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Cartoon Network, Tenchi, Silverhawks, and DBZ 231

da3dAlus writes: "Beginning Sept. 4, Cartoon Network will be showing the long awaited Android Saga episodes of DBZ. ReBoot will kick off the Toonami block, followed by Sailor Moon, DBZ, Gundam Wing, Tenchi in Tokyo (which begins this Friday), and Batman. In addition to CN's new Toonami lineup, Thundercats will be replaced by SilverHawks beginning Sept. 5 at 3:30. The return of the SilverHawks has been a speculation for several months now, but my local cable listing proves that they are in the upcomming lineup." Looking forward to the new DBZ immensely, although I already have Tenchi in Tokyo on DVD. But silverhawks. God, was that ever a TV show designed to sell toys.
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Cartoon Network, Tenchi, Silverhawks, and DBZ

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  • Finally, Cartoon Network will get the new DBZ if we can only get the original episodes of Transformers...
  • Come on, that was like totally a rip-off of ThunderCats. Any kid in the mid-eighties knew this. God, I hated that show, thanks.. thanks alot for reminding me rob..
  • I wonder if there are any futures plans of possibly branching cartoon network into a seperate anime network with 24 hour anime.

    That would be pretty cool, I know I'd watch it a lot more than I watch cartoon network now.
  • I haven't seen that in years/decades...
  • by vinnythenose ( 214595 ) on Thursday August 24, 2000 @01:57PM (#829508)
    I'm not asking for too much. I just want to see a revival of the old Transformer cartoons. Who's with me?!?!?!
  • "on the next exciting episode... of Dragon Ball Z!!"
  • thunder cats is shown on cartoon network at 3:30pm
  • What is it with this Anime fetish?

    I can see the merits of something like Akira, but not all Anime is good. DBZ and Sailor Moon don't even have Kitch value, they are just plain bad. Watching them is like watching paint dry and the plots and ideas are purile or infantile or both. Give me Tom and Jerry over this rubbish any day.
  • by tono ( 38883 ) on Thursday August 24, 2000 @02:01PM (#829512) Homepage
    More anime? I thought this was "News for Nerds" not "News for Losers"

    I wasn't aware there was a difference. ;)

  • Moonstar of limbo! give me the might! the magic! the muscle! of mon...STAR! [evil laugh]

    Wow, I hope I get Cartoon Network at my new apartment. (if i get a new apartment) Damn local cable company makes you pay an extra 10$ a month for sci-fi, CN, and CourtTV.

    Silverhawks.. wow. That had a damn cool intro.

  • I think I may be the only teenager in my town that isn't a DBZ fanatic.
  • From what a friend told me, Cartoon Network will probably not be showing two of the episodes during the Android series. I believe they are episodes 109 and 110.

    I do know that he said that those episodes will not be sold on videotape, at least the dubbed version.

    Take this with a grain of salt, though...

  • I have been a fan of anime and Toonami for some time now. However, when they recently added the new season of Sailor Moon (SMS) I no longer watched Sailor Moon. They changed the voices of so many characters, I just could not stand them. Ami's voice was changed from an intelligent sounding voice, to one more remeniscent of a valley-girl. Other than that, I am looking forward to the new season of DBZ, the Android saga. Hooray for Cartoon Network bringing us our anime. ^_^
  • One Katz on slashdot is bad enough thank you very much.
  • by Captain Pillbug ( 12523 ) on Thursday August 24, 2000 @02:05PM (#829518)
    Does this mean they'll have to resort to prostitution [] to support themselves? Remember, kids: respect your elders.
  • by Spurious George ( 225993 ) on Thursday August 24, 2000 @02:05PM (#829519)
    I wonder if there are any futures plans of possibly branching cartoon network into a seperate anime network with 24 hour anime.

    24 hours?

    Just 24 hours??

    Shame on you!

    It's time to join the real cause: The 24 Hours Just Isn't Enough Taskforce!!

    It's the campaign to add more hours to each day so we can have more time each day to watch anime!

    So far it's just in the planning stage, but we've got two preliminary options:

    • Slow down the rotation of the Earth,


    • Extinguish the sun, plunging the Earth into eternal darkness!

    Of course, people could just keep their windows closed and curtains drawn, but we at the 24H.J.I.E.T. believe in solving the problem the right way, the first time through!

