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Toms Hardware Reviews 65 CPU's, Past & Present 404

An anonymous reader writes "Toms Hardware has an interesting review of 65 processors ranging from 100 MHz to 3066 MHz. They spent more than 300 hours benchmarking and recording the scores. Worth a quick glance, especially for the Unreal Tournament 2003 scores on the 100 MHz pentium!" CT: Yeah yeah. It's a dupe. Funny that not a single reader emailed me in almost 2 hours to tell me.
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Toms Hardware Reviews 65 CPU's, Past & Present

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  • Hey Taco (Score:2, Funny)

    by toddlg ( 319712 )
    Read Slashdot much?

    Wow, a same day dupe! heh
  • by z84976 ( 64186 ) on Tuesday February 18, 2003 @09:54AM (#5325291) Homepage
    Oh yeah...
  • Deja vu? (Score:5, Funny)

    by NeoTron ( 6020 ) <kevin@@@scarygliders...net> on Tuesday February 18, 2003 @09:54AM (#5325294) Homepage
    Damn! There's been a change in the Matrix!
  • by danormsby ( 529805 ) on Tuesday February 18, 2003 @09:54AM (#5325298) Homepage
    Everyone repost quick! Lets reduce Slashdot to one story!
    • by ccweigle ( 25237 ) on Tuesday February 18, 2003 @11:03AM (#5325878)
      Everyone repost quick! Lets reduce Slashdot to one story!

      Here's what I think they should to for April Fools this year: one made-up story, posted over and over again, all day long.

      And it should be about a new technology to prevent /. dupes.

      • What would be even funnier would be to repeat the same story to the exclusion of all others on April 1st. It would be particulary amusing if that story were a fictitious arcticle about reducing redundancy in Slashdot headlines.
    • Everyone repost quick! Lets reduce Slashdot to one story!

      Even better, let's resubmit stories with link to the same article already appeared on slashdot itself and see if they make it to front page.

  • All my slashdot articles are appearing doubled, there must be something wrong with my video card.
  • Lordy lord, *two stories later*, how DO you guys do it???? Enquiring minds want to know!
  • deja-peeewwww (Score:2, Redundant)

    by joshv ( 13017 )
    "Hi, I'm CmdrTaco, I don't read slashdot, I just post new stories. I don't really know why I have other editors, as I usually get around to finding most everything important on my own - though I might be a bit slower."
  • so we get more comments on this one than the other one. People get so confused and itll be a lot of fun.
  • More info available (Score:2, Informative)

    by Lumpy ( 12016 )
    you can get more info here [slashdot.org]

    Ok, It's a lame joke... but withing a really short time of the first one PROVES they dont even look at the frontpage.
  • A dupe with only one intervening article, this has to be a record? Next will come the side by side dupe, and finally as a crowning achievement /. editors will manage the heretofore deemed impossible, dupe within a dupe where an article will be a duplicate of itself. Beyond that of course will require time travel/visions of the future, the editors will manage to post a dupe for an article has they haven't actually posted yet, but will in the future.
  • There's this really cool website you should check out for your news, http://slashdot.org/ - It's a great place to point your browser to occasionally to read.
  • New recipe. (Score:5, Funny)

    by grub ( 11606 ) <slashdot@grub.net> on Tuesday February 18, 2003 @09:57AM (#5325337) Homepage Journal

    The Slashdot Sandwich

    Take a tasty filling of Gameboy Advanced SP [slashdot.org] information sandwiched between two two [slashdot.org] layers [slashdot.org]of duplicated Tom's Hardware links.
  • Since this article is clearly a dupe, I say we open up the floodgates to whatever we feel like posting!

    Anyone who has anything to say about the article should just go post in the original story.

    So, without further ado....

    TACO!!!!! IT'S A DUPE!!!!

  • by raygundan ( 16760 ) on Tuesday February 18, 2003 @10:03AM (#5325394) Homepage
    For a reasonable fee per story, I am offering my services to the editors of /. as a proofreader and duplicate checker. Additionally, I will assist if necessary (at a negotiable hourly rate) in adding code to automatically send the draft article blurbs to my wireless device. I am unable to proofread overnight (I have to sleep sometime), so that will have to be covered by another shift, or written off as "happy slashdot error time."

    I cannot guarantee 100% error correction, but I will stake my job on significantly decreased rates of grammar and spelling mistakes, and far fewer duplicate postings.

    I would also like a T-shirt that says "I work for slashdot".

    Please, for the sake of your readers, hire me. I want to help!

