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Weirdest Case Mod You've Ever Seen 409

mattman writes: "Here's the stangest case modification you've ever seen. Someone assembled a pile of computer parts, hooked them up without a case and covered the lot with quick-dry spray foam. The result is a light-weight computer ready for LAN parties." This is wrong.
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Weirdest Case Mod You've Ever Seen

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  • by Monsieur_F ( 531564 ) <ffx AT hotmail DOT com> on Friday March 29, 2002 @04:25AM (#3246693) Homepage Journal
    This is wrong

    I really like when there is a good explanation like that because...
  • hair gel? (Score:5, Funny)

    by underactive ( 161701 ) on Friday March 29, 2002 @04:26AM (#3246695) Homepage
    looks like he's been looking at too many pr0n sites. =)
  • inflammable (Score:5, Funny)

    by ( 463190 ) on Friday March 29, 2002 @04:26AM (#3246699) Homepage
    It's heat resistant up to 100C and more or less inflammable.

    This is such an unfortunate word []...
  • another one (Score:5, Funny)

    by selderrr ( 523988 ) on Friday March 29, 2002 @04:27AM (#3246702) Journal
    me and the family just dissimilated my PC and started crapping all over it. By the end of the month i'll be covered completely and we'll put it in the fridge to solidify.

    One hell of a case for LAN parties
    Occasional refreezing will be needed though..
  • Leinie's (Score:5, Funny)

    by Skyshadow ( 508 ) on Friday March 29, 2002 @04:28AM (#3246707) Homepage
    Back in college, I had a case I made out of a case of Leinie's (Leinenkugal's, regional beer out of Chippewa Falls, WI).

    It was great -- everything fit in nicely and it was easy to move around. I was constantly a bit worried that it'd catch fire, but it didn't. The thing lived for about a month until I put together enough money to order my current case (a bit-ass SuperMicro with a mess of drive bays and fans).

    Oh, and I got to drink the beer, too. That was the best part.

    • Re:Leinie's (Score:4, Funny)

      by squaretorus ( 459130 ) on Friday March 29, 2002 @08:21AM (#3247001) Homepage Journal
      My next work machine is going to reside within a big flower pot. I reckon you can easily get all the bits and bobs into the base, and still have room for 3 or 4 inches of compost to grow something in - maybe some grass!

      a nice bit of heat at the roots should bring it on a treat. Have to be careful not to overwater though
  • Uh huh (Score:2, Funny)

    by WickedClean ( 230550 )
    Yeah yeah...we all know what he was REALLY doing. He needed to test something before he used the foam to make a mold for his man-parts so that he could go build naughty sandcastles on the beach this summer.
  • by TheFlu ( 213162 ) on Friday March 29, 2002 @04:38AM (#3246729) Homepage
    This guy is a genius. I could cover everything I own with this stuff, and pretty much guarantee none of it would ever be stolen. I wonder if I can get a discount if I buy in bulk? My car is pretty big...
  • by omega9 ( 138280 ) on Friday March 29, 2002 @04:42AM (#3246738)
    Due to the one-of-a-kind nature of the NHP200NC, reproduction is impossible and orders are thus futile.

    No, really, please let me order one. Please...

  • by SoupIsGoodFood_42 ( 521389 ) on Friday March 29, 2002 @04:47AM (#3246745)
    Looks like an iMac on a bad hair day if you ask me.

    Save on foam packaging though.

  • Top six (Score:5, Funny)

    by Maskirovka ( 255712 ) on Friday March 29, 2002 @04:47AM (#3246746)
    top ten dumb marketing slogans:
    1)Use your CPU as a life raft forthose all night on the water LAN parties

    2)So tacky looking, no wonder it's unique


    4)World first PC designed to be shipped UPS

    5)Theft proof!

    7)Excellent copy protection
    • Re:Top six (Score:2, Funny)

      by Drakin ( 415182 )
      Nope, theft proof is the case that's filed with cement.
    • Re:Top six (Score:3, Funny)

      by Subcarrier ( 262294 )
      The best part is, if you get tired of playing [insert your favourite multi player game here] with your pals, you can take it out for a bit of football.
    • I think a seventh advertising campaign would be to give a "Top Ten" list with six items, and number it 1-7, skipping over number six. Gotta keep the people you advertise to on their toes!
  • This is crazy (Score:2, Informative)

    by thunderbee ( 92099 )
    Wow. Some people really should get a life ;-)
    Mirror here [] if this gets slashdotted.
  • its been done before (Score:2, Interesting)

    by Cobol^GOD ( 87046 ) did more or less this.. but they left the computer in the case and filled the case full of foam.

    Though their computer would not boot after they filled it with foam.
  • Ok, the foam is an obvious issue, but..

    He's running Windows [] (cheap shot)
    It's an Apple HDD [] (look carefully at the label)
    Is that a Voodoo in there? [] (check out that classic loopback cable)
    That's an old NIC [] (planning on using a transceiver?)

