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Comment Re:Win/Win (Score 1) 73

I used to work for a union and I helped organize a grocery store -- Jewel T -- in Philly area in the early 80s. They had just ventured into the northeast market from Chicago at the time. I organized one small store of 10 people. And to avoid going union the chain closed down EVERY FUCKING STORE IN THE ENTIRE REGION and moved out of the region. To this day Jewel has not re-entered this market. Hundreds, maybe thousands of people lost their jobs. I felt horrible, and my boss's response was "good, at least that scab chain is out of our territory."

So yeah, I know there is a dark side. There's also a dark side to management too.

But the answer is not to throw out unions, but to reform them and make them work better.

Comment Waze has ways of dealing with this. (Score 1) 767

Waze has methods of dealing with this. It's called a private installation...

But we don't just go putting them anywhere arbitrarily. We rely on local governments and DOTs to tell us where to put them. How? By determining if it's a private road or if there are regulatory signs prohibiting through traffic.

So if the homeowners don't want traffic routed through their neighborhood they need to go to their local government and get that done. Then soon as that's legally accomplished, then us editors for Waze will take the steps to prevent through routing through the neighborhood.

Comment Volume license users don't get any option.... (Score 1) 370

Meanwhile many companies don't get that option. I managed a few small companies ... like 10-20 computers each. I took the OEM version of Windows 7 Pro and replaced it with a standard install using a volume license key that each company purchased to make management easier. Well unless you have Software Advantage, they can't upgrade to Windows 10 without paying. That's ridiculous. They paid for Windows 7 with purchase of new PC. If I hadn't wiped it and replaced it with a vol license install, they could upgrade to 10 for free. But no.... So you have to pay for Windows once, then again for the volume license install, then again to go to 10.

Comment Supply and Demand (Score 5, Insightful) 605

It's the free market at work. If these jobs keep paying better and better, more and more people will get the training to go into the field and balance it out. But that's not happening because...

I teach computer information science at a college. We have a hard time recruiting students into the program because they pretty much all say they don't want to spend years learning how to be a programmer when all of the jobs are being replaced by foreigners or outsourced overseas.

Comment Re:Being an analyst means... (Score 1) 428

Apple's non-iPhone revenue is comparable to Microsoft's *total* revenue.

As a guy who bought a 128K Mac in 1984 and has been with them all this time (except for a brief period in late 90s) I would have never dreamed a statement like that would someday be true (and oh do I wish I had, and bought the stock!)

Comment My wife got shafted for $2,000 (Score 1) 540

Last Summer we had our cousin and her two kids stay with us for a week. The boy at some point asked my wife to buy him something on his Android phone for $5, so she plugged in her payment info. He apparently saved it or she saved it accidentally. Two weeks later she noticed numerous $49.99 charges to Google Play totaling just shy of $2,000.

Comment Re:It only takes one ... (Score 4, Interesting) 381

That's my fear too. I live in a small town in Appalachia with dirt-poor but stubborn^H^H^H^H^H^Hproud conservative folk. When they get sick, they just don't go into the hospital. They ride it out at home. They have no health insurance and won't even sign up for it if they can because -- Obamacare. They *may* go to the free clinic in town that's open Tuesdays from 1-3pm. They live in remote areas down dead-end gravel roads that lead to the side of a mountain that other locals know you don't drive down if you have no business going down. If Ebola comes to visit it'll wipe out my mountain town. :(

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