  • by Quarters ( 18322 ) on Tuesday February 18, 2003 @10:05AM (#5325402)
    Only 63 more duplicates to go!
  • by teamhasnoi ( 554944 ) <teamhasnoiNO@SPAMyahoo.com> on Tuesday February 18, 2003 @10:06AM (#5325413) Journal
    is the screen on your new laptop?
  • Disclaimer: I have no knowledge of the editor's daily routines and how busy/not-busy they may be. However, I find it difficult to believe that it is a difficult task to browse through submissions and check for dupes.

    This issue is not new. This issue reflects very poorly on the professionalism of the site or lack thereof.

    So the message that I'm getting is that they simply don't care about it. To me, that is sad.
  • And the Slashdot editors wonder why they aren't considered "serious" publishers and journalists... ;)

  • Does that mean the website gets double /.ed? OMG that would be painful.

  • Now Tom's gonna get double-slashdotted...
  • Let me guess, you guys are benchmarking the Pentium 100 for quickest repost?
  • by Darren Winsper ( 136155 ) on Tuesday February 18, 2003 @10:19AM (#5325494)
    THG should benchmark how quickly you can dupe a story with those CPUs.

    "The Pentium 100 managed a painful 48 hours between dupes. However, the P4 managed it in just 30 minutes. That's nearly 100 times as fast! Don't you wish you had such a powerful system? Our advertisers do."
  • This must be the Slashdot version of double buffering... post the same story twice to ensure smooth, flicker free updates!
  • bash$ lynx -dump http://slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=03/02/18/131250 &threshold=5 > original_story;
    bash$ $i=1; while /usr/local/slashbot/bin/extract-posts original_story $i > highly_modded_post; do /usr/local/slashbot/bin/post-comment < highly_modded_post ; $i=$[i+1]; done

    Watches karma roll in ;^)
  • Responsibilities:
    - Review content and decide what goes on the front page.
    - Check for spelling and grammatical errors.

  • Indeed, no site can resist a double slashdotting...
  • Pentium Pro? (Score:4, Insightful)

    by pergamon ( 4359 ) on Tuesday February 18, 2003 @10:37AM (#5325628) Homepage
    I don't get it. Why did they leave out the Pentium Pro?
    • Re: NexGen Nx586? (Score:3, Interesting)

      by benzapp ( 464105 )
      Nor the NexGen Nx586, which had 256K on chip cache two years before the Pentium Pro.

      They have the K5 on there, which was AMD's bastardization of the Nx586 after they acquired NexGen.

      NexGen was the first company to reverse engineer an Intel processor and produce a compatible version. They had some really fine people at that company, and it was their design work which brough us the AMD K6 and Athlon processors. Its unfortunate they don't get a lot of credit. No one seems to remember how terrible AMD used to be. Their acquisition of NexGen was one last ditch effor to do something other make 386 and 486 processors.
  • Wouldn't hiring a competent subeditor pay for itself by making people more likely to subscribe? It's a bit insulting to your subscribers to be running a commercial site with the same editorial standards as alt.spank.tonya.harding, isn't it?
  • foreach (@current_stories) {
    if /$current_link/ {
    print "Warning! This story has been posted already!!!!";
  • ...that perhaps Slashdot intentionally double-posts in order to serve up more ad banners? I mean, we all click on the story the second time to see if we're imagining the double-post, serving more ads. And I just posted, meaning another ad.

    It's mainly problematic since they actually want people to subscribe and pay for each page served.

    It's also asinine that a good chunk of their stories are "Microsoft Fucked Up", but at least Microsoft learns and releases patches - Slashdot has been doing this double-posting crap for years now, and it's just getting worse.

  • Don't click the 'submit' button twice.
  • by QDogg ( 648777 )
    Granted. I don't see how any word processor can justifiably require a 1.6Ghz processor and 512Mb of RAM. In fact, I think Office 97 on a Pentium Pro 200 was perfectly usable in it's day and is just as usable now, but that's not the whole story. There's a whole plethora of applications which are now commonplace, which weren't even considered feasible ten (?) years ago. I can remember a piece of DOS software on my old 286 which displayed JPEG images. That was it. It took noticeable time just to decode the file, and then sample it down to 320x200 to display on a normal VGA monitor. Nowadays, we don't even consider the decoding process when viewing JPGs.

    There's other similar applications - DivX movies, strong encryption, even MP3 audio - which we now take for granted 'cos we've got so much horsepower to play with that processing overhead is no longer an issue. Now we're getting into the realm of PVRs, digital camcorders, encoding real-time video straight into DivX - applications which appeal to ordinary home users, and which require some *serious* megahertz. The games industry provides a convenient milestone - anyone can tell that Quake III looks better than the original Wolfenstein 3D, but more importantly, they can see that they're fundamentally the same thing. It's a lot harder to compare modern video editing software with that of ten years ago, because ten years ago the only people editing movies on their home PCs were masochistic millionaires.

