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Comment Re:Garbage (Score 1) 148

Because this wasn't a surprise Apple just dumped on people, this was a well established by the open Swift community.

The core language itself has only really had minor tweaks, how the standard Apple libraries are referenced is what's caused the major change (e.g. not so much the language was horrible in v2 but awkward naming conventions from bridging the Objective-C way of doing things) as well as some naming changes for Swift standard libraries.
Presumably if they went with Swift it was for an iOS/OSX project where Objective-C was the alternative. I find I'm much more productive in Swift than Obj-C, and time spent migrating Swift 2 to 3 for me is dwarfed by the time I saved using Swift.

So to answer your question: If the upgrade doesn't take long he should take a pay cut because: this wasn't a surprise that jumped on them, this was a well known and documented set of upcoming changes that shouldn't take much time to implement - especially given the (not always perfect) migration tools provided.
If the OP wants to say that everyone else is wrong all the time and get a pay raise when he's proven right then he should get a pay cut if he's proven wrong.

Comment Re:Apparently when it suits you (Score 2) 271

The difference between weather and climate is basically time.
The hottest year on record is just the last data point of an increasing temperature over time
Granted I would like to see a story of "This is the warmest 10 years" or 20, but that kind of news doesn't trigger the newspapers (well not until the numbers are nice and round when we hit 2020)

And there still might be some merit in pointing out this bit of weather since it's the hottest it's been for the last 100+ years. You don't want to over focus at a single data point but if that data point is an outlier it deserves some attention.

Comment Re:Blame the Assholes... (Score 1) 39

Fair call, but remember that the little shits of every generation since the internet got up to the same kind of shit - causing destruction and stress for the sake of impacting the world.
Everyone grows out of it, but then new kids grow into it.
Wash, rinse, repeat.

Comment Re:Why is birth control necessary? (Score 2) 301

Hey axewolf,
"The fact that it is WIDELY subsidized by the government implies the 'necessity'."
Eh? The government also subsidizes the arts and sports.

"Why is it more important to sacrifice your instincts, the substance of your being, that which led to the formation of your body, for momentary respite from pressures from society?"
Eh? Where's the sacrifice? Women can choose to have children when they have a financial and relationship stability. I'm going to take a wild guess and assume you're a man who doesn't need to worry about the personal implications of having a baby without the previous two things in place.

"It's pretty disturbing that you get modded up for saying things so incredibly..."
From this point on you just went on a wild insulting rambling. The doctor's and government officials aren't deciding anything for anyone here. They're giving medical advice and allowing people to choose birth control. The doctor's aren't prescribing birth control and laughing about how they made women better workers.

Anyway, I know there's no actual point replying to you, in fact so far every reply I've seen to a post of yours just makes you madder and act more paranoid delusional. Just wanted the post you replied to to have some backup.

Take it easy man.

Comment Re:What this actually means..? (Score 1) 189

Thanks for the info.
I know Facebook isn't the most altruistic business by any stretch, but I never understood the massive hate for breaking messages out into a message app, and similarly for this.
A separate app for messages makes a lot of sense, especially when it comes to notification settings, updates and local storage. All these apps are dollar amount free, and I feel their separation is for a cleaner technical experience rather than anything nefarious.
I completely respect people who don't want to use Facebook for privacy or other reasons, but I don't feel this is a smoking gun of them hating their users or even mistreating them.

Comment What this actually means..? (Score 3, Interesting) 189

So can someone explain if the following is true as it's my understanding:

* Facebook can be configured to automatically sync photos from your mobile device.
* That makes it super quick to share a photo. (and probably gives Facebook access to all your photos without user intervention)
* Now Facebook will discard the server side copy of photos that you never shared or put into an album unless you install moments?

Sorry if I've got my facts wrong, though it's so hard to work out the actual facts when 99% of discussion is Facebook bashing rather than fact discussing.
(No fan of Facebook policies here myself, just annoyed at how hard it is to work out what's going on outside of "Facebook = evil")

Comment Re:Energy argument? (Score 1) 951

True, but as you alluded to, who knows what laws of physics govern the reality of the parent universe?
It could even be a tiny universe where lost energy is easily reflected, assuming conservation of energy is even a thing.
Or maybe one day we'll just stop when the parent universe breaks.

(If we are in a simulation or the "true reality" I don't think it makes much difference, it's fun to think about tho)

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