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The Courts

Journal Journal: bye slashdot 8

I'm migrating to multiply. My nick there is ememalb.

Come say hi.

Multiply has all the stuff slash does, plus a whole lot more. I like it mucho better.

See you there. Or not...your call.

The Almighty Buck

Journal Journal: minicom is kicking my ass... 4

Hey, any of youse guys use minicom?

It's kickin my ass. I've got a cisco 2851 router I'm tryin to configurate on a wee bit.

The baud rate settings are 115200 on the router, and even when I set them to that in minicom it chokes like I'm force-feeding it Anna Nicole's bloated corpse.

Any ideas?

User Journal

Journal Journal: State of the Em 11

So uh, yeah. It's friday up in dis bizzo once again. Which means, well, not a whole lot, I guess. Still got a few more things around the house to get knocked out, but other than that, we are just biding our time. Paying rent and a mortgage as well as two sets of utility bills is kicking the shit out of my budget. Like Jet Li fighting a 3 year old. Can't wait till the house closes in ATL at the end of this month.

Anyway, this means I'm Captain Lowkey, Defender of the Couch, Freer Of the Beers(TM) for the next few weeks or so. Which kinda sucks, as I'd like to get out and explore the city some. Patience, young Lowkey, patience.

Anyway, how you kids doing today? Hope ya'll have a nice day and a good weekend.

Journal Journal: Hey George... 5

So, in driving around VA, I've determined something.

If you see someone driving like a complete tool, for example, making a right turn across 3 lanes of traffic from the left turn lane...check the plates...more than likely they're from Maryland.


Journal Journal: Let's suppose a few things here... 26

Suppose your house in Atlanta was about to sell at the end of the month.

Suppose you plan on spending a nice chunk of the investment monies on the following things:

1) Two HDTVs. One large screen (50"+)for the living room, one smaller (in the 36-42" range) for the bedroom.

2) One receiver for living room

3) One DVD player for living room

4) wireless speakers for living room

If you were to suppose all these things, what would you get? This is my quandary. I'm not looking for a "dream setup", more like, say you had 6k to get all this stuff.

You might ask, Em, why do you need all this shit? Well, the answer is, my current tv doesn't support HD, it's down in my basement, and I have nothing upstairs in the living room to watch. Plus, TV (mainly movies and sports) is a big event in my house, I'd prefer to get a nice set or two for selfish because I can reasons. Capeesh? ;)


Journal Journal: Em on teh Big Game... 18

Well, I waited for 21 years for that game. I woke up yesterday morning at 8:30 with one thought in my head: LET'S GO BEARS!! (clap-clap, clap-clap-clap).

By 9:15 I'm sitting there watching pregame coverage. By noon I'm geeked out of my head...having watched youtube highlights of the Bear's season...ugh. I'm too pumped up.

Head over to my friend's house at 3, with beer, brats, some cheese dip and chips.

At 4:30, the brats are on the grill, I've got a beer in hand, other friends are showing up, it's time to do this.

6:35pm: Kickoff!


Devin Hester, you da man!!!

OMG Payton threw a pick! This is gonna be a walk!

WOW what a run by Thomas Jones! Great catch Moose!

then the bottom fell out. Where was the vaunted D? Why were they giving such a huge cushion the the Colts receivers? Why the fuck can't you guys stop the run? Holy hell! This is getting annoying.

Well, halftime, we're down by two points, no biggie!

What do you mean the Colts are gonna go on a 942 play drive and score? Come the eff on!

Rex? What was that throw? I realize it's wet, but TJ has been running the ball solid! Turner, are you watching the game you're calling plays for?


Game over.

Good game, Colts.

My Bears just didn't show up. Everyone will blame Rex, but fuck, the "vaunted" Bears D couldn't make a stop. How many 3rd and 5s, 3rd and 8s did the Colts convert? Christ.

RUN THE BALL, TURNER! It's a fucking monsoon out there!

For all you Rex haters: Homey was scrambling the entire fucking game. The Bears o-line sucked. The Bears D sucked. Special teams, other than the first play of the game, sucked. The turn-overs sucked. The only player who it seems even realized this was the Super Bowl was Thomas Jones.

