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Opera Gives That C64 Feel 397

howcome writes "Opera yesterday relased beta2 of the forthcoming 7.0 version. Opera now supports mulitple user style sheets and by selecting "Nostalgia" from the menu all web pages suddenly resemble Commodore 64 (screendump1 screendump2) from 20 years back. Also, there is a handheld emulator to see what a page will look like on a handheld device running Opera. To get you through Christmas, you can also use the "fast-forward" button. Try it on Google (screendump)!"
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Opera Gives That C64 Feel

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  • by everyplace ( 527571 ) on Wednesday December 18, 2002 @07:46PM (#4919311) Homepage
    I have fond memories of dialing up with the 300 baud modem hooked up to the old vic 20. When will I be able to relive that experience?
  • . . . . at least on mac. this is just nostalgia to try and make people forget that their engine is dog slow.
    • by oldwolf13 ( 321189 ) on Wednesday December 18, 2002 @07:59PM (#4919399) Journal
      have you even used opera?

      the engine is still faster then anything else I've used, and I've just about tried them all (especially on older hardware).

      and as for opera not being the best... it's got quite a few people who've *actually* used it for awhile who believe it's far superior to anything else out there right now.

      One of the first things to go onto my machine is opera, no matter what OS I'm running.

      Sure, the c64 thing is silly... that's what it's intended to be... probably a coder just having some fun one day threw it in there as comic relief.

      get-a-grip (not the shoes)
      • i used to think so too..
        before i got phoenix.
        (well, the differences are VERY subtle, but hey, if i can have for FREE something that i'd need to pay with opera or warez.. darn ads. i also dig phoenixs default ui look more)

        opera has it's uses though, the zoom function makes handheld webbrowsing a breeze.
        • Here's a little comparasin, as I use both Opera and Pheonix. Some stuff opera does that pheonix doesn't do, or doesn't do as well (that I actually use): 1. switch all graphics on and off 2. switch css on and off 3. zoom in and out Stuff pheonix (and extensions) does that opera doesn't do, or doesn't do as well: 1. turns off specific graphics 2. better tab management (middle click!) 3. better personal bar, (I especially like opening all my newssites at once with a single middle click, and then throwing them away with another single click when I need to move onto another task.) Just chiming in... _KhlER3L
      • Sure, the c64 thing is silly... that's what it's intended to be... probably a coder just having some fun one day threw it in there as comic relief.

        Actually the retro-idea is probably ripped off from GTA3 Vice City. This game has it part of its introduction cut-scenes(yes to get you feeling confortable with the 80s).

      • Opera for the Mac (Score:3, Insightful)

        by Xenex ( 97062 )
        The parent post did refer to Opera for the Mac. Have you actually used it before? It's terrible.

        Version 6.0 was just release (it's a Carbon app that runs on 8, 9, and X), and it's horribly slow, ugly looking, and uses non-standard keyboard shortcuts. I had very high hopes for Opera on the Mac, but this release has all but shattered them for me. It's almost the exact opposite of Opera 6.0 on Windows.

        I've been using Opera on Windows for the best part of 4 years, and swear by it. However, I don't even bother with it on my iBook. Perhaps when they eventually release Opera 7 for the Mac (which will be a *long* way off) things will be better, but I'm not holding my breath...
      • i said on mac , and a dog it is. i'd say chimera, omniweb, or mozilla when pulling multiple pages (for stability purposes) are the fastest on my old assed mac. opera finally released first non-beta, its putrid
      • "
        and as for opera not being the best... it's got quite a few people who've *actually* used it for awhile who believe it's far superior to anything else out there right now.

        They obviously arnt web developers. Maybe to a normal (non-advanced) user Opera might be acceptable, But to anyone thats ever touched css Opera is unusable. Its one of the worst to render css in my experience (excluding ns3/ie3).
        It has huge problems with spacing and linebreaks, and generaly makes it hard to work with.
        If they can blatently break css and still be called a browser? 'cat' makes a pretty fast rendering engine to, though it has "a few rendering problems".
  • Oops (Score:3, Insightful)

    by SmartGamer ( 631767 ) <sgamer@swbell.n3.14et minus pi> on Wednesday December 18, 2002 @07:49PM (#4919334) Homepage
    Predictably, the images are down.

