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Comment Re:you've got male (Score 1, Insightful) 315

It is 2014. It is not 1974. The whole tabula rasa myth is a proven lie. The whole "politically correct protected class is a social construct and is oppressed due to evil white men" is a lie. We have vast genetic studies across the world that disprove all of this.

Women are not interested in technology, period. As with any natural law, there are exceptions. In this case, they are very few. The reason is simple: the intelligence and creative drive that lends itself to technology and art evolved in humans as male display of genetic fitness. Just as the peacock has feathers, and songbirds sing their songs, it is our raw intelligence that is the best predictor of deleterious genetic load. Yes, the evil geneticists can predict the deleterious genetic load of animals based upon their mating displays. Human females, like virtually all female animals, have evolved to judge genetic fitness based upon whatever is the characteristic of a particular species or subspecies. Technology is such a display that simply does not interest the vast majority of females.

This is old news now. The first book to delve into it, before the human genome was decoded, came out in 2001. Behavioral genetics and evolutionary pscyhology have become such important fields, the former editor of the Science section of the New York Times just released a whole book on the subject last week.

Strangely, slashdot type geeks appear to be the least amenable to evolutionary theory. Sure, they like Dawkins. They think people who believe in God are stupid. They believe apes evolved into humans, but THEN. evolution stopped. And, all people became equal. Especially nerdy white guys with aspergers.

In my experience, this is due to the very naive hope that belief in this strange geek religion of human equality will get said geeks laid. It doesn't. It never has. It never will.

Comment Re:Dear Mark (Score -1, Flamebait) 335

I find it absolutely hilarious you link to the Dunning Kruger effect, and can't seem to understand how ridiculous your comment is.

1) Funding has in fact increased substantially since 1969. Your understanding of dates means you are deluded. The decline in the 1970s was due largely to school integration and white flight. Taxes were never "slashed".

2) The reason Newark public schools fail is because the vast majority of their students are black. Blacks are on average (I'm sure you know a smart black guy, ask him to explain the word "average" to you) significantly less intelligent than other races, hence much worse performance in all measures of education. This is true in any school system that is overwhelmingly black, whether Newark, St. Louis, Haiti, or anywhere on the entire continent of Africa.

3) The US used to be best in the world in everything prior to the Civil Rights Era. We went from putting a man on the moon and building the modern industrial economy, and the largest middle in history, to letting all our cities turn into African hellholes and spending trillion of dollars on attempting to change the biological nature of a particular breed of humans.

Comment Re:Jiji press? (Score 0) 283

The foolishness of people such as yourself.

Immigrants are DIFFERENT PEOPLE. They are genetically different. They don't share your values. They don't speak your language.

The Japanese are not blinded by generations of propaganda demonizing their people, hence are not willing to sacrifice their small island to some barely literate peasants from the third world. If you were not indoctrinated by PC lies, you'd know the Japanese find it hilarious dumb Americans are doing things bringing Somalis to Minnesota.

The living standards of young people in Japan is far greater than in the US, in no small part due to the lack of downward pressure on wages from imported slave labor.

Newsflash: Only white people don't believe in evolution, and believe that all humans are "equal". Everyone else in the world, ESPECIALLY in East Asia, is very much aware that children behave like their parents because most human behavior is hereditary.

Comment Re:Most slashdot readers deny genetics and sex sel (Score 1) 600

The proof is copious and easily verified. We have well over a century of intelligence tests, thousands of them. Hundreds of twin studies. Lives tracked from birth until death.

There is virtually nothing that has been studied as intensely as intelligence. The fact that you don't know this, is proof alone of the level of propaganda that exists in the West.

There is none of this elsewhere in the world. The Beijing Genomics Institute has 15,000 scientists working around the clock to identify the genetic signatures of intelligence such that the data can aid in their very mature state eugenics program.

While dumb Americans keep hunting down the evil white racists that are the cause of Detroit being a hellhole, China is busy creating a super race of men.

I have hope that Nicholas Wade's new book will finally put a stop to this nonsense. But I'm not going to hold my breath.

Comment Re:Most slashdot readers deny genetics and sex sel (Score 1) 600

Your post proves my point. You care more about moral posturing and displaying your conformity with a bankrupt ideology than you do about the truth.

I wonder what is going to happen when cats like you read Nicholas Wade's new book! .

You'll probably have a heart attack. And you still won't live in a majority black neighborhood. And you won't wonder why Slashdot doesn't run a story about the major New York Times Science writer admitting that yes, it's true. Intelligence is genetic. In fact, any behavioral attribute that can be reliably measured has a genetic component.

Comment Most slashdot readers deny genetics and sex select (Score 1, Interesting) 600

How many can tolerate the obvious truth, supported by thousands of studies, that average differences in intelligence across the various peoples of the world and especially races are due to genetic factors?

How many accept the fact that pervasive poverty and barbarism in the world has little to do with history or materialism, and instead is due to the fact that the poor are so because they have less ability to control themselves; hence their prodigious fecundity?

