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Comment The over-hype (Score 1) 123

Whenever we traveled in Europe, Airbnb rates were quite comparable to hotel rates. In some cases even higher. Only advantage? Finding a quaint little cottage in the middle of nowhere.

I think its just like another hotel chain entering the area. If your area does not have 100% hotel utilization in peak season, its going to drive down prices a bit. Just like a new hotel opening will.

Its not an "airbnb" thingy

Comment But, is it significantly better....? (Score 1) 383

When you come home, you open your mechanical door by pushing. Why not have sensors and motors? Will it improve the experience significantly. I think that is the crux. Unless the technology significantly improves something, like electronic fuel injection, electronic fuel pumps etc., did, there is no point.

Comment Oh boy, slashdot sure has changed... (Score 1) 388

Not so long ago, this thread would have been full of technical solutions, but now mostly its like, call cops, look before you rent... blah blah

For your windows, you have to get double glass windows for soundproofing. For the walls get Acoustic foam. Something like this
or this

Not too expensive, and will take care of the noise.
That said, if you are in a concrete building, the sound comes in through doors and windows.

If you fix your doors and windows, the sound should lessen. If you have thin walls, in that case foam will work well.

Comment All the best (Score 1) 150

As somebody in the VLSI field, I am happy that somebody broke out of the monopoly/duopoly of the established players. WE are moving towards "single/double" vendor for everything from mobiles to laptop processors to desktop processors. Having little choice also harms progress.

The other thing which excites me is that you are going towards a completely new architecture. This is what innovation is about!

Hopefully, your success will inspire others also to take the plunge.

Comment I doubt its the cost (Score 1) 654

Most car owners can afford a train/bus ticket. Infact, for many, it may be cheaper.
The problem is time. If it requires me to change 2 buses to get my workplace, I wouldn't do it.

Also, there is the question of time. If car commute takes 25 minutes, but public transport takes 1 hour, people would take the car. I guess it would work if connections are frequent, and convenient.

Comment Peer reviewed (Score 1) 329

Any study is valid if its peer reviewed. So first of all you need to apply this filter. You are not qualified to believe in a study. So people like you and me look for peer reviewed studies.

Secondly, you have to understand that a study is one study.
So if 20 sites quote Study X
and 2 sites quote study Y
It does not mean there are 2 studies Y and 20 studies X

Many times, these denier sites all quote one study, and in the cacophony confusion arises.

So whenever you find something, see if you can follow the breadcrumbs to the source paper.
Find if its peer reviewed.

Then store it.

Collect a few such papers. You will realize that the papers supporting human cause will vastly outnumber those opposing it.

Comment Science does not work like that (Score 4, Informative) 329

Humans are 100% responsible is a claim which makes headlines.
But have you read actual research.

It says, there is enough evidence to prove that most of the warming can be linked to human activities.

Science looks at evidence, and then presents a hypothesis. This is how it has been in the scientific method. When an evidence is discounted science looks at new evidence.

Science is never always right. Scientists make mistakes. And that is why its science. For example, some hypothesis about climate change was proved wrong. Does it mean that entire climate change argument is wrong?
Scientists will update their models, gather more evidence and then present the findings again. Being wrong does not discredit science. It merely improves it.

The problem is, people view science as they have viewed faith. There is no room for error or mistakes. So any process which makes mistakes is ridiculed. IPCC has made mistakes, so have other climate scientists. Some evidence may not be relevant or nonferrous. But it does not matter. We just move on.

There are some things about climate we do not understand. That is also acceptable. Sure, faith based systems have all the answers, but that is not science. You first have to understand what is science, and once you do, you will figure it all out.

Do not fear science. Embibe it. Question. But not because somebody told you to, or some rich publication says so. Question on your own merit. If you do not believe something to be true, instead of ridiculing and pointing to some site on the internet which says its wrong, ask the question.

What site X says, is it true? If not, why? You will find answers to all of it if you start looking for it.

But if you let your faith cloud your judgement, you will never understand. If you want to understand, question. Now ridicule.

Comment Not really... (Score 1) 210

There is a target market for everything.

For example, a high end graphics card can be called overkill, until you bring in gaming.

So who shoots 70000 pics? Well for one, us timelapse folks. often to get a 30fps, a 10 minute time lapse means 600 seconds = 18000 frames.

This is just a 10 minute sequence.
Then there are the sports guys. Often each shot is a 80 frame sequence, then pick out the best. Again, one day means 15-20000 pics. Many shoot RAW+JPEG, so that is going to increase the space.

Last but not the least, 4K video is approaching 100mbps.

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