    Opera just made a mistake, in my opinion, with that. I liked how they kept the browser streamlined and stripped down; this new feature is, possibly, a sign of creeping featurism and surrender to the forces of software bloat.

    Oh well. I guess if I want a simple browser, I should stick to Lynx.
    • "Opera just made a mistake, in my opinion, with that. I liked how they kept the browser streamlined and stripped down; this new feature is, possibly, a sign of creeping featurism and surrender to the forces of software bloat."

      I'm running an earlier beta of it right now, and I had similar concerns. I can tell you, though, that I really like how you can drag anything to just about anywhere else. I'm looking forward to sitting down and really tweaking this interface.

    • by Wee ( 17189 ) on Wednesday December 18, 2002 @08:16PM (#4919505)
      Opera just made a mistake, in my opinion, with that. I liked how they kept the browser streamlined and stripped down; this new feature is, possibly, a sign of creeping featurism and surrender to the forces of software bloat.

      Have you been using Opera recently? Like over the last couple years? The new betas are really pretty speedy and also smaller than the 6.x release versions. I just downloaded the last beta and the latest production release. Here they are:

      [wee@host tmp]$ ls -l
      total 6836
      -rw------- 1 wee wee 3588280 Dec 18 16:06 ow32enen605.exe
      -rw------- 1 wee wee 3397867 Dec 18 16:05 ow32enen700b2.exe

      My boss and I were talking about this very topic. They've apparently re-written the rendering engine from the ground up. We suspect that they use the same engine in the desktop versions as in the embedded versions. Then they tack on JavaScript and Java and the various UI bits to make each platform-specific release.

      Whatever they do, they haven't succumbed to to creature feep. They've done just about the opposite: they started fresh and the result is a faster, leaner browser. Of course, I've only used the windows version a couple times, but it was noticeably nimbler than the 6.x Linux versions.


      • ``I've only used the windows version a couple times, but it was noticeably nimbler than the 6.x Linux versions.''
        I am posting this from 6.11 on Linux, and I have to say there are still some issues with Opera. This afternoon, I went to the computer lab here on campus to print something (can't do that from my Linux box - the printers are on a different net). These machines run Windows NT 4 and I had installed Opera 6.0 on them a long time ago to avoid the woes of MSIE. I noticed that the text I printed wasn't justified, although it clearly had to be according to the style sheet, and it actually is justified in 6.11/Linux (and in Phoenix 0.4/Linux, too). Opera also still doesn't implement JavaScript DOM support very well, despite its otherwise fabulous standards compliance. On Linux I notice that it sometimes crashes unpredictably, and what really annoys me is that if I empty the address bar using ^A ^K, it copies the contents to the clipboard, making pasting URLs a pain. I suspect that at least the latter issue is Qt's fault, but I might be wrong there. (I'm a GTK+ aficionado anyway...yes I know, Xlib is the one true toolkit.) Having ventilated my frustration, I have to say that on the whole Opera is a great browser; slim, fast, good standards compliance, tabbed browsing, popup blocking, cookie filter, cheap, and European. ;-)
      • by Hektor_Troy ( 262592 ) on Wednesday December 18, 2002 @09:15PM (#4919812)
        Well, I used 6.x up until 7.0b1 came out, and 7.0 is a lot faster on startup in particular. Like 1 second vs 5 - 8 seconds (this on a 866 MHz PIII with 384 MB RAM).

        Also 6.05 appeared to have a bug, that caused it's downloads to suck up all it's reasources if the server was fast enough, causing you not to be able to do anything while downloading. This is not the case with 7.0b1/2.

        It also has some very neat features with regards to testing websites, such as debug with outline etc. Also it's sidebar can display each and every link on a page.

