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Journal Journal: Wireless router with console access?

I just added 512MB to my powerbook. I'm very pleased with the result so far. My real question though is, where are the wireless routers with console/ssh access? I don't think there are any consumer level options for such a product. There really needs to be. I want to be able to alter my firewall rules on such a device remotely if necessary, without having to enable some silly web interface. That's fine if they want to leave it in but please let the hobbyist have access too. I know I could run a whole computer for this but you know... I want a dedicated device that does not require all the power that an entire computer would doesn't have disk drive failures and doesn't make all kinds of noise. A computer in that role would also have to have at least 2 network cards and a wireless card, not really cost effective. If anyone has any suggestions please by all means comment or link me to it.

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Journal Journal: Powerbooking 1

I sleep and think about work. When I wake up I immediately start on a course towards work. I work 10 hour shifts. This means that for four days I stay engrossed in work and nothing else. It's a bit frustrating for have to shove the rest of my life into my 3 days off. Maybe I still need time to adjust.

My workstation (at work) is now running linux, I'm pleased with it. It's SuSE which is acceptable but the box it's on has far too little ram and far too few cycles to run the likes of KDE with all it's eye candy. I run Gentoo on a mini shuttle itx box at home on an xp2500+ with 512MB of ram. It's fantastic, gnome and kde is as fast as I have ever used either desktop environment. I wish I could just bring in my powerbook and work from it instead. All I really require is a terminal client with which to ssh and a browser that runs java. OSX has this covered. Anyone have ideas on how I could swing this without me sounding like I want some preferential treatment?

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Journal Journal: Weblog *cringe*

I put my weblog back up, and as appropriate as the word is I cringe ever so slightly every time I say it, write it or think it. While there are other words like journal or diary and what have you, none seem to fit or bring up other odd connotations. In any case it's mostly what you'll find on any other random weblog. Thoughts on Apple, technology and random things I find on the interweb,
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Journal Journal: After The Revolution

I've started a little website for friends and I to vent. You may recognize it's format from a site called slant-six that was out some time ago. The underlying engine for slant-six was originially in asp and put on sourceforge as an open source project. At some point it was picked up by Keith who ported it to php. I had become aware of the engine and decided I would like to spend some time learning from it and making what I think are improvements.

The site is growing slowly and much work remains, but overall I'm pretty happy with how it's shaping up. Right now there are three or four core editors, which will likely change in the future if one or two more people submit content regularly. I really enjoy working on it and trying to make it have some kind of utility for all those involved.

If anyone wants to help with content or coding or whatever and you think you might be able to contribute I would welcome it. I haven't been exceptionally disciplined about documenting my changes to the code mainly because I'm the only one working on it. Luckily Keith is a talented coder so it's all very straight forward and well laid out. I try to keep my changes in line with his style of the original code. I use a mac primarily and prefer the application formerly known as hydra (SubEthaEdit) as an editor which allows for collaborative editing. If you haven't experienced it and you have a mac, I highly suggest it.

If you're interested in helping out leave a comment, here or on the site itself.

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