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Comment Re: What if I am an Ubuntu hater, too? (Score 1) 234

We host an apt repository with a few packages for a bunch of debian and ubuntu releases. Of course you have to target the right dependency set, but that's true even when you target a specific version of either OS.

I was just miffed by the remark that Debian would not support PPAs, when in fact the whole technical groundwork is actually Debian's and all Ubuntu did was build a thin command interface over it and suddenly gets credited for the whole invention.

Comment Re: What if I am an Ubuntu hater, too? (Score 1) 234

They also have extended the dpkg system with PPAs which (last time I checked) Debian did not support out of the box.

PPAs are basically just extra entries in /etc/apt/sources.list. That's a Debian feature, not an Ubuntu one. I certainly do appreciate the fact that Canonical offers easy and free hosting for personal repositories, but saying that Debian doesn't support PPAs is a bit weird.

Submission + - Workers in China, India, USA believe AI and robots will replace them (

An anonymous reader writes: Chinese workers have seen the future, and it involves artificial intelligence, robots, and other forms of automation replacing them, at least for repetitive tasks. That’s how workers responded to interviews about the future of work (pdf) conducted in 13 countries by the ADP Research Institute, part of the payroll systems company ADP. In contrast to China, a minority of workers in Germany think machines will take over repetitive tasks in the future. Workers in Chile, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and France among other countries agree. But American workers and those in India are inclined to see things the Chinese way; nearly two-thirds of those polled said they thought the machines were coming for repetitive work.

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