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Tux Vs Clippy - New XBox Game 225

An anonymous reader writes "Just submitted on the XBox developers list, a new Xbox game (iso) is available. 'The battle for world dominance is raging. And now, you can play the game on your xbox(tm). Choose alliance with either Tux or Clippy, and finish the mother of all disputes right here and right now. This game is free (as in beer), and will run on any xbox that has been modified for use with the GNU/Linux operating system. The game runs on top of xbox-linux from Sourceforge's xbox-linux project.' The game features include: Industry heroes like CLIPPY, TUX, BIL, STV, RMS, LNS; Battle cries, each unique to the in-game characters, ranging from "Developers! Developers! Developers!" to "GNU!"; Anti aliased alpha-transparency graphics; Explosions." I have no idea if they're serious, and it doesn't matter.
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Tux Vs Clippy - New XBox Game

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  • by PD ( 9577 ) <> on Sunday October 06, 2002 @04:11PM (#4398283) Homepage Journal
    Or can it? I want this on my desktop.
    • It will be once M$ invokes its copyright on the name "clippy".
      • It will be once M$ invokes its copyright on the name "clippy".

        Sorry, but you can't copyright a name. That is trademark, which is different. OTOH, I think that we would all agree that "clippy" is "famous" (or make that infamous) so they might have a case ;)
        • And the names you can trademark - Leonardo di Caprio (the actor who has been described as "looking like a teenage lesbian", as opposed to the other Leonardo di Caprios out there) owns the name as a trademark. Too bad if anyone else with the same name want to be an actor...
          • Even if he hadn't trademarked it other actors wouldn't be able to call themselves Leonardo di Caprio, because Equity (the actors union) doesn't allow more than one actor with the same stage name. Thats why Michael Caine isn't acting under his real name of Maurice Micklewhite (or something like that!) there was already a Maurice Micklewhite out there!

            I'd guess trademarking his name was more to do with controlling and profiting from the merchandise business for Leo.

      • Doubt it. Microsoft tend to back off on "activistic" stuff. They have learned the hard way (And no doubt are aware of McLibel) that picking on little folk tend to get them bad press. This really isn't important to them . Remember X-bill? Loadsa ripped logos.
    • by dreamfactory ( 246407 ) on Sunday October 06, 2002 @05:13PM (#4398570)
      Would you really want to? I mean, this game is pretty poor if you need to bring it out on the xbox. I mean MS are already annoyed about it being chipped/linux'd. But what do we do? Instead of making ourselves look mature and putting out a decent game, we have to bring out silly games like this that give the whole linux scene some very bad light. Now if the game tuxracer was made to run a decent frame rate on the xbox then great, but this game is just another 'wait until we grow up .. we hate m$... we are leet..'

      Stuff like this really shows the immaturity of some of the linux community.
      • Gates makes it a war, but we will fight it on our own terms. Isn't choosing the battlefield one of the key points in "The Art of War"?

        I think it shows that the community knows how to have fun and laugh at itself. This is a good thing. Coolness is not all about flashy looks and high frame rates. Besides, I'm sure these things can be improved. Is it free source as well as being freely available?

      • by BluBrick ( 1924 ) <blubrick AT gmail DOT com> on Sunday October 06, 2002 @07:15PM (#4399072) Homepage
        An old joke comes to mind here:

        Lone Ranger (pressing his ear to the ground):
        Uh-oh! Indians headed this way, lots of Indians. It looks like we're in trouble, Kemosabe!

        we, white man?

        While you have a good point about the merits of this game, your attitude is one the main reasons that corporations such as MS have problems dealing with "The Linux Community". The community is not a single entity with a central steering committee. In other words, we did not release this game.

        And besides, do you really think that Linux users are the only ones to release games displaying poor taste or immature humour? What about all the really silly Flash games (or whatever they are) that crapflood mailboxes the world over, like the Frog in a blender game? Do you believe that anyone really thinks that those games are released by "The Windows Community"? If not, then why would anyone think that the Tux Vs Clippy game is release by the Linux community?

      • Oh pshaw.
        It is only a cute little game!

        count to ten.


      • Instead of making ourselves look mature and putting out a decent game

        You are talking about the same platform with titles such as DOA Xtreme Beach Volleyball (I actually saw a Japanese advertisement that promoted its "realistic [breast] motion") and BMX XXX. I doubt this is going to lower the maturity level any more.

