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Comment Re:Interesting idea (Score 1) 400

It's mostly because if the cabbie drives faster (and less safely) he can make more fares, and more money. The purpose of proposing that buses drive less safely is to speed up the schedule, which doesn't get the bus driver paid more and normally the bus driver doesn't get to define his schedule anyways.

Comment Re:Serious question - why not just publish to publ (Score 1) 191

My serious question is: what is to prevent individual researchers from just publishing what they have as a PDF or WordPress article on a random site on the Internet?

The main problem is not that there are rules against it, but simply that if you don't publish in an accepted, refereed journal--it doesn't count. Nobody will read you, nobody will cite you, and most of all you won't get any credit for being published, without which a research scientist has no career, and probably no job.

Comment Re:Meanwhile (Score 2) 167

Uhm... I don't believe we currently recognize Russian government as legitimate. We recognize it as ruling.

The two are not separable. If you recognize a government as ruling, you recognize it as legitimate. We most certainly do recognize the Russian government as legitimate--there are embassies and everything. (The current Russian ambassador to the US is Sergey Ivanovich Kislyak, and the current US ambassador to Russia is John Francis Tefft). We don't recognize their annexation of certain territories, most notably the Crimean peninsula, but that's a different matter. With the re-establishment of relations with Cuba, there aren't many governments in de facto power we don't recognize. Taiwan's the most important; we had to withdraw our recognition in order to establish relations with the People's Republic of China.

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