        I like it. I like it a lot. I switched to Mozilla for a while but went back to Opera for several reasons, and 7.0 really solidifies Operas lead in my eyes. It would be nice however, if the stuff like e-mail and ICQ were plug-ins instead of built in. It might not make a difference wrt size or speed, but it'd be nice :-)
      • > The new betas are really pretty speedy and also
        > smaller than the 6.x release versions. . . .they
        > started fresh and the result is a faster, leaner > browser.

        I said the exact same thing about Mozilla somwhere around tree years ago when they were at milestone 18. It wasn't too long after that that the cute little monster went on a eating binge devouring entire operating systems worth of code bloating it into the great white whale of a browser that is it now.
    • Re:Oops (Score:3, Informative)

      by thelen ( 208445 )

      Check one of the other links [slashdot.org] to the pictures provided in this thread, and you'll see that it is merely a rendering function to display html in a particular manner. It's not even a skin, a la Netscape or RealPlayer, it's nothing more than a manner of formatting the page (in a clunky and unusable manner). In other words, it almost certainly has zero effect on performance.

    • Go to the Styles\user directory inside of your Opera directory. Find nostalgia.css and delete it. Congrats, you successfully battled 4K of creeping featurism.

      That's right, you can accomplish a C64 look in 4K of CSS code. Pretty nice proof-of-concept, if you ask me.

    • I understand your concerns about software bloat. It was the same concern I had when I realized that you can view google.com in l33t speak, klingon, and elmer fudd.

      But, you know what? It's the best search engine out there, so it can't be causing that many problems. Likewise, I've never seen a better browser than Opera.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    So when can I expect a C64 theme for Phoenix?
    • Read the tutorial [mozdev.org] at mozdev.org [mozdev.org].

    • That was my favorite "phoenix"... I always liked the away/leaving/joining comments; they were all lyrics from megadeth songs.

      The "War" portion of the script looked interesting, though I was never L4M3Rz enough to employ it... I was on IRC to chat, not compensate for my personal insecurities by kick/banning people, and taking over their channels.

      What happened to IRC anyway? I've been on a few times recently, and it's just not the same. All the old guard are gone, and it's all "RU Single??" messages.

      Sorry for the nostalgia; that C-64 screen really got me going...

  • by jonathanbearak ( 451601 ) on Wednesday December 18, 2002 @07:53PM (#4919367)
    they've already lost 24 bits
  • by binaryDigit ( 557647 ) on Wednesday December 18, 2002 @07:54PM (#4919377)
    Does this mean that someone is working on a cart based Linux distro? Can't wait to do tar backups on my cassette!
  • by am_human2 ( 635209 ) on Wednesday December 18, 2002 @07:55PM (#4919379)
    You can have a more authentic effect with this [armory.com] web browser actually running on a C64.

    Note that link is to a screen shot.
  • I love Opera, but (Score:3, Interesting)

    by Karamchand ( 607798 ) on Wednesday December 18, 2002 @07:56PM (#4919382)
    ..what I dislike is that there is no good, accessable bug reporting system, nor a good feedback form.

    Even if software is proprietary closed source I think an open bug reporting system is a good thing because it keeps some boring work away from developers - namely searching for duplicates.
    • Re:I love Opera, but (Score:2, Informative)

      by nexgolai ( 570220 )
      What? Try news://news.opera.no/opera.beta [opera.no] plenty of bugs mentioned and tackled. Of course, if you are using Opera, that link takes you right there.
    • When I submitted a couple of bug reports to opera via their web form (for version 6/6.05) I got a response from them within a week or so -- I was using the free ad-based version then, so I assume that their paying customers (which I became after a while,) would get faster support responses. Their responses weren't real helpful, but then again I don't know if they've fixed the issues in the new version. (issues were viewing this page [brainwashed.com] and auto-submission entries for different websites (user/pw combos etc) and getting out of an NT domain (it wouldn't pop up an authentification box with a domain field, so I couldn't authenticate to the domain).
  • by fredrikj ( 629833 ) on Wednesday December 18, 2002 @07:58PM (#4919391) Homepage
    ...looks like they also moved their web servers to C64:s [cc65.org].