    And, as always, this initiative to screw with Nature is 100% Open Source, released under the Communal Sun Extinguishment License.

    Any takers?

    while ( !universe->perfect() ) {
    hack (reality);

  • Smack me if I'm wholly ignorant in posting this (I don't watch the cartoon network).

    I remember being late to school almost everyday to watch robotech in the mornings ~ 8:00am. Is there any plans or has there been plans to syndicate robotech again?
  • So at first I dismissed this Japanimation craze that's sweeping /., but I checked out some of the cartoons that my roommate had and they rocked.
    Way better than the cartoons we had as kids.
    Pitty they were subtitled tho, I found that distracting.
    Apparently the dubbed versions have worse voice acting than 'Godzilla vs. Monster Zero', so I guess it's for the best.
    Anyway, for all you detractors, just check this stuff out.
    These cartoons have more tits, explosions and tentacles than anything I've seen before. It's the ultimate in action.
  • Okay, just for you, I submitted an Ask Slashdot:

    Dawson's creek is such a cool show, they even smash an iMac in one episode, why are the subtle interpersonal relationships portrayed on this show ever discussed on a Slashdot forum, especially since we all spend so much time touting how great that Tenchi in Tokyo show is. . . Maybe we need to build a Beowulf cluster of Alphas and render our own Anime version of Dawson's creek, and we can edit in Natilie Portman to replace that one chick who got the job playing a 20 year old even though she lied about her real age; being 35. Natalie's pouting firm teen br- oh what the hell, enough already.

    if it ain't broke, then fix it 'till it is!
  • I didn't claim first...never do...
  • Does anyone know what the outer senshi/scouts in Sailor Moon S will be named? I've heard that Michiru will become Michelle, but nothing about the others.
  • Well, for one thing, it's *generally* been filtered and is better than most stuff this side of the Pacific Ocean; WB and Fox being exceptional with Batman/Superman, Batman Beyond, Men in Black, etc. If you don't agree, that's fine, then just don't watch.

    DBZ and Sailor Moon tailor to the macho preteen male and the sensitive preteen female, much the same way Pokemon targets the young pre-pre-teens, and Escaflowne will target the older pre-teens, etc.

    So you're really only complaining about Sailor Moon and DBZ, which I don't disagree with, when you compare to Tom and Jerry. But I do think Card Captors and Escaflowne are at least as good as Tom and Jerry ^^

    The nick is a joke! Really!
  • When I first saw Thunder Cats on Cartoon Network, one of my childhood memories was dashed. Rather than nostalgia, as I had expected, I encountered severe shock. I had enjoyed something that bad? Sure, I was a kid, but please!

    The worst part was the inconsistant writing and plotlines. The episode where Mumm-Ra disguises himself as a member of their species (but with a completely different fusion of cat and human featuers, looking as much like one of them as I look like an orangutan) made me realize just how unsophisticated I must have been to have enjoyed it. For all the bad voice acting and melodrama, the part that shocked me most is that I never balked at the technical oversights.

    I'm a little afraid of what maturity will do to my fond memories of Silverhawks. Perhaps the greatest gift of innocence... the ability to watch bad 80s toy-based cartoons... and enjoy them without cracking up.

    Mind you, even in retrospect, later episodes of Transformers (and the movie) rock. And I have got to find a channel that airs season 2 of Beast Machines in LA...

    The good side to being one of the best in a challenging field is, you can watch cartoons without losing self respect.
  • New DBZ episodes?!! That's awesome! I can't wait to hear some more of that porn-style grunting they always do when they're scared!

    Speaking of which, does anyone know what percentage of the show is taken up with that grunting, and with people saying "The planet will blow up in 5 minutes... any minute now... only 2 minutes left... in 5 minutes... any minute now..."?
  • Well, they are not really original (I think it was dubbed from the original Japanese to English) - but the ones where Kasey Kasem voiced Mark etc. Anybody remember who did the others (Jason, Tiny, Princess, and what's his name the odd little one)? I saw them again several years ago (don't remember where) but they had apparently been re-dubbed with other English speakers....

    This was one of my childhood favorites but it has been a really long time (15-20 years) since seeing the ones I'm (poorly) remembering....

    I also started getting disillusioned when they introduced the cheesy robot (k-9?) in a later season, which was clearly an R2D2 ripoff....

