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Comment Re:So sick of Patent Trolls (Score 1) 182

Your statement has no relevance to this story or the trial whatsoever. Oracle v. Google dealt with copyright and fair use. Patent abuse/trolling is an entirely different issue.

As for 'shaking up' Congress to fix the not-relevant-to-this issue, would you care to elaborate on what you've done in that regard?

Comment Re:Fun Movie, Not Future Reality (Score 2) 124

You realize that light bounces and people have peripheral vision. People shouldn't have to 'get over it'. If you are so self centered as to not care about other people, including the woman you were with, enjoying a movie then you are an asshole. If you are so attached to Slashdot that you can't go the length of a movie without checking it, get your ass up and go to the lobby.

Comment Re:See it before (Score 1) 276

If you let the code generate the UI you'll get what only a programmer thinks is a good UI (for reference, property grid controls). It's akin to thinking the content of a magazine can dictate a pleasing layout. It can't. Without writing code (or using a tool that writes code based on a graphical layout tool) to specify what is important, what needs emphasis, how the user should progress through the UI, you'll just get a mess. As soon as you go down the path of tagging items in the source code to help a system determine those things you're back at the starting point, you're having to "write text" (horrors!) to get a workable UI. Yes, just workable. You'll never get a stellar UI without a proper person designing it.

Comment Re:Hypocrites (Score 1) 223

Would you care to provide some links to support your claim? I mean what I assume is your claim that Microsoft wrote an amicus brief supporting Oracle in the lawsuit. There is no such thing as being 'an amicus'.

I can find many supports showing Microsoft in support of an appeal of the case, including a posted story right here on Slashdot

I can find zero stories about them being in support of Oracle.

Comment So about 8' from my front door? (Score 4, Interesting) 67

That thing is freaking huge. Each copter arm has to be at least 4' - 5' long. Factor in the roof overhang over my front door, and the landscaping, and the closest this thing could get a package to my doorstep would be about 8' away, but that puts it right into another landscaped area. So, my packages will either be somewhere in my front yard or on my driveway. All of this just so a postal worker doesn't have to get up out of a seat and walk the package all the way to my door?


Comment Re:Let's glorify genius when incompetence is to bl (Score 1) 458

Ineptness? While he is large, boisterous, and a bit of a buffoon, you have to give Balmer credit for greatly increasing Microsoft's market value over the length of his tenure as CEO and for starting many of the initiatives that are coming to fruition under Nadella.

Apple hasn't really overtaken Microsoft. Apple focuses on consumer tech. That takes large R&D budgets, large design budgets, and a lot of risk. It is also a segment where you have to continually invent new markets or else you will become irrelevant very quickly. Microsoft has always focused on the enterprise. There are large dollars there without the huge risk of being a consumer oriented tech company. Sure, Apple has more cash on hand and a larger market cap than Microsoft. That's not at all the same as Microsoft being on the ropes. One or two major flops or missed opportunities and Apple's fortunes will turn quickly. The enterprise isn't going anywhere. Both companies have their market segments identified and are doing just fine in them.

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