    (By the way, don't click that link, someone's computer would explode)
  • /. fx (Score:4, Informative)

    by carpe_noctem ( 457178 ) on Wednesday December 18, 2002 @07:58PM (#4919392) Homepage Journal
    Well, looks like we've managed to take out people.opera.com.

    Here's the screendumps:
    screenshot 1 [aboleo.net]
    screenshot 2 [aboleo.net]
    • forgot to mention...sorry, I can't get the 3rd image to download. I was lucky enough to get the first 2. someone else have a mirror for the handheld one?
  • by JoeCommodore ( 567479 ) <larry@portcommodore.com> on Wednesday December 18, 2002 @08:08PM (#4919451) Homepage
    Glad to see someone is setting up resources so folks who use Hyperlink [armory.com] or the Wave [ia4u.net] on their Commodore 64 can access pages and see them properly.

    Maybe with the C-One [c64upgra.de] us 8-bitters can get closer to a real 8-bit Opera browser... :-) Of course it would probably have to run under Wings [igs.net] or Wheels [ia4u.net] though

    Never say it's impossible, it will just make people want to prove you know nothing.

  • by AussieBastard ( 587090 ) on Wednesday December 18, 2002 @08:08PM (#4919458)
    "Try Opera, and stay awhile... staayyy FOREVER!"
  • by bhsx ( 458600 ) on Wednesday December 18, 2002 @08:10PM (#4919472)
    The new Embedded Opera looks fantastic for PDAs and cell phones, it basically reverses the zooming features and doesn't drop anything(except superfalous images), CSS, javascript, it's all in there. I hope us Zaurus users can get a free upgrade, I'm finally getting 802.11 for it in a few days ;)
  • by Dark Lord Seth ( 584963 ) on Wednesday December 18, 2002 @08:17PM (#4919507) Journal

    It's amusing to see retro styles like this coming to our modern computers. All those fancy blinking lights and millions of colours and yet people still enjoy and actively use styles that are supposed to represent 16 bit or 8 bit GUIs or CLIs.

    Maybe it's more evident for me to see these trends because I wish I was back in the days Amiga began, though at this age, with more programming knowledge and a wad of german Marks to buy Amiga from commodore. Then I'd hire this aspiring student from Helsinki Uni called Linux Torvalds, lock him into a room with an Amiga 500, some computer running Minix next to another one running some BSD unix, a bunch of programming tools and with an infinite supply of an odd mixture of Guiness/Red Bull. After a few months of hyper-evolution, Linus would crank out a basic kernel and a few nicely ported programs, including word processors and other office relics that were used back in '83, along with some basic GUI. (Think of xfree68x 0.0.1)

    After this, program developers would be VERY interested in the Amiga, a system running mainstream office programs based on the proven reliability of unix. Game developers would start to prefer the graphical powers and the motorola processors of the Amiga and Microsoft would be out of business before they even started. Or they'd start to develop for the Amiga, ruining my whole fantasy as it would simply turn the tables, making Amigas with Windows XP mainstream in 2002 and x86 based pcs a rarity, only to be maintained by a bunch of zealots who would make religious fundamentalists blush... :( Dammit, I hate it when I kill my own fantasies! *sob*

  • There is a glaring problem with Opera 7's much-touted "PDA support." Opera does not automatically pick up stylesheets declared as media="handheld". In other words, instead of using a stylesheet that specifically formats a page for PDAs and handheld devices, Opera will try to reformat the page on its own.