Everyone else: I'm ashamed to have watched that pitiful effort. You sacked Manning once. One time the entire game. You got ran on (Rhodes should have been the MVP, not Manning)

A huge let-down, to be sure...

Next year: The only player on D that doesn't have a contract through 2008 is Lance Briggs. You might know him as the guy who doesn't get credit for being the bad-ass he is. Urlacher gets all the credit, when play after play after play it's Briggs making the tackle, or busting through the gaps to stop the run, taking on the fullback head on.

I sincerely hope the Bears lock him up for a few more years at least. Next year, we'll get the hardest schedule in the NFC. Which means I don't see a 13-3 season...but the North is weak, especially with Favre coming back for one more year of abuse in Green Bay. We'll make the playoffs, and then it's "all bets are off"

I hate this time of year...nothing til hockey playoffs. :(

The Courts

Journal Journal: Mac/PC ad I'd like to see.... 2

Mac:Hi, I'm a mac.
PC:And I'm a pc.

Mac:Hey pc.
PC:Hey mac.

PC:Hey mac, bring out "Teh Ubuntu".
Mac:Shh, "Teh Ubuntu's sleepin"
PC:Well, wake him up.

(Cut to Ubuntu humping pc's leg viciously)
(cut to Mac's mouth gaping wide open)
Mac: Holy cow, you can do that??!?


PC: oh boy, that's warm!

Mac: wow.

The Media

Journal Journal: It's about time I wrote about this. Chicago Bears 5

So, my beloved Bears are playing in the superbowl.

This team is different from the team that played a hugely overachieving Seahawks. Everyone talks about Manning, and him getting to the SB, but on a larger scale, the Bears finally got past the 1st game of the playoffs, which is nice. That to me was huge. I watched that game with baited breath the entire time waiting for them to implode. I never worried during the Saints game.

This team has the chance to win, even though the NFC is a huge dog to the AFC again this year. Rightly so, as the AFC is a much tougher league...this year.

However, you don't go 13-3 over the course of a season and suck. The Bears did have an easy schedule, but for the most part they blew out the weak teams and outlasted the stronger teams. I'm liking their chances against the Colts much better than I liked their chances against the Pats, so that's a good thing.

This game is a validation, imo, of the system they have in place and the personnel they have on the field. I just wish Mike Brown wasn't out, he's such a difference maker.

Speaking of difference makers, Sexy Rexy has taken me on a roller coaster this year. I never waivered in my faith of my boy from FLA, unlike the media thinks pretty much every Bears fan has. He's the best shot we have. The game, luckily, doesn't solely depend on him having a better than average game. He's come up huge in the clutch, which for me is a sign of good things to come.

I'm not gonna kid myself, the Colts are a damned good team, and that D has tightened up a ton during their playoff run. However, if the Bears can do three things, they'll win this game.

1) Run the ball effectively.

2) control the clock. The longer they can keep Manning and Co off the field, the better.

3) stop the short pass. The deep ball isn't as much of a threat as the media portray. Any time a QB throws a long pass, there's a damned good chance it will get picked off. When the Bears played badly this year (Miami, Arizona) it was because they were missing tackles and getting nickle and dimed to death by the short pass. If they stop the short pass, they have a legit shot at winning this game.

If they don't, it will be a long day in the Em household.

GO BEARS! It's been 21 years, time to do this.

The Gimp

Journal Journal: man, this is cool.... 12

So, the company I work for now is roughly 1000 times smaller than the company I used to work for. No more giant undertakings to get an expense report in, I can simply walk over there and get it handled. No more waiting weeks for access to specific things, it's so simple.

It's very nice.

It's also nice to feel like everything I do makes a difference to this place, one of the reasons I was so burnt out was because I felt like no matter how many hours I worked, how hard I worked, or what I contributed, no one would care at my old work. So that's pretty awesome.

On a scale of 1-10, I'd say making this move to here is a solid 23.

How goes it this am* kids?

*for those in the US. For those in Europe/Aus/etc, happy afternoon.

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