    #include "disclaim.h"
    "All the best people in life seem to like LINUX." - Steve Wozniak

  • as a long-time, die-hard anime fan, I wholeheartedly agree with you.

    if it ain't broke, then fix it 'till it is!
  • I must disagree that Escaflowne targets the 13-14 year old older pre-teen crowd. I'm 20 and was completely enthralled with it's very good storyline and character development. I think it may be targeted towards older teens 17-19 or so.

  • Transformers was the best of the lot, followed by G.I. Joe. Of all the miserable excuses for cartoons we had in that era, nothing had quite the mystique of Cybertron and its denizens.

    The comics based on the same property went from cartoon-clone to inspired to silly to absolutely brilliant. Near the end, there were scenes in the comics that still get me close to tears (Did I do good, Prime? ...Yes, old friend...) and the later G2 12 issue run was wonderfully grim, and a worthy exploration of the legacy of their war.

    I thoroughly enjoyed Beast Wars/Beast Machines as well. Somehow, in a mire of commercialism, the derivatives of the TF property managed to make art.
  • Is this serious? Are you trying to lose karma?

    Well, I have to agree with some of your points, regardless.

    This *is* better than most cartoons *and* TV shows we had as kids, and to call them cartoons is to seriously minimize the coolness they have.

    As for the subtitling, that's a different debate *entirely* Subs are better for us when the voice acting and dubs detract from the experience. Dubs are better for us when the US cast and sound effects and music are of higher technical ability than the Japanese version.

    Macross Plus was a better dub than sub
    Evangelion was okay either way, though I do prefer the sub for Megumi Hayashibara.
    Escaflowne is okay either way, but again I prefer the sub for Ikuo Otane, the voice of Merle/Pikachu(!)
    Sailor Moon is pretty bad either way; the comic is much better ^^

    Of course, with DVD, we get our cake *and* eat it too...

    Of course, I try to avoid the tentacles, myself.

    The nick is a joke! Really!
  • 1) Robotech []. The first ever cartoon AND soap opera I ever saw. Way coolest plot, though, and it beat the heck out of Transformers and GI Joe. My life during the summer after 7th grade nearly revolved around it. Well, the time I got up, anyway. When the local TV station cancelled it, I even wrote them a letter. To no avail. I had to solace myself with the 50 episodes I'd recorded.

    Ah, but Robotech only remeinded me of what I used to get up early to watch during 2nd grade:

    2) Star Blazers []. I can still sortof remember the song "We're off to outer space... to save the human race... (something about radioactivity from Gamelan starships) ... if we don't, in just one year, mother earth will disappear."

    Starblazers had the ultimate hack... Some people complain about people trying to shove new computers into old cases (you know, G3 in a Mac Classic, PC in an old NeXT cube). In Starblazers, they put a starship in an old Japanese seacruiser. Go figure.

    3) After school, I watched "Battle of the Planets []" (originally Gatchaman). There was a knock-off called G-Force on the Cartoon Network a couple of years ago. I couldn't tell if it was stupid because it was different, or if it was stupid because I was much older. :(

    I remember thinking that Thundercats was sortof cool, and Voltron (though extremely predictable with them always drawing the sword at the end... but was that worse than the wave motion gun or main cannon of the SDF-1 or going to the fiery phoenix on Battle of the Planets? Discuss). But the above 3 would be my picks.

  • When someone on dawson's creek gets a pet rabbit looking thing that turns into a spaceship, i'm sure more people here will probably watch it, till then, why bother?
  • I don't disagree; I was thinking of the US hack/dub in which they started to edit the music and storyline a bit to make it, er, livlier, than the original.

    I was enthralled with Escaflowne, and I'm in my early 20s!

    But the fact that it's being shown on a Saturday Morning, and not a Thursday Evening, tells me it's still being targeted at younger kids, and not the older teens...

    The nick is a joke! Really!
  • I'm pretty sure his name was Keop. Not sure about the spelling.
    God I love that show, I have very fond memories of making those little watch-thingies they wore and running around the house, waving my arm past my face and saying 'Traaaaaaaansmute!'

    But now I can't remember the bad guy's name... Something begining with Z as far as I remember (all cool bad guys have names beginging with Z. It's a rule).
    And I seem to remember that 'he' may not have been a 'he'. But that could be the drugs talking ;)


  • Too much, heh.

