price - so that the theater chains won't get mad.

Comment Re:It might be agile, but it's not Agile (Score 1) 332

You're doing it again - when someone points out the flaws in Agile, you say no that's not really Agile. I reckon Ray Morris has taken courses, read books, and comes to these conclusions.

I have to say, if Agile is so brittle that not even books and training courses can get it right, then why is anyone using it?

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