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Comment Re:what's the difference (Score 1) 646

I disagree, XP, to be useful with all of the fixes and service packs applied, running software that has also had fixes and service packs applied does NOT run on 11 year old machines. It needs at minimum 768MB of RAM, 1GB to be comfortable. Not many machines had that 11 years ago.

To run it on an 11 year old machine you need to either disable some functionality or upgrade the machine. You can do the same with Ubuntu. fact there is probably more leeway to do that in Ubuntu as there are more things that can be safely disabled and still have a functional machine

I have not seen an out of the box XP SP3 system running in less than 512MB without major complaints from the user. Microsoft can claim 64MB minimum requirement still applies, but reality shows it is simply not true anymore.

Comment Re:U.S. law is the new international law (Score 1) 1005

It's not just MegaUpload, MegaVideo is also part of the takedown, I'm not sure how legal that was. The charges are not strictly related to piracy either. Money laundering and racketeering are also in there. I think that they had a lot more on these guys than just hosting pirated content and not taking it down when asked via DMCA takedown letters.

PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - Why doesn't SONY like Canadians? ( 2

aonaran writes: "On April 1, 2011 Sony Computer Entertainment America transferred the PSN services to the new Sony Network Entertainment America.

In the process they introduced a new Terms of Service and User Agreement Version 9. Despite the date, it is no April Fools joke.

In this agreement, which can be seen in whole here:
there is a section in Section 8 about video services of the PSN that forbids Canadians from watching content that they rented or bought from PSN. If you watch it outside the USA you have violated the Terms of Service.

I thought it was a mistake, and the support techs I e-mailed initially agreed but then suggested I just agree to it anyway... cause SONY wouldn't take that part seriously right, SONY doesn't care about their contracts do they?... I asked for a corrected version, but was simply told that Version 9 is the official word from SONY, and that's that.

What am I complaining about?
"SNEA licenses digitalized content, including television shows and movies ("Video Content") to you for your personal, private, non-commercial viewing in the United States only" problem if you live in the US, but SNEA also serves us Canucks. Tough luck for those north of the border, you just got 0wn3d!"


Submission + - What the robots saw inside Fukushima (

swandives writes: "The first images provided by robots from inside the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant are in, following the massive March 11 earthquake and subsequent tsunami.

A pair of iRobot Packbots entered three of the reactor units on Sunday and Monday. Their job was to survey the conditions inside and help Tokyo Electric Power and evaluate whether it is safe to send humans in to continue the cleanup. It's expected to take up to nine months to bring the plant to a cold shutdown — if it can be done."

Submission + - Why does the US cling to imperial measurements?

PhunkySchtuff writes: "As one of only three countries on Earth that hasn't converted to a metric system of units and measurements, there is a huge amount of resistance within the US to change the status quo. Whilst the cost of switching would be huge, there is also a massive hidden cost in not switching when dealing with the rest of the world (except for Liberia & Burma, the only other two countries that don't use the metric system)

With one of the largest organisations in the US, the military, using metric units extensively, why does the general public in the US still cling to their customary system of units?"

Submission + - AMD Bulldozer Socket AM3 Compatibility Explained (

MojoKid writes: "At this point it's fairly clear that AMD will not officially support their forthcoming Bulldozer products in existing socket AM3 motherboards and systems. However, recent announcements from Asus and MSI make it clear that some AM3 boards will function with a Bulldozer-class processor installed. With that said, AMD originally justified moving from AM3 to AM3+ because not doing so would prevent certain Bulldozer features from functioning. AMD has not specified which features are affected yet. Though, for starters, based on a few very trusted sources in the know, Bulldozer's advanced power management and clock gating capabilities will require an AM3+ socket motherboard. That said, of course "unsupported" is also almost always code for "voids your warranty.""

Submission + - Skype plugs Android app privacy hole (

alphadogg writes: Less than a week after confirming that a flaw in Skype for Android could leak sensitive user information, the Internet calling company Wednesday issued an urgent update to fix the problem. Skype informed customers that "After a period of developing and testing we have released a new version of the Skype for Android application onto the Android Market, containing a fix to the vulnerability reported to us. Please update to this version [] as soon as possible in order to help protect your information." Skype says it has had no reported examples of third-party apps misusing information from the Skype directory on Android devices, though is keeping an eye on things.

Comment Re:I have an easier solution: (Score 1) 354

How about Twitter just stops arbitrarily limiting characters. Go by word count, perhaps?

I know some avid twitter users, and the majority of them apparently use the idiotic SMS message system to 'tweet' each other all throughout the day on their phones. Twitter can't abandon the 140-character limit for this reason.

I think that's a BS reason for keeping a 140 character limit on twitter.
Let SMS's character limit limit only the SMS user's messages. Twitter can break up longer tweets into 140 character segments and send them as "part1" "part2" "part3"... to people receiving tweets via SMS.

I think that while that was a legitimate argument when twitter started, it's evolved into a different kind of service these days and most folks using their phone for twitter are probably using something like twitterberry as a client anyway.

People stare at me as if I'm crazy when I say I use firefox as my twitter client, just like I do for other websites.

Comment Re:Great idea... (Score 1) 126

Of course, they would not be sued if they bothered to negotiate world wide distribution instead of only negotiating "domestic" distribution Limiting who they can accept money from to a tiny fraction of their possible customers, and instead paying loads of money for technology to make that possible.

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