    The grunting was brought to you by Funimation, the non-wonderful people who dubbed it for english audiences.

    As for the fact that it seems to take forever is because people forget that most everything is happening at the same time. If not for the fact that they have parts where they jump to other stories, and that you have to wait a day, it's not really that long. It's just odd like that.

    The Dragonball Manga is FAR better than the TV show.
  • I'm not sure Akira has a point. I watched it once. When it gets rereleased I'll watch it exactly one more time to see if it's what I remember. Maybe it's one of those drug induced designs.

    I am a big fan of anime too, and I definitely have a sizable list of what I don't like. Saying one is an anime fan doesn't mean they like all of it or even a large fraction of it. A DBZ fan is a fan of an anime show, whether or not they like anything else. I haven't watched any DBZ BTW...

    When I recommend anime I usually take into account what genres of regular shows they like, then recommend the best anime counterpart I can think of. I've done reasonably well in winning "converts" this way.
  • That was the weirdest show. It was very much a ThunderCats rip-off, that's for certain -- just make them cyborg cops instead of fantasy werecats, right?

    Funny thing, though -- someone said something about it being a series to sell toys, and that's certainly true about the bulk of children's television in the 1980s, but SilverHawks toys never went very far. For one thing, the 'Hawks themselves were a bit too sophisticated to really translate to good toys -- the built-in pressure masks, for example. For another thing, I think people (even kids) sort of realized that the whole thing as concieved simply didn't work.

    It was an interesting idea, though. Maybe someone could do a real SF book series around the concept of cyborg cops...

  • I feel sorry for all the lil' kiddies being exposed to Shin Tenchi Muyo... The OVAs (Tenchi Muyo: RyoOhKi?) were great; nice story... interesting people... great theme. They watered it down for the TV show (Tenchi Muyo Universe?) by making it a drawn out story about a love triangle. But for the love of anything holy... do NOT let your friends watch Shin Tenchi Muyu (Tenchi in Tokyo in the US)!!! It a sad excuse for the Tenchi series. If you want new Tenchi, watch Tenchi Forever. Side note: DBZ and SM are great animes for whom they target. You can't judge all of Anime on the shows ment for 13yos. Oh, and Akira bombed in Nihon... think about that and watch it again. It's only a clasic coz it's the first thing most of us got to see.
  • (Jason, Tiny, Princess, and what's his name the odd little one)?

    The odd little one's name was Keeyop (not sure of spelling). Don't know who did the voices, though.

    You perhaps could find some info at ml []... a website for "Gatchaman", the anime forerunner of Battle...

    Some of my earlier discussion on Battle is here []...

  • Your post sounds faintly racist, to me. Sorry if it wasn't intended that way!

    I'm not sure Japanimation is a kosher term; it's Anime, now, and Manga for the dead tree version. I mean, no other culture really does Anime, most of them just do 'cartoons', though Batman Beyond, Batman, Superman, Men in Black, come close to being Anime more than cartoons.

    I'm sorry if you're confused by the stills and the pans. They are commonly called 'animation cheats' and they save money and effort, so that we can get better animation quality, better story arcs, better character design, or better voice actors. It's a budget saving thing.

    Rear shot of Rei's head in countless elevators
    Hair obscuring the eyes
    Gendo's hands always positioned in front of his face
    The *long* escalator scenes, zoomed out enough that we can't see the faces
    Face shots above the nose, in which the eyes don't blink.
    Long, still pans of the cityscape
    Reuse of fight animation, with different backgrounds

    Other anime does it too; if you're still interested in watching, watch for it. It's sorta fun to try to find animation cheats. Lain is *filled* with them...

    The nick is a joke! Really!
  • One never realizes how bad the cartoons you used to love are until you're older. I'm 17 now, I absolutely loved Thundercats. About a week ago, i watched it, and it shocked me how horribly bad of an actor the lead character's voice actor is.

    Funimation, the people who did DBZ, are responsible for a lot of the ultra-shoddy quality in the animation, the (excessive) grunting, and utterly stupid lines (and music!). I seriously hope they don't get any more series, for fear they'll do to it what they did to DBZ. Their only saving grace is releasing the new Dub+Sub DVDs, which are quite good, from what I hear, though they're quite expensive (at $25/disc, and 291 episodes in DBZ, at 4 episodes a disc, it would take roughly 72 discs and $1,800 dollars for the whole series, not counting boxed sets).