    Rather than focusing on all those wasted MHz driving more and more bloated word-processors, consider some of the things we just *couldn't* do with slower hardware, and wonder what we're going to be taking for granted ten years from now. :)
  • by EnglishTim ( 9662 ) on Tuesday February 18, 2003 @11:20AM (#5325996)
    CT: Yeah yeah. It's a dupe. Funny that not a single reader emailed me in almost 2 hours to tell me.

    Funny that - perhaps people get the idea that you won't look at their mails, seeing as you can't even be bothered to read your own goddamn website...

    I can't believe you actually get paid to do this...
    • I can't believe you actually get paid to do this...

      Every self-respecting geek slacks off at work by makeing an extended Slashdot break (which usually starts right after the coffee break, and lasts until the next coffee break...). Every geek, except those geeks whose job it is to read Slashdot!

    • by Duds ( 100634 ) <dudley AT enterspace DOT org> on Tuesday February 18, 2003 @12:12PM (#5326363) Homepage Journal
      It's even worse. He posted the intervening story too.

      I.e - when we first got on, he didn't even read the FIRST FUCKING STORY.

      Even if he didn't look at the front page till he blindly approved the gameboy one, he'd still have had to check that posted properly and not read the headline below it, which you'd think would be virtually impossible.

      So the only possible conclusion is that not only does he not check the front page himself EVER he doesn't even ever check if a story got submitted right.
    • Incredible (Score:5, Interesting)

      by Iamthefallen ( 523816 ) <Gmail name: Iamthefallen> on Tuesday February 18, 2003 @12:41PM (#5326595) Homepage Journal

      Waaaa waaaa, the people who I ignore as much as I can and who pay my salary refuse to do my job for me, waaa, waaa

      If I had a breif spell of insanity and thought that Slashdot editors gave a crap about what anyone thought, or even for a moment believed that the editors listen to input, yeah, I might've written a mail. But it seems that everything else that people write Slashdot about, suggestions and complaints alike, is ignored as soon as possible. So why should anyone bother to write you Taco?

      I like Slashdot, I like the people on Slashdot, I'm a Slashdot addict, I'll refresh the front page after I'm done writing this. But man, the staff running this place is unbelievable. No spell checking, ever. Dupes, trolls, fakes, bad URLs etc etc all find their way through to the frontpage way too often indicating that half the time the staff don't even read the article, much less check links or such. There is no staging or testing lab, it's quick hacks and patches on the live boxes which every now and then brings the site down or creates some other, ahem, interesting results.

      In short, the Slashdot staff isn't even trying anymore. Complete stagnation.

      Aaaah it feels good to burn some karma, of course, I'll never get to moderate anything after this rant though.

    • You only tell the admins about unexpected occurences. This is normal operating procedure.
    • Look at what their stock options are worth. [yahoo.com]

      Would you give a damn?

  • Scramble them up, and scribble one down...
    One hundred and two reposts on /.

  • Moderation (Score:3, Insightful)

    by nmg196 ( 184961 ) on Tuesday February 18, 2003 @11:38AM (#5326122)
    OK, slashdot has the most sophisticated moderation system I've ever seen with hundreds of users contributing to the moderation of articles every day, just to make sure we only have to read the comments that are worth reading.

    Only slashdot admins then go and post the entire article twice within minutes - thus undoing the work of hundreds of moderators.

    I wish there was a way to moderate the *parent* article down:
    -1 Flamebait
    -1 Redundant
    etc... :)

    All this moderation, but they can't spare ONE person to say if the article is a dupe or not. Notice how slashdot is the *ONLY* news site that has this dupe problem... This is mainly caused because a lot of the articles aren't news - they're from months ago, so the editors need to have a good memory.

  • hahahah (Score:5, Funny)

    by JPelorat ( 5320 ) on Tuesday February 18, 2003 @11:39AM (#5326133)
    "CT: Yeah yeah. It's a dupe. Funny that not a single reader emailed me in almost 2 hours to tell me."

    Oh, I *see*. It's OUR fault. Gotcha.


    Hey spacklewit, you can't be bothered to read your own website, why would we think you'd bother to read your email too?
  • Oh please.. (Score:5, Insightful)

    by doubleyewdee ( 633486 ) <(wd) (at) (telekinesis.org)> on Tuesday February 18, 2003 @11:42AM (#5326162) Homepage
    CT: Yeah yeah. It's a dupe. Funny that not a single reader emailed me in almost 2 hours to tell me.

    Come off it. I don't see where you get off bitching because nobody told you that you posted a dupe of a story two stories down. I mean, had you taken a cursory glance at your own site you probably would have seen this story.

