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Comment Re:Finally (Score 1) 364

That's odd, one of the reasons I like systemd is that it *doesn't* eat process output. With sysvinit, non-syslog output would end up on /dev/console, scroll up and be lost forever (especially relevant for headless servers). With systemd's journalctl I can easily review the output of any process together with its syslog logs. There's plenty of things about systemd that annoy me but that ain't one.

Comment Re: What if I am an Ubuntu hater, too? (Score 1) 234

We host an apt repository with a few packages for a bunch of debian and ubuntu releases. Of course you have to target the right dependency set, but that's true even when you target a specific version of either OS.

I was just miffed by the remark that Debian would not support PPAs, when in fact the whole technical groundwork is actually Debian's and all Ubuntu did was build a thin command interface over it and suddenly gets credited for the whole invention.

Comment Re: What if I am an Ubuntu hater, too? (Score 1) 234

They also have extended the dpkg system with PPAs which (last time I checked) Debian did not support out of the box.

PPAs are basically just extra entries in /etc/apt/sources.list. That's a Debian feature, not an Ubuntu one. I certainly do appreciate the fact that Canonical offers easy and free hosting for personal repositories, but saying that Debian doesn't support PPAs is a bit weird.

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