    But what am I saying, I spent $126 on the Tenchi Muyo! OVA set, and $81 on Kite, Patlabor1 and Neon Genesis Evangelion 0:1, and $114 on the last 8 novels of the Battle Angel Alita series (screw the Battle Angel anime!!)
  • Zoltar, if I remember right. And that was one of the big shockers... Zoltar was ... a woman? I was totally floored. Except I think that might have been one of those things where they unmask "him" and then pass out and then have a fuzzy memory or something.

    Much like mine. I've submitted 3 postings about this show now. Maybe I should do something else.

  • Its no better than that pokemon bullshit designed to sell games/cards/action figures. The wonderful hero battles something evil and always wins because he turns into a giant spinning turtle with flames coming out his ass. The only good cartoon that held my interest (besides simpsons/futurama) was The Maxx on mtv. Bring back that show Liquid Television so we can see Aeon Flux again.
  • 24 hour uncensored anime. Preferably in the original Japanese. English subtitles optional.

    Anime in its native state is just a cut above.

  • I'd like that too - then I wouldn't have to sit through all that Anime crap waiting for Tom & Jerry and Scooby Doo.
  • Turn it off it your settings. I personally enjoy getting anime news here. It's great. If you don't want it, remove "anime" from the posts you receive.
  • Can't comment intelligently about Akira.

    However, the problem with the previous poster is that you have to match him with some reasonable counterpart to Tom and Jerry...

    Unfortunately, that means he needs something of less depth and plot than Card Captors, Dragon Ball Z, or Akira. He needs something silly, episodic, stateless, and funny. Um, something like, uh, Pokemon?

    The nick is a joke! Really!
  • Oh, I was unaware of when it was televised, I don't watch much tv.

  • And what do you spend your nights watching? Whacky shows like Malcom and Seventh Heaven? I'd pay money to have those idiotic sitcoms replaced with a decent 80's cartoon.
  • I was more into Voltron than Thundercats...

    But you know, the weird thing about it is that if you remember it fondly, there was something about it that appealed to you that's probably still there. All of these shows, no matter how truly cheezy we see them as now, hit some sort of geek nerve with me.

  • haha thats genius! man someone must been watchin a LOT OF TCs to pull that one out!

  • This is an outrage!

    They can't take the thundercats away!

    Everyone admit it, that was the greatest show (not just a cartoon, I'm talking television event/phenomenon/series) ever. Not even cancellation will destroy the legend. Cartoon Network will soon realize the errors of its ways (after an amazing drop in ratings)and will bring it all back. Not even C.N. can deny Lion-o his war against the very very evil (and stylish) Mum-ra. I think the mummy fashion is very chic, its coming back.

    Yeah, you thought [] you forgot.

    Thunder, thunder, thunder, thundercats, HO!

  • Silverhawks? Bleh. While there have been far, far worse cartoons (Monchichi's anyone ;) that is stooping pretty low. Glad I already finished taping all of Reboot. (Season 3 will be on DVD soon! Hurray! But by ADV! Who suck!)

    Honestly, even though I'm a pretty big anime fan, I have absolutely zero interest in watching 99.44% of the crap that Cartoon Network tries to pass off these days. Sailor Moon? Tenchi TV? DBZ? For god's sake, who -and this is the important bit- in their _right_mind_ wants to watch any of those?

    Fox has Escaflowne OTOH, which is _very_ good. (though I haven't seen their version, just fansubs some years ago)

    Now they just need to get the rights to, oh say, Cowboy Bebop or Nadia or one of the better Gundams (no, Gundam Wing is not as good as 0080 or 0083 or V) and then, rather than having Americans begin to appreciate anime they might end up appreciating GOOD anime.

    (whereupon we make 'em watch Otaku no Video and invest in Otakuland. Tatakae, OTAKING! ;)
  • by Glytch ( 4881 )
    One of the nice things about Evangelion's fight scenes is the almost total *lack* of the rushing background cheat. It was only done a few times, and only for dramatic effect. That fight in episode 18 is just incredible with all the well-drawn backgrounds. Good fight music, too.
  • Woah there! They smashed an iMac in Dawson's Creek? Which episode? I wanna get a copy! I hate my wife's iMac. It ate our wedding photos.
  • If you're smart and beautiful, what are you doing on Slashdot?