    That's a pretty neat trick for pages whose designers aren't thinking about the bigger picture (the Hiptop does something similar), but a real pain in the ass for those of us who are building pages "the right way" (i.e. XHTML for content, CSS for layout). This is particularly annoying in that Opera claims [opera.com] to fully support W3C CSS Mobile Profile 1.0 [w3.org]. As far as I can tell, it doesn't.
  • Bleh (Score:4, Funny)

    by autopr0n ( 534291 ) on Wednesday December 18, 2002 @08:29PM (#4919577) Homepage Journal
    No amount of filtering can make slashdot look good.
  • Next up: lynx mode? (Score:3, Interesting)

    by dagg ( 153577 ) on Wednesday December 18, 2002 @08:33PM (#4919596) Journal
    Would it be (legally?) possible for the Opera folks to integrate the lynx browser directly into Opera? I'd like to be able to browse in a lynx-mode at the click of a button.

    Why would I want that? lynx is the best way I can think of to browse the web as a handicapped person would. Also, I don't want to open up another browser besides Opera to get that functionality.

    • It does a sort of Lynx emulation, actually. Go to View/Style and switch to User mode (not Author mode) and pick the text-only style at the bottom of the list.

      Incidentally, you're right -- I use Lynx to test my sites for handicapped and vision-impaired accessibility. If a site can be read on Lynx, it can be read by anyone.
  • by kitzilla ( 266382 ) <paperfrogNO@SPAMgmail.com> on Wednesday December 18, 2002 @08:39PM (#4919634) Homepage Journal
    ...for old Raquel Welch movies, not crap rendering. ;-)

  • page rendering (Score:2, Interesting)

    by jmobley ( 463432 )
    Hmmm... so I will be able to view websites as through the eyes of a c64, but I see nothing in the feature list about opera being able to render the page even though it hasn't downloaded all the images. Will _that_ be fixed in version 7? I hope so.
    • Re:page rendering (Score:2, Insightful)

      by Anonymous Coward
      It's been fixed in every version since 3. I have never, ever seen a page refuse to render because the images weren't downloaded, and I've forced the issue by adding various hostnames to my hosts file and pointing them to 127.x.x.x.

      What is everyone's beef with Opera? Nearly every complaint I've read here today about it has been absolutely bogus.
  • Wheel mouse (Score:4, Interesting)

    by BrookHarty ( 9119 ) on Wednesday December 18, 2002 @08:39PM (#4919640) Homepage Journal
    Opera needs MS mouse scroll wheel support, and this is the main reason I wont use it. The response the developers posted, "use autoscroll" on MS mice.

    Get with the times, wheel mouse work with Mozilla/Phoenix/IE and Netscape, how about supporting it in Opera?

    BTW, I hear it works fine with logitech mice, but all I have is m$ rodents.
    • I know shift-middle button works, but how about just middle? Any ideas? Nice browser, but makes you do things a little different to be annoying.
      • Re:Wheel mouse (Score:2, Interesting)

        Nice browser, but makes you do things a little different to be annoying.

        No no, Opera's been doing it the same way Opera has done everything for ages. Keyboard shortcuts for everything, and sensible combinations for new features. Opera did many things FIRST (open link in new tab, open new tab in background), so is it their fault people decided to be different when building Mozilla?

        Shift click also makes more sense than using the middle button, which many people don't even have (and Windows doesn't have 'Emulate3Button' mode).
    • ... What exactly are you referring to? I have a MS intellimouse and mouse scroll works great. INdeed it works better because you can just click the middle mouse button and then move up/down in the page by just moving the mouse.

      • Exactly! I dont want to use "AutoScroll" i want to use the "Mouse Wheel".

        "AutoScroll" simple sucks, id rather use arrow keys or page up/down keys. "Auto Scroll" reminds me of those quicktime VR movies, enough already.

        • I've used Opera 4, 5, 6, and 7b1 on Windows 98, 2K and XP systems with MS, Logitech and Kensignton mice and trackballs an the scroll wheel has worked in every install I've ever done. I don't even have to tell it to use it.

          With 7b1 you sometimes have to click the focus into teh frame you want to scroll, but it does work.

          I don't know about Linux or OS X, so YMMV in those environs.
          • I have multiple PC's too, using the latest 4.1 mouse drivers from microsoft. They dont work on any of my PCs or My laptop. I also did a google search on opera.* newsgroups, seems to be a common problem.

