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Journal Journal: Who are your friends of friends? 1

I'm not sure when this was implemented, but check this out:

Browsing your friends of friends is another great way to find new Slashdot journals. Subscribers can also use this feature to keep track of who can post to their restricted journals. Be careful, though, browsing some people's friends of friends might slow down your system and/or Slashdot itself!

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Journal Journal: How to monitor /. journals... 2

So, you randomly came across someone's journal, and for one reason or another, you want to keep an eye on that journal. There are several ways to monitor a Slashdot journal, but most of them aren't listed in the Slashdot Faq.

Monitoring your Slashdot friends' journals:

If you like someone's journal, then by all means, make that special someone your Slashdot friend. Once you've done that, there are several ways you can monitor his or her journals:

  1. Click on and/or bookmark the journals link. That page gives a summary list of all of your friends' journals.
  2. Bookmark your amigos . That link allows you to page through every journal your friends have ever made.
  3. Edit your Messages Preferences and turn on "Journal Entry by Friend". Now you'll be notified on the Slashdot homepage whenever a friend posts a new journal.

Other ways to monitor journals:

If you don't like using the Slashdot "friends" feature to keep track of journals, or maybe you prefer to browse Slashdot anonymously, you still have some choices:

  1. Go to the user's journal and bookmark it. Make sure you bookmark the user's main journal page, and not a specific journal entry. Just make sure the URL looks like this: http://slashdot.org/~username/journal .
  2. Point your RSS reader to the RSS version of your user's journal. For example, to keep track of CmdrTaco's journal, point your RSS reader to:

    You can monitor any Slashdot user's journal by changing the uid in the URL above and adding it to your RSS reader. Make sure you only monitor the journal a couple of times throughout the day, or you might get banned! Checking once every 90 minutes is probably Ok, but checking once every 20 minutes is probably not Ok.

That's about all the ways I can think of. Let me know if anything I listed is unclear, or if you have more ideas.


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Journal Journal: Belt Straps


I was just sittin' there on the bench. I didn't like talking to anyone when I was sittin' on the bench.

"Howdy friend"

Long pause.

"Howdy friend, I like yer belt straps. Me and me frog sure do like yer belt straps."

When he talked, his saliva shot through the air. I glanced over at his face and it was filled with craggles. The craggles were wrinkled.

"Why you sittin' on this bench?"

The man leaned towards me.

"I said - Why you sittin' on this bench?"

He repeated his question. He meant business. I was incredulous. I answered.


-- Roughly translated, that means "I'm a dog, and I'm not wearing any belt straps."

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Journal Journal: An alternative hair aspect. The excretive aspective.

Hair is excreted out of the skin of mammals. Hair is excrement. Hair is excreted from the body, and then just allowed to flop in the breeze. Some people even style it. I wash mine with Head & Shoulder's shampoo to get out the dandruff.

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