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Comment Gee I wonder how this will go (Score 2) 165

Let's see, they make it super easy to upgrade, but much harder (in comparison) to downgrade. Can you guess what the majority of users will do?

Of course the fast upgrade cycle has a downside, it's only a matter of time before Mozilla would let its users down with this newfangled upgrade methodology they've subscribed to.

If you're going to have a quick and seamless way to upgrade, you better have a quick and seamless way of downgrading too!

Comment What about content? (Score 1) 117

It's great that they're getting their delivery in top shape, how about fixing their content? It's become nothing but made for tv, classics, and old tv series. Lilyhammer is not going to cut it.

On the technical side, why do we still have a queue for streaming? It doesn't make sense since you can view anything instantly. They should allow sorting. They also need better human curated movie lists. I can't find anything worth watching any more. It's nothing but 1-2.5 star selections left for me. And most of the suggestions are for tv series. I've gone and made the choice that I never watch tv series to get them to stop recommending them to me, and still I get recommendations for tv series. The scrolling method of finding movies blows. They should just make it sortable lists (by date, by stars, etc). I've even noticed audio lagging behind the video in the last week.

Is it even worth it to get Netflix anymore?

Comment Re:Perfect Choice! (Score 1) 78

You obviously haven't worked in the field. It's really difficult to get anything done. You have way too many stakeholders. The government issuing rules and changing them often, the nurses wanting one thing, the doctors wanting another (often that is to do nothing), the administrators another, etc. All of this needs to be customizable to the workflows of all the different hospitals and clinics. Then you have all the different fields of medicine (you thought ambulatory care was going to be the same as an inpatient hospital?), which ads another multiplier. Then you have the software companies having to put all those requirements together, and interface with all the other software out there, and you have a huge mess. If anyone can come up with a software that satisfies all of these demands, then the lead architect deserves every award out there. More likely you need someone like Apple coming up with the one true way and shoving down everyone's throat. You'd probably have yourself a rebelion among all the practitioners, but that's the only way to get it done.

Submission + - AT&T Suffers Wireless Outage in South Florida (

teslatug writes: AT&T has suffered a major 3G outage in South Florida: 'At around 6 p.m., an undisclosed problem with a wireless switch caused a virtual stop in communications for wireless customers with 3G connectivity, officials said.' This affected phone connectivity as well for iPhone users. Disabling 3G allowed voice and text to work.

Comment Dual monitors? (Score 1) 249

Will this version finally handly dual monitors? I keep having to use Gnome , which also handles them badly, but it's not as braindead as KDE. They have the app that is supposed to configure it, but it never works. For me it doesn't seem to remember the settings. I've filed a bug many versions ago, supplied files they asked for, and it remains b0rked (as of whatever version comes with latest Ubuntu). Am I the only one that uses two monitors under Linux, or do I just happen to have the two monitors that don't work?

Comment Is upgrading worthwhile? (Score 1) 269

I've never done OS upgrades (Windows or Linux). Do people trust OS upgrades in general and Ubuntu specifically? I figure there is way too many changes, and companies can't afford the needed QA to test all the upgrade scenarios. I'm curious to know what people experience. I guess I might try the Ubuntu upgrade and see what happens (of course I'll always have that nagging feeling, and if any crashes happen I'll probably blame the upgrade).

Comment Re:A reasoned analysis? That's good. (Score 1) 869

He was "forced" only in the sense that newer distros are using it by default. This means that if you want to upgrade (e.g. for other programs), you either put up with KDE4, or pick a distro that uses KDE 3.5, or switch to a different desktop. You got choices, but some of those choices force you into other choices.

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