    Yeah, I know his specs are listed at the top of the page, but I guess it was just kinda fun to point the out.
    • ...he didn't pay for that extra Windows license.
      Let's hope the Microsoft gestapo doesn't get wind of his little project and decide to investigate.
      • ...he didn't pay for that extra Windows license.

        Let's hope the Microsoft gestapo doesn't get wind of his little project and decide to investigate.

        Dude, that is so funny. Too bad your trollness posts at -1 :-)

        Oh the gems one occasionally finds when reading at a -1 level.... Tis a shame moderators don't read at -1...

    • What do you expect? What kind of sicko would take a late-model Athlon, a GF4, and assorted other brand new shit, and bring them anywhere near a can of foam, let alone spray the shit all over them? (Probably, a rich sicko with nothing better to do.)

    • Is that a Voodoo in there?

      More likely it's a DVD decoder card, they use loopbacks too.

  • by CrazyJim0 ( 324487 ) on Friday March 29, 2002 @04:57AM (#3246768)
    You could mount them in a wall of your house and it'd double as insulation.
  • by LordOfYourPants ( 145342 ) on Friday March 29, 2002 @04:57AM (#3246772)
    I would LOVE to see him try to get that computer through the airport in one piece. It looks about as non-suspicious as a wooden gun.
  • by NFW ( 560362 ) on Friday March 29, 2002 @05:00AM (#3246781) Homepage
    Seems to me that you could mold in some ductwork to get good cooling (with directed flow, you could maybe even do better than a standard case), and mold in some spars to allow more interesting shapes (not blob-like), and use the longest cables you can find (again, more interesting shapes), and sand the thing to to get rid of the brain/sheep/whipcream/meringue look, and then fiberglass the exterior... You could put Chihuly to shame!

    (assuming that's possible (the part about Chihuly having a sense of shame (I know Seattlites will understand me here, but I've heard he's left his mark elsewhere in the world too (and on behalf of all Seattle, I apologize))))

    • Nothing wrong with Chihuly--that guy rules!

      But I do like your "creative shapes" ideas. It would be sad to fiberglass over it, though, because I take it a part of the point is that it's "shock resistant" because when you bump it, its deformations absorb a lot of impact energy. It might be cool, though, to find a huge condom or surgical glove and latex over it...

  • This goes to show that there still is plenty of fun left on the net.

    Looks like he just plugs in a HDD and goes. Wonder if he has had any trouble with it slipping? Drive is external to the blob making it a little more delicate than pictured. (Still cool though.)

    Still he gets plenty of credit from me just for the creative effort if nothing else.

  • chia 'puter (Score:5, Funny)

    by ninjalex ( 60059 ) on Friday March 29, 2002 @05:44AM (#3246854)
    Now all he needs to do is order a chia pet and put a layer of dirt and seeds on the foam.

    The only computer that requires a weedeater for maintance.
  • Looks like (Score:2, Insightful)

    by coolgeek ( 140561 )
    One of them Horta creatures from Star Trek Original Series [].
  • Actually... (Score:2, Interesting)

    by redhatbox ( 569534 )

    There might just be another way to look at this... don't take it as a "finished" deal, more as a proof of concept to be extended further.

    I have a PC running inside a Wizards of the Coast cardboard box (K6-2/300), and have been considering other wacky ways of doing the case for it (no, I will not just use a spare PC case ;]).

    The PC isn't going to be upgraded any further, as it's already just a linux development workstation and test web/db server. I could take the assembled components, build a basic cardboard frame around the assembly to keep a rectangular (1 PCI card height) form factor, and then simply fill the interior with spray foam. This would yield two benefits: (1) The exterior cardboard frame doesn't actually support the components once the foam has solidified, so it doesn't have to be strong (and could probably be removed afterward), (2) the PC is still a rectangular form factor and *very* stable (no cards coming lose in this thing!).

    Yep, this is definitely a go. I'll be headed to a hardware store in the morning, and my finished result should at least be more aesthetically pleasing than the "sheep mound" these guys built ;).

  • by inimcus ( 554859 ) on Friday March 29, 2002 @06:37AM (#3246921)
    I was thinking, since it is running windows and has the right shape and texture, why not just finish it with a coat of brown paint?
  • hahaha (Score:5, Funny)

    by Anonymous Coward on Friday March 29, 2002 @06:58AM (#3246934)
    looks like a sheep.
    • Re:hahaha (Score:2, Interesting)

      by corezion ( 569278 )
      Lol! Yes it does. That's the ugliest fucking computer on earth. And yet it's kinda cool. Wonder if I could do that to my iBook ;)
  • I like to have a high-powered system available to me when I'm on the road, and my budget doesn't allow for a high-end laptop (plus I don't like them). Given that when I'm on site there are generally extra monitors available, and peripherals can fit in spare space in my suitcase, this is just the sort of thing I'd like to have my computer in so I can take it on airplanes with me instead of shipping it or sending it with baggage. Just peachy!
  • by ClockworkPlanet ( 244761 ) on Friday March 29, 2002 @07:27AM (#3246960)
    Neat idea, but the execution is horrible.

