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Comment Its a very diverse place (Score 5, Interesting) 55

SL is a very large diverse place there are various cultural communities as well as social communities. Virtual world is a good description as you can be satisfied sticking to one area or exploring and learn and experience different stuff.

Many are interested in the social aspect but there also is a large creative group: The appeal of doing 3-D virtual virtual building is very satisfying, The in-world building components and controls are VERY easy to learn and with the SL scripting language you can make your creations animate, makes sounds, perform tasks, interact, etc.

If you search around you usually can find a community that suits your social and creative needs. While searching you might stumble into some really weird stuff too. I myself spend most of my SL time as a humanoid squirrel, either as 1 1/2 foot tall "tiny avatar" or a bit taller furry like one, and hang around the sillier communities - when on Second Life you don't have to live it like real life.

Comment Re:Very effective (Score 3, Interesting) 323

I was thinking the babies are probably very effective for training the kids to become parents, Technically what these programs are doing aren't really scaring the kids but are more in a way training them for parenthood. Just as you train people to become soldiers by shooting at them and simulating combat scenarios - you are simulating parenting scenarios.

Now what would be an interesting side affect to this study would be if the parents what went through this "experience" are doing any better with their babies than the ones who didn't. I have the thought that those that did are probably better first moms because of it.

Comment Re:Coding, or programming? (Score 1) 515

Started in high school on Commodore PETs
Bonus - here's the book we learned with:
This was early on with micros in the classroom - so some of us got way past the teachers.

Wasn't too long before I started picking my brothers brain for more answers and then got my mitts on a programmers reference guide ( ) and learned about pokes and peeks to change flags and registers. Poking at ML games looking to change something and and getting weird results.

Here are some games I wrote while in HS (or bashed from other code as in Journey to the MCP and m-maze) in high school:

After I got out of school and got a VIC-20 things got more exciting as I self taught doing ML and hand assembling 6502 code...

Comment Re:Not the whole story (Score 1) 225

AMD lost my interest when they started their new naming schemes; before you have semprom operaon phenom, etc. then they went to A series, C Series and E series - trying to make heads or tails of which chip was better was not as easy anymore.

The second thing was AMD buying ATI and more frequency of bundling them with their CPUs - and that was a problem only because ATI just generally sucks under Linux.

So it became way easier to spec out an Intel i series and also find one bundled with nVidia GPU.

Wasn't my choice they just made it too hard for me.

Comment Differing perspectives (Score 1) 96

To paraphrase a popular programming axiom:

"There's more than one way to think of it"

Math physics, etc. is our own physically limited observation and description of how math and the universe functions, doesn’t mean it's the correct way or able to get achieve all the answers, Kind of like Einstein, Tesla, and many other discoverers, its not always thinking the ways everyone else has been taught to think but coming at it from a wholly different perspective... and not always by such seemingly brilliant individuals.

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