            Ya, I cant swear if mouse wheels work on opera linux version, but I know opera doesnt like M$ intellimouse explorers. But isnt the intellimouse explorer the most popular mouse out?

            I'm using the newest drivers too, at http://www.microsoft.com/hardware/mouse/download_n s.asp

            Its not my hardware, its not just me. If it was just me, there wouldnt be posts on opera newsgroups about the same problem.

            Also, my MS intellimouse explorer (i have models 2&3) work fine in Phoenix, IE, and every application.
  • opera's ui (Score:5, Interesting)

    by farnsworth ( 558449 ) on Wednesday December 18, 2002 @08:42PM (#4919658)
    see this [phrasewise.com] for well thought out appraisal of opera's ui, particularly vis-a-vis mozilla's ui.
    • I'd have to agree with most of what's said there. But the one thing that I HATE about Opera7, is the MDI mode. I've tried every dialog/menu-option I can find, but nothing seems to let me get seperate windows (ie, everything is a subwindow in a single instance of a main Opera window). Am I just missing something? Opera6 was much better, imho.
  • Opera is fine but: (Score:2, Insightful)

    by theskov ( 556173 )
    99.9% of all website work perfectly with IE. That's not true for any other browser I've tried including Netscape, Mozilla and Opera.

    I would love to change browser, but I won't accept a browser that doesn't render all the pages I visit. Give me a non-IE browser that renders as large a percentage, and we've got a deal.

    I know real nerds prefer text-only (in theory anyway :) but I like to use all those fancy technologies appearing on the web, and so far IE is the only one that can cope with all.

    And let's not forget: IE is a very nice browser in itself. The only real reason I want to switch is because suspect to see DRM and the likes in IE Real Soon(TM). Heck - every time I upgrade to a newer version it's a couple of cents out of MS's pockets for the bandwith - what other browser gives you that satisfaction?
    • PERFECTLY? *rofl* (Score:5, Insightful)

      by freeweed ( 309734 ) on Thursday December 19, 2002 @04:04AM (#4921402)
      The majority of websites today seem intent on popping up these annoying other windows, which I never requested. Strangely, in Opera I never see this problem.

      If having needless application windows showing up all the time is your idea of perfect, you can keep it - I'll take my 'imperfect' browser any day.
  • Other new stuff (Score:5, Informative)

    by Fweeky ( 41046 ) on Wednesday December 18, 2002 @09:01PM (#4919732) Homepage
    • Improved CSS support -- CSS menus [meyerweb.com] now work pretty much as expected, overflow: scroll works better, and numerous other fixes.
    • Opera now has a password manager! Both HTTP auth and login forms can be saved and filled in automatically later. "Wand" is a bit of a cheesy name for it, though :)
    • Quick Download -- now instead of right clicking, hitting Download, waiting for file dialog to pop up and hitting Save, you right click, hit Quick Download, and it's done for you.
    • Links bar, similar to Mozilla's Page Info -> Links tab. It's a bit primitive at the moment, but it's nice to see they're working on stuff like this.
    • Fast Forward -- fancy <link rel="next"> UI gadget -- if a site uses said links, the Forward button is turned into a Next button, which is nice for browsing things like search results pages and blogs.
    • Improved skins support -- auto-install for new skins, more flexible for users (no more .ini editing if you want to rearrange your buttons, for instance), etc. Someone badly needs to Opera 7-ize Minimalist [opera.com], though, I'm not a fan of the Aqua look, or the bare-bones "Windows" skin that ships with this beta.
    • The bookmark manager is back, and looking nicer than the Opera 6 one.

    I'm quite impressed with this second beta. With betas like this, IE7 better be damn good to not get yawned at :)
    • I'm quite impressed with this second beta. With betas like this, IE7 better be damn good to not get yawned at :)

      Or it can just, you know, come with Windows.