    Surely the next step is to create a nice mould for the case, and inject the mould with the foam. I've done pretty much the same thing using cans of insulation foam (used to fill large holes in walls). I took large balloons and filled them full of foam, then cut the balloon away from the foam. This gave a really nice teardrop of hard foam, that was very light.

    Off the top of my head, I fugure the same thing can be done using a styrofoam cooler box with a PC in it, fill the thing full of foam after blanking off the internal guts with card, and when it's set crack the case off and shape with carving tools.
    The beauty of doing this is that you could, with some serious planning, create some amazing looking designs that had built in air ducts that forced the cool intake air to spiral around heatsinks and hot components. I imagine a nautilus shell would be easy to do - you'd end up with a PC that looked really cool and would be built with great cooling capabilities from a single fan or set of fans.

    Shell shaped quiet PC anyone?
  • Laptops (Score:5, Interesting)

    by Faux_Pseudo ( 141152 ) <> on Friday March 29, 2002 @07:49AM (#3246979) Homepage
    This has been brewing in my mind for some time now. I have seen transparant cases, transparent harddrives, tacks and now foam cases. Where are the laptop mods. Please post any links you have to laptop mods that are not stickers and spraypaint. This has been bugging me for some time. I want in on the mod action.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    I've come across the idea of mounting electrical components in a moulded foam support while searching for general info on EPP foam. I don't have any experience with this myself, but it does look like an interesting idea.

    Try searching google for "E-PAC" EPP foam.

    The URL for an article on the subject is 01

    The EPP design guide that I originally found is a pdf file that can be downloaded from
  • I am not an animal! I am a human being! I am a man!

  • Due to the one-of-a-kind nature of the NHP200NC, reproduction is impossible and orders are thus futile.
  • That thing would give me nightmares.
  • Um... won't the ComCom [] (the Swiss equivalent of the FCC I think) have something to say about this? I don't think PU Foam makes a good Faraday cage, and so this thing could be spraying electromagnetic interference all over the shop. Might even interfere with the neighbours watching Friends dubbed into Schweizerdeutsch []!

    Is it only me, or does this also remind you of one of the Roger Dean designs for Yes [] tours in the 70's? No, I'm not that old, I've just seen the pictures and loved the music...

  • Umm... (Score:3, Funny)

    by Justen ( 517232 ) on Friday March 29, 2002 @09:43AM (#3247132) Homepage Journal
    Is this the new iMac?

    jrbd =)
  • by Y-Crate ( 540566 ) on Friday March 29, 2002 @10:09AM (#3247181)
    I've seen places use excessive fire-proofing as a decorative feature.

    I wonder if it gets them better insurance rates?
  • When this guy upgrades his system and sells his old parts on eBay, you'll know it.

    (Hey, what the.... this video card is covered with some sort of bubbly foam! Doesn't he know he should package things with foam peanuts, *not* spray foam, before shipping!)
  • If you are ever at a LAN party on a sinking ship, you are in good shape with this mod! :-) Of course, you would have to coat your mouse as well, which could make it a little hard to use.

  • But does it carry itself with the dignity of Joseph Merrick?

  • Ugly as heck... (Score:2, Insightful)

    by kobotronic ( 240246 )
    Except for the fact this blob isn't yellow, I think this must be how Douglas Adams envisioned the Vogon Constructor Fleet.

    Why don't this guy spraypaint it shiny brown like a giant freshly laid turd?

    I'm at a loss for understanding what made him do this. What a wreck. Not only would it be nearly impossible to fix or upgrade anything, the case seems as much impractical as it is an eyesore. Happily it seems to have been mostly put together as a joke, and the $40 pricetag is agreeable.

    Re. casemods, was it ever a good idea to strip these machines down and removing the shielding in order to install big plexiglass windows? I'm sure there was a good reason why we wanted the cases to shield against RF interference. Cutting big holes in the cases or omitting them entirely seems like a questionable practice to me.

  • For the handyman of the future, quick dry foam (aptly called 'Good Stuff' in the cans I get) is the answer to all your maintanence problems.

    Throw out your duct tape -- the future is now!
  • Looks like (Score:4, Funny)

    by teslatug ( 543527 ) on Friday March 29, 2002 @11:48AM (#3247769)
    the Trapper Keeper [] has merged with his computer
  • It's admirably Cthulhian.
  • How about putting a cup holder in it so I can get my drinks off the desk. Nothing worse then spilling drnhiks all over your desk during a nice Quake match.
  • He should paint it a sickly pink-gray color, draw lines around the bumps and along crevices, and then name it... Mother Brain.

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