    The nick is a joke! Really!
  • ... you mean "Drag-on Ball Z", the show where nothing happens, 5 days a week.

  • Didn't any of you watch the ChinPokoMon episode of South Park? I feel that this episode perfectly portrays the scenario that will ensue shortly.

    Now, pardon me as I install RedHat.. English, what do I look like, a foreigner?...101 keyboard, 2-button PS2, GNOME!!!...

  • Robotech's been part of Toonami before (I've got 'em all taped from there), but they have their own opening (as all Toonami shows do) and they didn't show the 3rd set with the Invid, Genesis Climber Mospeada. Interestingly, they DID run the full-monty w/ regards to violence that was in the original Harmony Gold issues, but cut out in the Sci-Fi channels run (especially in Force of Arms). However, it should be noted that Harmony Gold had already trimmed some violence off when they translated and edited.

    Star Blazers as a return would be nice. I bought all of season 2, and some favorites of season 1, but i've not seen any season 3 except that quick-time download a few months back, and i'm not interested in buying any more season 1's.

    I don't like any of the English versions of Gatchaman. They've all cut the original show to shreads too if then really were up for it, they _could_ run Gatchaman translated during their after-hours run...

  • I'm talking about the DragonBall Z. First of all, Dragonball the comic is the biggest comic in the history of manga. It's the batman/superman of manga. And it's better because it ends after the author decide to end it. American comic industry ruin itself by building brand name instead of artists. The comic pace is much, I mean much more intense than the cartoon. The cartoon is like a rambo animation (just an example, I don't know if there is a rambo cartoon, it may as well be) --it got waterdowned for the lower demography audiance, the elementary schoolers. Remember time they first know the alien (my idol Vegeta) are coming and all other guys are prepare for them, it takes about 12 episode on the anime? It took literaly 1/2 page in the comic. That was the time anime series change its name from DB to DBZ. Bt the time the comic/anime was so big that we thought they were cashing in with crapa la Batman Forever, who could have thought the best segment of dragonball was in that planet (too lazy to find out the english name for you) (to be continue..)
  • ohhh yeah, and...

    The scene of Optimus, all shot up and I think missing an arm. He had realized that he was a has been, and the Rodimus was the leader. Not having a place in the new scheme of things he is piloting a slowly exploding space craft on a suicide mission towards something I can't remember.

    Even in cheezy resurection, Optimus managed to squeeze out some character development, with true gallantry and valor.

    That got to me, and still does.
  • The Japanese Escaflowne definately targeted older teenagers.

    The U.S. bastardization is targeting younger audiences, specifically the sub-teen crowd.

  • Try "Neon Genesis Evangelion" from AD Vision. It's got some pretty damned good english voice actors, a very deep storyline, a some great fight scenes. It's 26 episodes long, with 4 episodes per DVD except for the last DVD with the last 2 eps. The movie ending to the series is currently in production from Manga video, has the same voice actors, and even better battles.

    Just *don't* watch it around bible-belters. :)
  • by Anonymous Coward on Thursday August 24, 2000 @02:47PM (#829568)
    the plot to every dbz episode made

    goodguy: I am very angry at you and im going to grit my teeth and sweat a lot.

    badguy: I am very agry at you as well and i am also going to grit my teeth and sweat a lot.

    goodguy: it really pisses me off when you do that, so now i will shoot pink shit out of my forehead at you.

    badguy: argh! that hurts my pride! but not as much as the green shit i will shoot out of my forehead at you!

    goodguys friends: oh no! cant take this much longer!

    goodguy: argh, now i shall draw up all my strength to shoot yet another blast of pink shit out of my head!

    badguy: argh, you have beaten me! but i shall return to shoot shit out of my head another day!

    goodguy & friends: yay! after that beating he couldnt possibly come back next week and shoot shit out his head at us! or can he?

    im sure you can see why this show is so popular
  • I totally agree with you.
  • This [] Basicially sums up as the Only thing I could stand to watch with the Thundercats in it.

