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Comment Post-mortem API (Score 1) 208

I registered deathapi.com a while ago, after an acquaintance passed away, for this reason specifically. At the time, I had imagined a system that you OAuth against w/ all of your relevant accounts w/ full admin access, and specify a recipient of those keys after some pre-determined length of inactivity (a year, say). The idea still has a lot of relevancy in my mind, but it's so morbid to think about.

Comment Move to NYC or SF (Score 1) 523

I was in the same boat as you, having had a decade of experience making web sites and programming for NSCA Mosaic, but with no schooling to speak of that was relevant, no-one in my home-town would take a second look at my resume. I moved to NYC (but know that SF is similar, regarding qualification judgements), and found that everyone I talk to in the tech industry cares about what you're capable of, not what's on your resume. Now I'm a director at a fortune 500, and teach at one of the most prestigious design schools in the country. I still don't have a degree.

Comment Re:As a Mac admin, I agree. (Score 1) 341

Fantastic find. Makes a lot of sense, and basically means the app that ships with 10.7 server is an upgrade for the "basic" server administration app if you use the simple 10.6 configuration, but that all of the underlying services we know and love continue to exist, and just need a different app to admin them. This is no different than how it worked with 10.6, except now the apps don't come with the OS.

Submission + - Open-Source Javascript Flash Player (HTML5/SVG) (paulirish.com) 1

gbutler69 writes: Wow! Someone has gone and done it. Created a Flash Player written in Javascript targetting SVG/HTML5 capable browsers. It's not a complete implementation yet, but, it shows some real promise. Of course, there is the ever-famous vector "Hello World!" called Tiger. This really has promise. How long before HTML5/SVG next-generation browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Epiphany, and other Web-Kit based browsers completely supplant Flash and Silverlight/Moonlight?

Submission + - SPAM: Adobe warns of Reader, Acrobat attack in the wild

alphadogg writes: Adobe is investigating new reports that hackers are attacking a previously unknown bug in the latest version of the company's Reader and Acrobat software. "This afternoon, Adobe received reports of a vulnerability in Adobe Reader and Acrobat 9.2 and earlier versions being exploited in the wild," Adobe wrote in a post to its Product Security Incident Response Team blog [spam URL stripped] Monday afternoon. "We are currently investigating this issue and assessing the risk to our customers." Adobe heard of the vulnerability from "partners in the security community," she said, adding that she had seen no public reports of the issue apart from Adobe's own blog posting.
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