    You know, if you didn't want us to pay for this, I wouldn't even care. But I cannot believe that you are bitching at paying customers because of your lack of editing. What gives? As I've said before [slashdot.org] this site has editorial practices slightly worse than that of your average grade school newspaper. I think it's really insulting that you would expect anyone to pay for this.

    Let me up the ante here. You editors are pretty tech-savvy, right? I just used Mozilla's oft-praised tabbed browsing feature to open another tab and look up the post I linked above. Now, when you are approving submissions, how hard would it be to have a second tab open to make sure you aren't posting a dupe. I mean, look, you guys approve at most 20 stories a day. Between the four or five (estimate) active editors, that's.. well.. not a lot. It wouldn't be hard to simply say "when I'm ready to approve a story I'll make sure there aren't any dupes." This kind of work wouldn't take long at all, and combined with a little editing would go a long way towards getting some new subscribers. I, for one, pledge to subscribe when the editorial quality of this site improves. That means, basically, that every other story can't have glaring grammatical or spelling errors, and that dupes are practically nonexistant.

    I realize that everybody makes mistakes, myself included, but the number of mistakes from people who are professionals (and you are professionals if you do this for a living -- you do) is just too much to be tolerated -- or at least paid for.
    • this site has editorial practices slightly worse than that of your average grade school newspaper.

      You mean it isn't one in the first place? BLIMEY!

    • You're right. Tockow whining about no one letting him know is almost as dumb as continuing to read a site with such poor editorial practices. Take your custom elsewhere!
    • Re:Oh please.. (Score:5, Interesting)

      by smoondog ( 85133 ) on Tuesday February 18, 2003 @01:44PM (#5326996)
      There should be a category for duplicates. It is obvious that they now have a policy to announce duplicates when they are discovered. When a dup is announced, it should be moved to this category and we can all remove (or not remove) that category from our preferred view. Then users don't have to worry, the /. team doesn't have to pull the story and (of course) the editors still won't have to do their jobs...

  • All we need now is two dupes in a row and we'll have a full house ...
  • CT: Yeah yeah. It's a dupe. Funny that not a single reader emailed me in almost 2 hours to tell me.

    What the hell is wrong with you?
    You call yourselves editors, and yet you do not edit the stories.
    You call yourselves editors, and apparantly do not even read your own frontpage. If the readers are supposed to check for duplicates, you could be replaced with a very small script.
    You do not listen to your readers. (How many have asked for some script that checks if a link has been posted in earlier stories?)

    And you expect people to pay a subscription fee? You must have smoked more crack than the average moderator.
  • Huh? (Score:3, Funny)

    by delus10n0 ( 524126 ) <delusion_@NOSpAm.pdsys.org> on Tuesday February 18, 2003 @12:19PM (#5326421) Homepage
    Yeah yeah. It's a dupe. Funny that not a single reader emailed me in almost 2 hours to tell me.

    Yeah, cause, you know, we're Slashdot editors.

    Do people really even subscribe to Slashdot? Doesn't seem worth it.
    • "Yeah yeah. It's a dupe. Funny that not a single reader emailed me in almost 2 hours to tell me."

      The nature of this dupe (and the many others we've seen every month for years, unlike any other website I know) suggests that you don't particularly care. Fair enough. However...

      The fact that not one single reader out of the possibly 100,000 who likely saw your site in those two hours felt it worthwhile to report it to you suggests that the overwhelming majority of your readers are quite convinced that you don't care, and are rapidly ceasing to care themselves.

      React to this fact as you wish. The result you get will be exactly what you deserve. It'd be ironic and fitting if Slashdot, of all sites, decayed because its Editors assumed that its market share and user loyalty/inertia would assure -or entitle it to- continued success, despite its well known and oft-criticized shoddy implementation.

      ...Sounds like a few outfits Slashdot and its readers constantly rail against, doesn't it?

  • "Funny that not a single reader emailed me in almost 2 hours to tell me. "
    We all just figured you'd read all our "dupe" replys ...uh, oh yeah, I guess if you read slashdot you wouldn't have posted it in the first play. Way, to make us look dumb.
  • did you know that Google published the API to their search engine?

    (FYI, if you didn't know, that's the only triplicate story on Slashdot, whre CmdrTaco himself posted two of them)
  • CT: Yeah yeah. It's a dupe. Funny that not a single reader emailed me in almost 2 hours to tell me.

    Don't worry, Taco, I'll send two!

  • And this time they actually are so close that they appear on the same screen!

    hooray for double posting!!!!

Nothing succeeds like the appearance of success. -- Christopher Lascl