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Comment Focusing on the gnats in the forest. (Score 2) 487

I've long said that's what was killing Ford when I was there. There was no thought about what was happening next quarter, let alone 5 years down the line. It was all about making the numbers this week. That's what lead them to cede the small cars to the foreign companies, and concentrate solely on SUVs, which pretty much tanked the company when the SUV market fell over (that and the bad press about the Explorer, but that's another story).

Comment Local news is killing local news (Score 1) 271

Seriously, outside of just being paid advertisements and shills for the syndicated programming, there's not a lot of reporting going on for local news. The product is just terrible to watch, at least in our area.

I'm sure at some point they're going to say that the Internet is killing CNN. On that, I can fully agree: Reading comments from Twitter, voting on stories via Twitter, and showing cat videos from Youtube will definitely kill CNN dead.

Comment Re:Why do I need to go to the theater? (Score 1) 178

Music and Movie reproduction are all about trade-offs. I'd love for Rush to play an intimate concert in my living room, but unfortunately they're currently busy in Europe, so I have to settle for seeing them live when I can, and playing their CDs when they're not available. It's a compromise I can live with. I rip all of my CDs to .FLAC because I want the best possible sound. That's a compromise I can't live without.

Unfortunately, the movie theater owners are making compromises for me by not changing the lenses of their equipment to suit the film. To me, that's one more agitation to seeing a movie in the theater. Having to deal with schedules, other inconsiderate people, and high ticket prices means additional trade-offs. Would that I could have a larger screen with theater sound systems at home, would that satisfy your requirement for me to watch a movie? Or is there something special about the whole theater-going experience that somehow transcends the hardware of that experience? I'm perfectly content with the compromises of my home setup, as are many other folks for whom even a small iPad is adequate for movie watching.

I just hope the movie theater hasn't compromised your theater-going experience without your knowledge. At least I know where my compromises are.

Comment Why do I need to go to the theater? (Score 3, Insightful) 178

Gee, so on top of the projector problems, I have the various annoyances from people not behaving properly in the theater, possible sound-quality issues, and an overall sub-par experience. Or I could just wait for it to come out on DVD, and watch it at home, where I know the quality of the TV, DVD player, and sound system. And I can pause it if I need to take a potty break.

So what's the benefit to me for seeing it in the movie theater?

(And no, 3D is not a benefit because my wife gets splitting headaches from watching 3D movies).

Comment Myspace Beta killed the musical star (Score 1) 336

Considering their new beta plan screwed up a lot of sites for bands, I think the migration numbers are not only right, but also will increase as more bands move to other social media platforms. The only reason I even think to go to Myspace is because some band has made it their landing page. If Myspace continues to be hostile to the only group that keeps it alive, they will have no choice but to go away.

Comment Considering IE6 is still in use today... (Score 1) 211

Considering IE6 has had an unduly long life in today's software world, it's no surprise. There are still businesses out there that rely with almost thumb-sucking adherence to keeping their sites IE6 compatible.

I'm firmly in the camp of letting IE6 have the browser wars, and letting it graze peacefully into the great software pasture in the sky, but alas, we're nowhere near that area yet.

Comment Re:Jeopardy ratings (Score 1) 674

Exactly my point. Jeopardy is still a figurative nut to crack. Just because it beat a human at a contest doesn't mean that no-one will try to perfect it. What we saw was remarkable, but it's still a hard problem. When we see a computer play a perfect game of Jeopardy every single time, then we can consider the problem completely solved. Until then, the chase is afoot!

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