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Comment Take the red pill Bruce. (Score 3, Interesting) 786

Safe spaces are a symptom yes, but you're wrong about the disease.
The disease: Raising kids to believe that women are always right and men are always wrong, giving every kid a trophy just for showing up, and helicopter parents holding kids' hands their entire lives. We know have a generation of legal adults that require "trigger warnings" before they hear anything the least bit upsetting during university lectures.

So why are you carrying water for a group that prefer to whinge, complain, and force others to act the way they want, instead of getting off their ass and downloading source to start their own projects?

Cover your ears (trigger warning): You're too old to buy into this bullshit, and I believe this is a troll to get back in the headlines.

Comment Re:Horseshit. (Score 2) 78

You obviously prefer reading Google press releases, here is real news instead:
The original NSA document stating seven companies helped with PRISM, one being Google.
[The] presentation claims the program is run with the assistance of the companies, all those who responded to a Guardian request for comment on Thursday denied knowledge

News from today another example of how little Google values privacy.

You Millenial fanboi's are so gullible. Corporations could give two flying fucks about you or your privacy, but you go on defending them.

Submission + - No, you can't use Wi-Fi to power your phone. Do the math! (

richi writes: Did you see the headlines squawking about how Wi-Fi will charge your smartphone in the future?

Bunkum, I say. Each time the story gets repeated, it loses a little more veracity. So I aimed my Computerworld curation cannon at this.

Researchers have improved the ability to capture power from radio waves. By tweaking some standard Wi-Fi hardware, they've increased the amount of power that can be leeched from unused transmissions. It could help power IoT sensors.

But wait — don't believe everything you read on the interwebs, kids. Predictably, some science-illiterate journalists and bloggers are saying it can actually charge your smartphone. Sadly, the researchers only achieved power levels of a few microWatts — that's about 100,000 times too small to run your phone, let alone charge it.

Comment and Billions have been served by McDonalds (Score 1) 102

So? Chrome crashes constantly and sucks now -- despite Google removing features every new version. Android is fragmented as hell and slow, with Google trying to remove as much open-source as it can.

Meanwhile, the big news for developers at Google I/O was the awesome news about how Google can help developers serve even more shitty adverts to app users.

Fuck Google, I'm going Microsoft, at least Microsoft plays well with others now that Ballmer is gone and Nadella in charge.

Submission + - Getting started with software defined radio on Android or Linux (

mattydread23 writes: Software defined radio is a communication device where certain parts are defined by software rather than hardware. In this introductory piece, Stephen Glasskeys explains how to get started building your own SDR device using Android or Linux. Lots of screenshots and videos to help you along!

Comment Re:Bad quality compared to existing lowcost soluti (Score 1, Flamebait) 55

But its Google, so all of its fanboys in the tech press will shill the hell out it. Kind of like when Google announced it created its groundbreaking contact lenses -- they were actually developed at Microsoft, yet only a few journalists bothered to report that fact. Far easier to be a Google cheerleader.

Google is getting too fucking invasive and creepy. Larry Page stated he wanted access to everybody's health records. Screw that.

Hell I trust Microsoft far more than I do Google now, and that says something. This from an old-school Linux guy whose been around long enough to remember the days you had to check NIC chipsets before buying 'em because they needed to be compatible with Linux's tulip drivers. Google is the new Microsoft, but with a far better PR department.

Comment Re:Printer Ink (Score 1) 288

That was the first company Carly screwed up Lucent (Bell labs), the second was HP. Meg Whitman has a similar story, and has Marissa Mayer: They are overrated female "tech" CEO's getting press because they happened to start their careers by being lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time.

Meanwhile, all of the real technical women that crank out good code everyday get ignored.

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