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Me Oh Me Oh My, Malda Gets Married 455

For those of you who remember one of our most famous stories, the culmination of said event has happened. The team, plus other friends gathered in scenic Las Vegas this past weekend. The wedding happened on Sunday, 4:11 local time (would have been 4 sharp, 'cept the cabbie bringing the bride got lost). For those of you are nice, you can send congrats to Rob at wedding@malda.org or be a big meanie, like me, and send it to his regular address, like he has done to me. More detail below for other ways - and you can tell Kathleen what a mistake she's made *grin*. And pictures are found online, along with some video.

Wedding was held at the Excalibur Hotel, which was nice. If you want to send postal congrats/bundt cake/fondue pots/yet more place mats, I've included the postal address.

Rob and Kathleen Malda
PO Box 192
Dexter MI 48130-0192

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Me Oh Me Oh My, Malda Gets Married

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