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Comment Re:Smartcarding your SSH connection (Score 1) 148

I've considered moving my SSH private key into a YubiKey Neo; but the Neo only appears to support 2048 bit RSA keys.

I could use a larger key on a normal USB drive, but it would be vulnerable to interception when the drive was inserted. The YubiKey would eliminate that threat, but the limited key size causes me some concern.

Do people feel that the reduction in the attack surface by keeping the key secured on a dedicated hardware device outweighs the reduction in key size?

Comment Are you sure of what you are watching? (Score 2) 355

It sounds like you are watching traffic inside of your network, and not the interface between your edge router, and the ISP device.

You could be missing many things; incoming traffic that your edge router drops, retransmissions between your edge router and the ISP device, and firmware/config updates for the ISP device.

We really need more detail.

Comment Re:No Cross Database Joins (Score 1) 245

My guess is that he doesn't understand how sequences work, and expects more than just a monotonic counter.

Specifically, I think he missed this line in the documentation:

To avoid blocking concurrent transactions that obtain numbers from the same sequence, a nextval operation is never rolled back; that is, once a value has been fetched it is considered used, even if the transaction that did the nextval later aborts. This means that aborted transactions might leave unused "holes" in the sequence of assigned values.

Comment Re:I read that as... (Score 2) 104

Note that the IRS does pay (pretty good) interest, if they owe you enough.

I found that out one year when cleaning up the mess resulting from a forced stock sale (due to a takeover) and a broker that did backup withholding for the entire amount, ignoring the cost basis; but reported to me that a smaller number of shares had been sold, and that nothing had been deducted. After a few go-rounds I got the corrected paperwork in June, and filed a 1040X.

The extra check for the interest was a nice surprise.

Comment Nice fit for casual games. (Score 2) 130

I picked up a 360 with Kinect for my parents a couple of weeks ago. Controllers are becoming more difficult for them to use; and I figured controlling a game with whole body movements would work better for them.

So far they've really enjoyed it; it seems to be a good fit for the same casual gamers who have been using a Wii, but want games that are a bit more complex.

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