  • Wow (Score:3, Funny)

    by Junky191 ( 549088 ) on Sunday October 06, 2002 @04:13PM (#4398297)
    This is quite possibly the nerdiest thing I have ever heard of. Dorkahedrons unite!
  • He could whip all their asses... and would do it happily no less!
    • by Yorrike ( 322502 ) on Sunday October 06, 2002 @05:16PM (#4398586) Homepage Journal
      Where the hell is Steve Jobs in this mess? I want to see how well his gun interfaces work: "No, no, no. The trigger should be on the top of the gun, that way it's easier to get to. Paint it blue too. With slowy pulsating lights."

      I also hope the GNU weapons evolve to fit the situation.

      • I worked on pretty much the same kind of game for any X11 system
        I was putting in Bill Gates, Linus and Jobs. The main problem was, at 64x64 pixels they pretty much look identical. Same build, near same bad haircut.
  • What does one have to do to modify an XBox to run stuff like this?
    • Re:Modified XBox (Score:5, Informative)

      by PineGreen ( 446635 ) on Sunday October 06, 2002 @04:16PM (#4398328) Homepage
      What does one have to do to modify an XBox to run stuff like this?

      Pretty much any working mod chip would do. The only thing you need is to run unsigned applications. This CD is a live linux distribution that boots Linux on Xbox and starts the game executable... Pretty cool!
      • How much of a bitch is installing the mod chip? I've read a bit about doing it for the playstation and that seems to be a bit too much soldering for me. Is the XBox any easier?

        Thanks for the info!
      • I presume that to publish a signed app, you have to pay MS a large sum of money? Is it one-time or per game sold? What if you give them away?

        Would this game work if you did? Do you need MS dev tools, or what? Slashdot wants to know.

        If it's a one-time cost, I bet the funds could be raised to do it. There must be a way to drive a truck through the Xbox business model with this sort of think.

        By the way, I think this is very cool, but I don't have or want an Xbox, so I don't care that much.

        • by Anonymous Coward
          In order for Microsoft to sign a game for use on the XBox, you have to sign a contract with them and hence agree on royalties to be paid. Also, they don't sign contracts with individual developers, only publishers ... and even then only established publishers who can provide full details of the game. And it can be revoked at any point. Soo.... not going to happen.
  • Weird (Score:5, Funny)

    by flewp ( 458359 ) on Sunday October 06, 2002 @04:14PM (#4398309)
    that the penquin is shooting X-Box logos to destroy Clippy. It should be shooting copies of Outlook around if it wants to cause some damage.

    So, anyone got some better links? The one provided is pretty slim on details.
    • It should be shooting copies of Outlook around if it wants to cause some damage.

      Everybody knows that Outlook is quite powerful, but totally defenseless against the virii-counter attack.

      Now if you could just shoot BSoD Missles ...

  • Link to the ISO (Score:4, Informative)

    by Drunken Coward ( 574991 ) on Sunday October 06, 2002 @04:16PM (#4398321)
    Here's a link [] to the ISO. /. away!
    Dl'ing at 100 KB/s now- probably not for long.
  • Shit... (Score:5, Funny)

    by Dark Lord Seth ( 584963 ) on Sunday October 06, 2002 @04:16PM (#4398325) Journal

    As usual, the best games are only released on a console...

  • by grumpygrodyguy ( 603716 ) on Sunday October 06, 2002 @04:18PM (#4398333)
    This post is in anticipation of all the Tux Racer flames for the nay sayers who mock OS games, I invite you to try NetHack [].

    If you've never played this game before you will notice that the graphics are a bit...dated...but just try it for a few hours. You might very be surprised.
    • by Bartab ( 233395 ) on Sunday October 06, 2002 @04:58PM (#4398509)
      Falconseye [] is a graphical overlay on Nethack, if you want the pretty graphics (and explosions and other sexy stuff)
    • by pq ( 42856 ) <rfc2324&yahoo,com> on Sunday October 06, 2002 @07:39PM (#4399182) Homepage
      Don't touch Nethack - just don't do it.

      It looks lame and silly to begin with, and you play a few rounds with a casual "Oh what's the harm" shrug - and before you know it, sunlight makes you blink, your girlfriend has dumped you, you have no friends, no job, no life, and you're gibbering in your sleep about invisible stalkers and the horror of Demogorgon.

