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Comment Oil (Score 1, Insightful) 452

Step1 in defeating them is so easy:

Severely punish everyone buying isis oil.
Assesinate them by cia if req'd.

But somehow, the super power with oil addiction is far too sensitive when it comes to oil interests.
Quit that oil addiction and hit the buyers hard.

Maybe put radioactive tracers in the wells, and close down all refinaries where the trace shows up.
Especially if it is a US owned refinary. Bomb it if you must.

Comment It sure was for me! (Score 1) 170

In 1981 I played the pacman clone 'Munchkin' on a friend's Philips Videopac game computer.
I was hooked, and asked my father for a 'game computer.'

He refused and said "We'll get a real computer instead."
I asked him "What is a real computer?"
And he responded: "With a real computer you can make your OWN games."

We got a Sinclair ZX Spectrum, and today I have my own indie game company and had a hit-game on the Appstore, reaching #1 iPad app in many countries.
Games got me into programming.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: GPU of choice for OpenCL on Linux?

Bram Stolk writes: So, I am running GNU/Linux on a modern Haswell CPU, with an old Radeon HD5xxx from 2009. I'm pretty happy with the open source Gallium driver for 3D acceleration.

But now I want to do some GPGPU development using OpenCL on this box, and the old GPU will no longer cut it. What do my fellow technophiles from slashdot recommend as a replacement GPU? Go nVidia, go AMD, or just use the integrated Intel GPU instead? Bonus points for open sourced solutions. Performance not really important, but OpenCL driver maturity is.

Comment Article seems ignorant of current state (Score 1) 147

I think the article screwed up here.
From the article:

"Party Play allows four friends to connect via BlueTooth controllers to an iPad, enabling local splitscreen multiplayer. Take your iPad out to your flatscreen TV with a HDMI adaptor and bingo, the Apple microconsole has arrived."

So the iPad is the microconsole, and you can ALREADY DO THIS.

The iPad can mirror anything to a TV using HDMI, and the iPad can already do MFi controllers, so there is NOTHING NEW HERE.

Comment Re:Bigger problem: stupid 'optimizations' (Score 1) 447

OpenSSL has a functionality: to provide high security. If it fails to do that, it loses all reason to exist, regardless of how efficient the code is.
Also: allocation does not tend to show up in profiling.
Last, note that allocation was deemed slow on SOME PLATFORMS.
Way to go: completely compromise the security on all platforms because you think that on some platforms allocation is slow.

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