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Journal Journal: Mod B-b-bombed! 8

* Moderation of "How does commercial Free Software work? 9:21 17 January 2003
* Moderation of "How does commercial Free Software work?" 9:21 17 January 2003
* Moderation of "question" 9:22 17 January 2003
* Moderation of "what the heck?" 9:22 17 January 2003
* Moderation of "IN SOVIET RUSSIA..." 9:22 17 January 2003
* Moderation of "oh please" 9:22 17 January 2003
* Moderation of "whatever" 9:25 17 January 2003

Now I can't post anonymously. Fuckers.


Journal Journal: Holy Mosis! 4

Website still not up, obviously. I've just been too busy partying and preparing for teh holiday and whatnot.

So I noticed that we can now add AIM/ICQ/Jabbar IDs to our user info. Hopefully this will help me meet new friends. Also, there is a space for an "ical" calendar...anyone know what that is? I tried googling, and it's just a bunch of Mac stuff. Can I make an ical calendar on teh Lunix? TIA.

And what's up with Slashdot lately? Server troubles, lots of dupe and hoax stories, IN SOVIET RUSSIA jokes...have the trolls won this round? If it gets much worse, I may have to seek greener pastures.


Journal Journal: Time For A Jourrrrnal 1

My website is down. Many apologies. Assuming there are no more Apache holes found in the next week or so, it should be up again soon, at a different address. It's also time for an influx of new content, though Christ only knows when I'll get around to making some. Maybe I can archive links to a few of my best Slashdot comments! Though I only kept a couple. So whatever.

Winter's coming...snow predicted for tonight, and the sky has already turn'd a threatening gray, the gray of wise men and forgotten dreams, the birds outside my window, her eyes...

The days are like dominoes or tequila shots. Set 'em up, knock 'em down, one after another, each easier then the last. If you play it right, you're drunk on life, your hard work pays off as the onlookers clap appreciatively. You fuck up and you puke all over your shoes and have to pick the fallen days up and eye the standing ones angrily, as your audience disperses in clouds of small talk.

The 2000 Beanies

Journal Journal: Well 5

I have had Excellent karma for some time now. Obviously, I've yet to retire. I think I'll hang around a little longer. This place is just starting to get interesting, what with zoo-dot-pee-ell and such.

There is something missing in my life. Just the other day I was thinking, "how does the Mad Sniper relate to nine-eleven?" and I had no idea. I didn't even think about the connection to the Columbine shooting. Jon Katz, why have you forsaken us?

Christmas Cheer

Journal Journal: It Hurts 1

Yes it does.

What is it?

It's Terrible karma, of course!

Only Terrible karma can explain my infrequent posting and my lackluster replies. And only Terrible karma can explain the now two Troll mods on this post. Yes, some crackhead moderator spent a point bringing my perfectly valid post, which was then at 0: Troll, back down to -1. Justice is served. Burn in metamod, bitch.

But it's a temporary pain. This too shall pass. And I will reach Excellent karma once more, after documenting the entire journey in my sig.

The 2-post limit for those with negative karma is supposed to do what the -2 Bonus never could: silence those who challenge the slashbot party line. Well, I won't be silenced. I'll soon be posting with a -1 Bonus, then a +/-0 bonus, and finally I will have my +1 Bonus once more. Then I am going to piss my pants and have a hot cocoa.


Journal Journal: Lordy 7

My word. I guess I should have known better than to have spoken ill of Apple. Every comment of mine in the thread is now at 0 or -1. All I tried to do was suggest that perhaps Apple should offer a 2- or 3-button mouse as an option, and people went nuts.

I guess I had forgotten how irrational and quick-to-anger Mac zealots can be. But then again, I haven't been a Mac zealot since I was 13 or so, so that's not surprising.

Just to clear things up: Steve Jobs is not your mommy. He doesn't love you. He is a Big Bad Businessman, just like Bill Gates or Linus Torvalds. These guys aren't gods, so let's stop worshipping them.

Eh, well.

Internet Explorer

Journal Journal: My word

"Excellent" karma.

Haven't been IP banned in days.

I had mod points the other day.

I am the heart and soul of slashdot.

Listen to my message.


Journal Journal: Banning 3

Thanks to forged for pointing out that IP banning is actually account banning. Also, I keep getting modded down to -1 karma. This time, I lost 9 karma, but only one of my recent posts had been modded down.

Is this an editor just doing a $karma{"tps12"} -= 9 on me, or are people reading my really old posts and modding them down? Weird.

See everyone in a week or so!

Star Wars Prequels

Journal Journal: -1 bonus 1

and IP banned (both at work and at home)

America Online

Journal Journal: double-size slashdot banner ads 3

Slashdot's new double-size banner ads are great. I have been clicking through twice as frequently!

Just kidding. In reality, I have been reading slashdot half as much!

And I still don't click the stupid ads!


Journal Journal: return of the +1 bonus 4

I had long given up hope of trading in my stupid +0 bonus for a real live +1 bonus.

Then, all of a sudden, I made a stupid stupid joke. I was ashamed as I typed it. But according to the $3 crack smoking moderators it was Funny, and I was on my way.

Now I am putting my +1 bonus to good use.

To everyone out there stuck with a -1 bonus: IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU!!!!


Journal Journal: Happy Queen Victoria Day 1

To all of the UKians out there in /. land, and to all of those living in English colonies, from Australia to Canada (and beyond!), I wish you a VERY HAPPY QUEEN VICTORIA DAY!!!!!!!

Queen Victoria, also known as the Virgin Queen in reference to her notorious frigidity (celebrated by the humo[u]rless English to this very day), united Europe in a grand English Empire. She began her reign of terror by having the Pope excommunicated, replacing him with herself as the first and last Popess.

She conquered much of North America, establishing the colonies of Virginia, Cuba, and Canada, where she is worshipped still.

Where would we be without Queen Vicky and her legendary prudishness? Probably wallowing in our own cultural filth, like we are now, but without the knowledge that the UK is superior to the US in every way.

Happy b-day, V! We love you!

United States

Journal Journal: dual boot action

I am now dual-booting Win2k and Mandrake. I had forgotten how much Windows sucks. IE is way slower than Galeon, and until Evolution is ported I won't even try to do email. :(

But at least I can now enjoy the page-widening posts that are not supported yet in non-IE browsers. :)

God bless America.


Journal Journal: +1 bonus 2

Holy fuxor.

Okay, last Monday I had 50 karma. By Friday it was down to 11, after weathering at least one IP ban (not my first). Now I'm up to 32.

As far as I can tell I'm not doing anything different.

I will put my bonus point to good use, as always.

To those who are keeping the spirit alive: rock the fuck on.

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