    Keep in mind that these are the actual Voice Actors of the show and they also ironicially did the voices for the Silverhawks. There are also a couple of sound bytes for the Silverhawks lying around as well but I could never find them again after I downloaded them
  • look, i am excited that /. is out to cover anime, the more topics on the site the better. but rob, dbz sucks. the original dbz sucks. it just sucks more when it has stupid american voices and is censored by ted turner. same goes for sailor moon and (to a lesser degree) tenchi. they just aren't good anime, and censorship hurts them more. if anyone is a real anime fan they seek out their own titles, that they like, without relying on ted turner to paint over ryoko's nakedness for them.

    howabout some coverage of _real_ news about _real_ anime (vampire hunter d 2000 for example). these cartoon network stories aren't anime news, they are tv guide level material!

  • If I remember correctly, Cartoon Network ran it sometime last year. Robotech came on at 6am when it premiered in my area, so getting up early was more of a problem for me than being late for school. It seemed like I was the only kid at VanStory Elementary who watched it. ;P

    It remains my favorite series to this day and was a large influence on my asthetic taste development.

  • The English language dub of Akira had no plot. It was basically unwatchable. The Japanese version, however, actually made a lot of sense.

    Ghost in the Shell is in basically the same situation. The Enlish language version makes almost no sense. The Japanese version does make sense. For some reason, when you translate Japanese into English, it only makes sense if it's written down. Otherwise it's jibberish.

    Princess Mononoke is an exception to this rule. However, most people who can read English prefer the Japanese dialogue version, since the English voice actors for Princess Mononoke were horrid.

  • Must agree with you on the Robotech thing, although I never thought it was predictable. Sure, during the first "season" of sorts they had the SDF-1 rely on it's main cannon a few times, but what about when they punched the through that Zentradei ship? Definitely the coolest thing my young eyes had ever witnessed. However, it wasn't until last year that I managed to finally get my hands on a copy of the ill-fated "Sentinels" episodes. I implore yourselves a favor and lie, cheat or steal to get a copy of this. Beyond worth it.
  • I've seen Goku beat the hell out of the seven star dragon in DB GT long time ago, which was supposed to be the final episode of all DB stuff.
  • ...then I wouldn't have to sit through all that [blasphemy deleted] waiting for Tom & Jerry and Scooby Doo

    Maybe you could go outside?

    Scooby Doo spoiler: the old man did it, and he would've gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for those meddling kids!
  • dont mod this. this is my personal opinion

    4)gi joe

  • The android saga of DBZ? Now you'll get to find out why DBZ is known as 'Drag-on Ball'...(not that the android saga is much different to any of the other big fight sequences..)
  • Robotech was shown on Toonami during weekday afternoons until about two years ago. For several months after that, it was shown during the late Saturday night showing (actually, the time slot was something like 3 AM Sunday).

    Toonami stopped playing Robotech because it wasn't being watched (see this interview [], question 8). But don't let it get you down; Animeigo [] has picked up the rights to release Macross (the first of three series that was altered to make Robotech), and ADV [] is apparently going to be releasing Robotech. Both releases on DVD.

    Alan Zabaro

  • I'm a total Tenchi addict, so after devouring the first 2 oav series, 3 movies, and what episodes of Tenchi Universe I could get on DVD, I ordered like 4 of the Tenchi in Tokyo DVDs. Turned it off before the first episode ended. I can't believe what they did to some extremely interesting characters; they turned it from beautifully written anime to a nauseating parody of itself. Don't judge the whole franchise by Tenchi in Tokyo.
  • by Mononoke ( 88668 ) on Thursday August 24, 2000 @03:03PM (#829588) Homepage Journal
    I hate my wife's iMac. It ate our wedding photos.

    Ummm, that slot in the front is for CDs. It's not a scanner.


  • Let's start with some cool ones then:
    Escaflowne(26 or so)
    Lain(13 or so)
    Evangelion(26 or so)
    El Hazard(8 or so)

    Do these count as worth talking about, or watching?

    Here's more:
    Perfect Blue
    Kenshin (95 or so)
    Cowboy Bebop (still going)
    Trigun (still going)
    Tenchi Muyo: RyoOhKi!
    Macross Plus (4 or so)

    Most of the above are much more than 'silly gags' and 'beaten to death cliches'. They run the gamut from serious to entertaining, to contemplative and depressing.

    Of course, this is just argument to keep Anime *on* Slashdot!

    The nick is a joke! Really!
  • by craw ( 6958 ) on Thursday August 24, 2000 @03:23PM (#829597) Homepage
    I hate to say, but the cartoons today pale in comparison to the old ones that taught young people the virtues of being a nerd. These were highly educational TV.

