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Comment Re:How nice of Facebook to take time out of... (Score 2) 485

Your analogy is off. Instead of banning skydiving pics, ban pics of junkies shooting up. That's precisely what Tess Munster is all about. "I am morbidly obese and I love it - you can be morbidly obese and love it, too!" Until that first amputation. The beetus is coming for Tess. She should not be recruiting others into her world of impending doom.

Comment Re:How nice of Facebook to take time out of... (Score 5, Insightful) 485

"Fat Self Acceptance" is one thing and "Fat Acceptance" is quite another. I have no problem with the former. The latter, however, is nothing more than misery attempting to create company for itself by encouraging morbid obesity in others. That's harmful, disgusting and frankly intolerable.

Comment Re:How nice of Facebook to take time out of... (Score 5, Insightful) 485

I fail to see the need to be fair to that 350+ pound beshemoth. She left 'plus sized' behind a tenth of a ton ago. If it is harmful to show young girls images of models considered too thin to be healthy, it must be equally harmful to show images of "models" that are three cupcakes away from losing a foot, or exploding their overburdened hearts. The "healthy at every size" thing is dangerous nonsense.

Comment Re:Company is good (Score 1) 407

"The only difference to an enterprise user is that the enterprise might have a centralized IT support."

No. The main difference is that the enterprise coughs up the money for "Enterprise" licensing. I don't know what the market for "Professional" licensing is supposed to be anymore. That flavor has lost its meaning.

Comment Re: Errrrrrr, NO (Score 1) 313

"you're leaving the hammer on a live round." which hasn't been a problem in a double-action revolvers for eons now. Hell the vast majority of single action revolvers have transfer bar safeties now to make hammer-down-on-loaded round perfectly safe.

I'd worry more about the dry-fire first trigger pull in a situation where defensive use is required. Double-tap through heavy DAO trigger pull is tough to do with any accuracy.

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