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Linux Business

Questioning the Linux Foundation's Credentials 94

nadamsieee writes "Neil McAllister has posted a provocative article titled Questioning the Linux Foundation's credentials. He questions the motivations behind the newly formed organization. Quoting: 'But wouldn't it make more sense to call the merged organization the Open Source and Standards Lab, or the Free Software and Standards Group? Why did they have to go and call it the Linux Foundation?' McAllister then goes on to explain why he believes that 'the Linux Foundation isn't any kind of philanthropic foundation at all[,] it's an industry trade organization.'"
The Internet

Submission + - Teacher convicted in porn case

General Lee's Peking writes: According to this article, this woman was held responsible for the pornographic ads that popped up after one of the students went to browse a site on hairstyles. Although she may be spared prison, or even go to prison for a year to 18 months, the conviction carries a maximum of 40 years.

Submission + - Jan 26th could make or break the RIAA's lawsuits

bblboy54 writes: "In the Elektra v Barker case, a hearing is set for January 26th and according to p2pnet, it seems that some crucial evidence may end the RIAA reign. More importantly, the case is being heard by Judge Kenneth M. Karas who, according to the article, is much more in tune with technology and understands the circumstances. The author of the article notes that anyone who is able to make it to the hearing in New York should attend to show support."

Submission + - Best (and Worst) High-Def Discs of 2006

An anonymous reader writes: High-Def Digest has released their first annual "Best (and Worst) of the Year" list of movies released on HD DVD and/or Blu-ray. Not surprisingly, the "best" list is super-hero heavy (movies featuring Superman, Batman and the Hulk all made the list). Not a bad cheat sheet for those of us with a Blu-ray capable PS3 or an Xbox 360 HD DVD add-on on our xmas lists...

Submission + - Get Started with Apache Maven 2

An anonymous reader writes: With the increased availability of robust, enterprise-grade open source components, today's software projects require dynamic collaboration among project teams and often depend on a mix of globally created and maintained components. In its second generation, the Apache Maven build tool was designed to take on these modern challenges. This tutorial gets you started with Maven 2.

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