  • Great Feature (Score:4, Interesting)

    by Uhh_Duh ( 125375 ) on Wednesday December 18, 2002 @09:10PM (#4919779) Homepage

    The nostalgia feature is great.. and completely useless. No wonder people don't take this web browser seriously.
  • by CausticWindow ( 632215 ) on Wednesday December 18, 2002 @09:15PM (#4919815)

    HyperLink [armory.com]

    The Wave [videocam.net.au] (under geos on c128, so it's cheating)

  • There were a couple of posts on bugtraq when the alpha came out a month or two ago saing that it had really obvious security holes (of the "browse and execute and possibly delete any files" variety) -- nothing else was specified as the opera folks were still working things out to make opera not suck -- but I would like to know if they got the issue(s) resolved before running it. I loved 6 (and 6.05) enough that I paid for it, but have since switched to phoenix (and ghostzilla at work) since I got bored.
  • Opera 7 (Score:2, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward
    Just one question: why? I could understand when it was only IE and Netscape, and I could see how some might prefer it over Mozilla; but take a look at Phoenix and tell me what Opera has (besides nostalgia mode) that Phoenix doesn't, even though it's only a .5 release. I used Opera until early version 6 or so, then switched to Mozilla and now Phoenix. Is 7 worth another look, or is it mostly the same as before?
  • simply the best (Score:2, Insightful)

    by theflea ( 585612 )
    I think Opera is the best overall browser.

    Some browsers are better for certain things, but I think Opera studied how people actually use their browsers. For instance, when you click the back button in Opera, your previous page is there *instantly*.

    It renders pages waaaay faster than anything else, and it comes with a decent e-mail client.

    Not that I don't have complaints, though. The toolbars & buttons waste screen real estate. Fortunately, you can download some nice skins and small buttons. Ultimately you have more control over what it looks like.

    I like IE & Mozilla, but I realize how great Opera is when I use them.
  • by robbo ( 4388 ) <slashdot@@@simra...net> on Wednesday December 18, 2002 @09:51PM (#4920029)
    What happens when it loads a page bigger than 64K?
  • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday December 18, 2002 @10:17PM (#4920162)
    Netscape's Daniel Glazman [glazman.free.fr] wrote this JavaScript bookmarklet that does exactly the same thing:
    javascript:var s=document.createElement('link');s.href='http://da niel.glazman.free.fr/userContent.css';s.rel='style sheet';s.type='text/css';document.getElementsByTag Name('head')[0].appendChild(s);void(0);
    Just create a new bookmark, using the code above as the Location and plonk it on your Personal Toolbar. Then visit a page and click it. Only works in Gecko-based browsers.
  • by ffatTony ( 63354 ) on Wednesday December 18, 2002 @11:13PM (#4920422)

    Where is the giant banner add offering something I don't care about?

    All joking aside I wish Opera the best, but I couldn't imagine using it when there are other [mozilla.org] viable options.

  • by NineNine ( 235196 ) on Thursday December 19, 2002 @12:58AM (#4920895)
    Was the C 64 really around 20 years ago?!? It doesn't seem like that long ago when I was playing Bard's Tale on one. Jesus, 20 years ago, that makes me... oh I'm depressed now.
  • AHHHH! Text web browsing....bad college flashbacks....noooooo!

  • Silly question (Score:3, Insightful)

    by dissy ( 172727 ) on Thursday December 19, 2002 @03:13AM (#4921302)
    Sorry for having to ask this, but noone else has commented at all on the fast-forward feature there is a screen shot of. Am i just being stupid and missing some obvious joke? Am i missing a real feature? (Its late and i havent been getting much sleep :P )

    I dont see whatever is suppost to be pointed out in the screenshot.

    Sorry in advance :P
  • by Fugly ( 118668 ) on Thursday December 19, 2002 @11:04AM (#4922680) Homepage
    Man looking at those screenshots really takes me back. There was nothing quite like firing up my commodore back in the 80's and.... um... surfing the um..... web...

    Odd, why don't I remember that?

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