      When you have dreams in ascii (I speak from experience), with a solitary "@" surrounded by h and & and D and L and you're running low on your ! and / and ?, and you wake up in a cold sweat, you'll realize it's not worth it. If it were simply the best strategy / role playing game there was, that would be one thing, but Nethack is an addiction.

      • by dasunt ( 249686 ) on Sunday October 06, 2002 @08:00PM (#4399296)

        Hey now, the h was my pet. Or perhaps I was its pet. Anyways, it was great, killing most things in one round by brainlessness. 20 @'s finally took it out. Oh well, a ?SoG dipped into a !PoHW removed all of the non-friendly h's from the game shortly thereafter.

        Also had a grey D for awhile but a a blue T finally killed it on its third ressurection. Died over water, so I didn't even have a chance to get the raw materials for a [GDSM. Oh well, that's what a /WoW is for. Well, for that, and a blessed (MM to write myself another ?SoG to take out all those nasty L's.

        This, btw, makes perfect sense to those who play. This is why you shouldn't start playing.

  • by xcomputer_man ( 513295 ) on Sunday October 06, 2002 @04:19PM (#4398338) Homepage
    If you press down-left-down-right and then press X three times rapidly, clippy will grow to ten times his normal size and say:


    Tux will then explode into tiny little fragments.

  • by CaptTrips ( 410803 ) on Sunday October 06, 2002 @04:20PM (#4398351) Homepage
    Can I get the Mozilla lizard versus Netscape Lizard versus rotating Earth from I.E. versus AOL spinner in a WWF smack down limited edition?
  • Is xbox-linux binary compatible with Linux on a standard x86 pc? I guess I'll mount the iso loopback and see, as soon as the damn thing finishes downloading...
    • Re:Uhh... (Score:5, Interesting)

      by ActiveSX ( 301342 ) on Sunday October 06, 2002 @05:11PM (#4398566) Homepage
      With some crafty loopback skillz, I figured out that it is binary compatible, but sadly I don't have framebuffer device support in my kernel, so the game won't run. I really don't feel like going through the trouble. But, if you do have fb support, here's what I did to get it kinda running:

      1. Download the iso
      2. mount -t iso9660 -o loop tux_vs_clippy_021006.iso /mnt/loop
      3. mount -t iso9660 -o loop /mnt/loop/rootfs /mnt/loop2
      4. cp -r /mnt/loop2/usr/local/xgame /usr/local
      5. export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/xgame/lib/xgame
      6. chmod 777 /usr/local/xgame/run/log (or run it as root, but that's not really a good idea)
      7. /usr/local/xgame/bin/xgame
      You're on your own after that point, sorry.
    • Thats GNULinux you insenstive clout! Geesh. How many times do I have to tell people THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS LINUX! Only GnuLinux. Lets all say it together now. gnulinux gnulinux. Good.

  • by ( 579491 ) on Sunday October 06, 2002 @04:23PM (#4398363)

    Developers developers developers developers
  • by Ted_Green ( 205549 ) on Sunday October 06, 2002 @04:27PM (#4398380)
    Not only have they created an unauthorized X box game. They've done so using Microsoft's mascot.

    I wonder how many minutes until the cease and desist letter.
    • then there will be an unauthorized mirror to get the game ;)
      after 'official' site goes down because of M$ mirrors start popping up like mushrooms in the rain with an exponentially increasing speed.

      now i wish i could run the damn game! SHOP HERE I COME TO BUY MY XBOX!
      i hope it's true what they say -> m$ is selling xbox under costs of it...

      perhaps i don't buy an xbox for myself, i'd rather sponsor to some of my friends an mod to get play that game ;) and of course my terms for sponsoring is that he/she install linux on it...
      ok i goto sleep from wasting /. readers time.
      • "then there will be an unauthorized mirror to get the game ;)
        after 'official' site goes down"

        That or somone will come out with a P2P client for the X-Box. =]
    • I'd have quite a laugh if MS sued to maintain their exclusive rights to Clippy.
    • by thelexx ( 237096 ) on Sunday October 06, 2002 @05:25PM (#4398626)
      I don't know, seems as though this game would qualify as satire and be protected.

