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Comment Re:Mego is dead, Webos is dead ... (Score 1) 121

I'll admit the N900's hardware is woefully underpowered, and that's actually why I was hoping so very much for *some* sort of update; even the minor one of the n9/n950 would be appreciated.

In spite of that, I *vastly* prefer it over the Epic 4G that I currently use as my main phone, mainly because it's real Linux (and all the usual, wonderful tools that includes) instead of java-ish half-breed that barely counts as linux.

Comment Re:No sympathy for Sony (Score 3, Insightful) 380

Correct on all points. I have a copy of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue which is now completely unplayable. I (stupidly) bought the game online and downloaded it. The game requires the user to sign on before playing, which is impossible with un-updated firmware.

Comment Re:Populist Revolt (Score 1) 400

The problem goes beyond the economic here. The nature of the current internet allows it to be the last bastion of free speech. A single person can say something and with little effort have it be heard by the world. Giving the ISPs carte blanche control over what can and cannot be said over the networks that they legally own is to give them an incredible amount of censorship control, to be wielded at their whims. When you have a network of the size of a Comcast or an AT&T, a small number of companies can effectively squash an idea from being exposed to everyone but the most dedicated.

Comment Re:Yer boned... (Score 1) 222

Officially-unofficially. The N900 is the testbed platform for meego, so it is definitely going to get it. You can even get the latest early builds for it right now. However, it will never have an official release supported for consumers by Nokia. You will still have community support, but it's good to be exactly aware of where Nokia will stand with the new distro.

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