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Comment Faraday Future going out of business (Score 3, Informative) 121

They are trying to leverage the Tesla approach to building a company: build a high-priced performance sports car first (Roadster), and then really usable cars after that. It worked for Tesla. (so far, but it looks like it will get them to the Model 3).

I doubt it will work for FF.

It's not like it was 9 years ago. There are lots of production EVs on the road, and more coming out all the time. A new superfast non-production 0-60 car.... who cars?

Meanwhile, FF is missing payments to vendors. It looks doubtful they'll last long enough to get this past prototype.

Comment Re:It breaks extensions (Score 2) 187

As I said in the last thread on FireFox... extensions are the only things that keep me using it. If they break extensions, I'll have no reason left to avoid switching.

(Hint to Mozilla: don't break extensions!)

If I could only reliably stop Chrome extensions from auto-updating, I'd have made the switch already. Basically, a dumb forced feature on Google's part is what is helping to keep me using FireFox.

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