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Comment Build Tools & Frameworks (Score 1) 435

I have a good understanding of programming itself. I've written code from scratch in many different languages from assembly to C++ to JavaScript. The problem these days is the amount of build tools and frameworks to learn in order to make things "easy." It would be helpful to learn what all the various frameworks and tools do and why I should use them, especially those related to JavaScript development. Will the world end if I keep using nothing more than ES5, a bit of jQuery and source control?

Comment Do you want the Work or the Stuff? (Score 1) 508

Do we really want to work on an assembly line or do we want the goods that come off the end? Right now our problem is deciding who's going to do all the work creating goods and services for the non-working class. When robots create everything, the question becomes how to distribute the final product. This is a much easier and more pleasant problem to solve.

Comment Re:Next year (Score 1) 123

And recruiters will demand five years of Swift 3 on their mandatory qualifications lists, as they do with Swift 2 right now.

Can someone explain to me why they do this? I can understand five years of Swift with OpenStack, but not Apple Swift.

Advertise impossible requirements to Americans. When no American qualifies, you can now legally hire an H1B.

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