People are usually unwilling to accept scientific truths that contradict their religious worldview. In the case of the typical slashdot reader, that worldview is the belief in the equality of man and the tablua rasa myth.

Comment Re:And the US could turn Russia into vapor (Score 1) 878

China does not need the US as a trading partner. Our #1 export to China is garbage. If you think in terms of "trade", we give nothing of value to China except for some foodstuffs.

No, the US is an Empire, and we force the world to trade in USD. China must use our currency trade with the rest of the world. The US economy is a small fraction of the global economy, so the price China pays for this arrangement - participating in our empire - is selling us shit for free.

China is actively working to resist US domination of global trade to be free of this, but truth be told - it's simply a small price to pay. China has no need to trade with the US, but they need to trade with the world.

Comment Re:And the US could turn Russia into vapor (Score 1) 878

The question I always ask people is this: Why would the US ever have issued 90-day treasury notes? Why on earth would the most powerful empire in history have to borrow money for 90 days? Who borrows money for 90 days besides hookers and drug addicts? Even a small time drug dealer will often get more time than that.

Sovereign debt is about managing the international supply of money. The "mix" of the outstanding debt signals to the world our fiscal objectives. When most of the debt is in short term notes, this means the debt will turn over sooner, and thus there is uncertainty as to what the future will hold. This is what has been going on lately, as rates will have to rise at some point (or a debt jubilee is called). What percentage of the outstanding treasury debt consists of say, inflation indexed 30-year treasury bonds?

Never listen to anyone who doesn't understand the difference between sovereign debt and household debt. They are two totally different things. Further, debt has always been a social system. The myth of bankers lending out deposists has always been a myth. Money lenders have ALWAYS created their money from nothing. Money itself was always created from nothing.

Think about. Let's say you set up a new country tomorrow. You are the undisputed king with the total loyalty of your people. You want them to pay you taxes in your currency. But, none of them have any. How do you get a functioning economy in your new realm? Well, you have to give people money first. THEN you demand it in taxes. Why do you think so much of "civilization" is the government just paying people to do pointless shit like build temples and what not? It's just getting them to be part of the system. That's all money and debt is. It's a system to organize societies in large groups than what we are biologically capable of without external structure - or about 200 people, aka Dunbar's Number.

Comment Re:And the US could turn Russia into vapor (Score 2) 878

Umm, you don't understand the purpose of sovereign debt. It has nothing to do with borrowing. Obviously, the United States is the wealthiest and most powerful empire in the history of mankind. We have no need to borrow anything from anyone, and could erase all the national debt tomorrow on mere whim with far fewer consequences than you might support.

Money is power. It has value as long as sovereignty collects it in taxes and adjudicates civil disputes with it. The more powerful the sovereignty, the more valuable the currency is.

In the case of the USD, the American Empire does something different. We do not simply create demand for our currency via taxes, as is typical. We compel the world to use the dollar for international trade. What you miss, because you are blinded by this misconstruing your personal money use with that of the US, is that the dollar is working better than ever. Last year was the banner year - over 75% of all foreign exchanges were settled in USD. And all of that money eventually has to flow through our financial system. And the so-called 1% takes a cut, which directly drives about 15% of the GDP and upwards of a 1/3 indirectly. The rest trickles down to the masses in terms of government handouts, or "services", like servants, hookers, drug dealers, etc.

Everything that is going on in the Ukraine is directly about maintaining this system. We cannot allow Russia to create a meaningful alternative market for energy denominated in currency other than USD. To do so would directly cut into the GDP at a time when we cannot afford to do so. Afterall, the deficit spending has been nominal for the past 5 years. Unemployment is at depression levels, and the middle class is being decimated as the quantity of money in circulation has not been increasing at the rate of the exponential growth in interest. Thus, they are drowning in debt. The domestic consumer economy has been destroy, as this same tribal group fears internal dissent, and has decided the country is best turned into a land of peasants with overlords.

Comment Re:What's the difference? (Score 1) 462

You will not find any geneticist who disagrees with me. Sociologists are mixed. Post-war figures in universities today primarily do not do proper research. They repeat discredited Marxist theories, and many schools were in fact founded by Marxists. Hello, the New School for Social Research. Evolutionary Psychology, which matches psychological testing with genetics, is based fundamentally on what I state.

There is a whole host of information on the internet for you to begin with. Try Razib Khan and Geoffrey Miller. Both are easily digestible.

You are not making your claim based on anything other than, as I said, the religion of the state. Which is a lie.

Comment Re:What's the difference? (Score 0) 462

You do realize there is zero scientific evidence to support any of this fantasy. This is the product of postmodernism. English departments. Not social science, genetics, or psychology.

All of this is an extension of the insanity of blank slateism.

No. Indoctrination, torture, and your personal whims don't make you who you are. Genetics make you who you are. You'd think the failure of the Soviet Union, after nearly century of torture and the most sophisticated and total propaganda system ever, would be proof enough of this. But obviously, some people are still living in fantasy land.

So, please, refrain from throwing the label of ignorant around. Your religion is bunk. Darwin wins. Thanks for playing.

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