  • Question? (Score:5, Funny)

    by ilyag ( 572316 ) on Sunday October 06, 2002 @04:28PM (#4398382)
    If you choose to paly as Clippy, does it tell you:

    "Are you SURE you want to play as Clippy"?
  • surely that'll give clippy home ground advantage, and where's clippys motercycle.....? maybe clippy is the sort of thing linux is lacking, an animated tux that will on click do something pointless and unnecessary and waste some nice proc cycles. i miss clippy in open office..... do you think he'd run independantly uisng wine? anyway, tux would kick clippys ass, cos he's got the power of free software
  • How is the hacking on the new xbox going? I wouldnt mind to get on just to put linux on it.
  • ok. no offense to the game writers (it looks like a cool game), but if I so much as glimse a clippy then my blood pressure rises, and I see quite clearly how someone can suddenly turn into a psychopathic killer. Which may help me playing the game of course, but then again, I might finally lose it. :)
  • by Anonnymous Coward ( 557983 ) on Sunday October 06, 2002 @04:38PM (#4398430)
    Would you like some help with that?
  • Does anybody else find it strange that there is so much devopement of GNU/Linux software/mods for the Microsoft X-box?
    • Re:GNU on X-Box? (Score:2, Informative)

      by Elledan ( 582730 )
      Not really. You must remember that the XBox is merely an x86-based system, so there's not much to be done to 'port' something from the very popular x86 (PC)-platform to the XBox, or to develop something for the XBox from scratch.
  • I tried playing the RMS character, but I couldn't figure out if 'Escape-Ctrl-Shift-S Ctrl-Alt-Escape-T' meant "Shoot Target" or "Highlight Region and Step-on Toe".

  • TDR? (Score:2, Funny)

    by mirabilos ( 219607 )
    Theo deRaadt? Yay, I know why he isn't in.

    He's biking and doing other physical stuff all day
    when other people sleep, thus he's fitter than the
    rest (RMS stumbling over his beard, or TUX just
    fatly waddling around, waiting febblemindedly(sp?)
    grinning for the daemon's fork to impale him.
  • Woohoo, not much longer till Microsoft pulls out of the console industry that they're destroying hand over fist. TechTV interviewed the marketing director the other day, they are losing $150 per XBox sold, AND they need people to buy over *10* XBox games before a single system becomes profitable for MicroSoft. Can you say DOOMED? Haha..
  • Mirror (Score:2, Informative)

    by emmons ( 94632 )
    Is here: []

    /me cringes.
  • Finally all the MS haters will have another game to play, I would guess that they were getting pretty tired of xBill.
    • Re:Great news (Score:3, Insightful)

      by Bram Stolk ( 24781 )
      No, it is not exclusively m$ bashing.
      This game is totally unbiased, as you
      can play both sides. There is no advantage
      in playing tux over playing clippy.

      This is a symmetrical game.

      Bram Stolk
  • this is not a bash (Score:4, Informative)

    by Bram Stolk ( 24781 ) on Sunday October 06, 2002 @06:15PM (#4398832) Homepage
    I've revised my webpage with this comment:

    [Note to the people who think this is plain
    microsoft bashing: it is not. This game is
    totally symmetrical, there is no advantage
    of playing tux over playing clippy, and it
    pokes fun at both sides.]

    Bram Stolk
  • We need the playstation version for us who are so ardent against MS that we won't by an XBox!
  • Some of those names are obvious, but who are STV and LNS? (and should BIL have 2 Ls, or is that yet another name I don't know?)
  • This game is free (as in beer), and will run on any xbox that has been modified for use with the GNU/Linux operating system.

    Note to the people who think this is plain microsoft bashing: it is not. This game is totally symmetrical, there is no advantage of playing tux over playing clippy, and it pokes fun at both sides
    Isn't the fact that you have to run linux on the Xbox somewhat of a bash? Or is it equivilent because you are using MS hardware and Linux O/S?

    The programmers *must* have put some anti-MS easter eggs in there though, how could they resist?

    Does clippy have the patented MS "Blue Screen of Death" attack? - phorm
  • For all you PC users (Score:4, Informative)

    by bug_hunter ( 32923 ) on Monday October 07, 2002 @01:28AM (#4400935)
    Here's a simular game my friend and I made sometime ago for X11
    It has network code (should probably only be used for LAN), and a large selection of characters.
    The cruel thing is we made the game to get on slashdot more than anything else (the game even includes a slashdot level) and now this comes along. My friend is going to be pissed :)
  • If you don't have an Xbox and want to fight out the battle for world dominance, just get xbill!

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