    Jonny Quest: Dr. Quest made it cool to be a scientist. One week, he's a physicist, the next week he's a biologist. Little known fact: Haji was the initial recipient of a H1B visa.

    Roadrunner: Physics lessons disguise as a cartoon. I learned all about sudden changes in momentum and about the laws of gravity.

    George of the Jungle: Same physics lessons thus reinforcing what was taught by watching the Roadrunner show. Demonstrated that the laws of physics are universal.

    Scooby Doo: Taught the scientific method. Plus the cartoon featured real nerds in action.

    Speed Racer: An import from Japan that enjoyed a brief period of popularity in the US. This show inspired a generation of Japanese youths to become automotive engineers. Youth in the US wanted to become NASCAR drivers. Marked the beginning of the rise of the Japanese automotive industry.

    Is it any wonder why science and math scores in this country are decreasing? Coincidence? I don't think so. It is sad that not a single Presidential candidate has spoken up about this.

  • Wow. Thanks dude. I found all the answers to my questions and then some in your linked-to page and its links (especially Gatchaman Home of the White Shadow [] - an excellent site!).

    #include "disclaim.h"
    "All the best people in life seem to like LINUX." - Steve Wozniak
  • I remember Silverhawks.
    I couldn't remember the name of the show but I have always described this show to other people to see if they remember it as well...
    Try telling people about space taxis and bad guys with interchangable heads and they look at you like something horrible and green has just spouted out of your forehead. Philistines.

  • If any of you /.-ers out there had read my earlier statement of Anime being screened over Cartoon Network here is my follow-up

    Let the mutilation begin!

  • I keep telling people this, but no one seems to listen...

    Okay, you know the current Cartoon Network, and how it shows a lot of Scooby Doo and older American cartoons? Well, all those are being moved off to another network - called Boomerang!

    What's left after you take out the old stuff? New stuff and Anime. Sooo, there ya go - a "separate anime network" (maybe not 24 hour anime, but some of CN's original programming is pretty good. For example, Power Puff Girls and Dex's Lab).
  • Slow down the rotation of the Earth...

    Okay, no problem. In fact, we've already started.

    The moon's gravitational pull is slowly reducing the rotational velocity of the Earth. It is estimated that the day was only twenty or so hours long when the dinos were around, IIRC. So, just wait another 100 million years or so, and we should be up to 30 hours a day.

    (To those readers who find this interesting, I might recommend the book What if the Moon Didn't Exist? [] , by Neil F. Comins.)

  • I like anime as much as any geek. Hell, just my Laserdisc collection of Anime is almost 200 Discs. It's very nice to see Anime get some regular TV time slots. However, after watching Tenchi on Cartoon network is became very clear that there is a price we pay. First, Cartoon network does some SERIOUS censoring of all Anime.

    Now, even when the shows were originally dubbed there was some artistic rewording. This is typical for most Dubbed Anime. In one case Pioneer reworded a scene where Washu wants to collect a sperm sample from Techi using her mouth. If you watch the LD's with captioning on you'll see the original translation.

    At any account, Cartoon Network goes about 20 steps further. Any reference to drinking, sake, or beer has been replaced with TEA. Blood digitally masked out. And some scenes simply cut out.

    Now, some people might say they "have" to. However, I submit that all of these episodes have been shown on PBS before, uncut, durning the daytime without any problems. I could see some language changes, but Sake is Sake, let's not be so PC that it has to be Tea.
  • Couple things:

    Almost all of the cartoons and anime is created for the express purpose of selling toys. Ever notice how Bandai and Hasbro (or whoever they are now stateside) produce a boatload of animation and have the toys on the shelves before it even hits the airwaves?

    Also, a note on censorship on cartoon network: I've noticed (assuming that many of you have not) that a whole lot is cut out of nearly every DBZ episode.. of course this is usually crazy death, destruction, japanese humor (that they assume the 15-year-old audience wont understand), and vulgarity (not to mention assorted swearing).

    Personally, I cant even watch Tenchi on cartoon network because I know they have carved the storyline to pieces so that they can insert 8 min of commercials and translated ineffectively so that the voice "talent" can speak on queue. Anyway, it bothers me.

    I suppose I'm just one of those purists that likes to watch fansubs instead of commercially produced anime. Quality over quantity. :/

    Maybe someone should write an article (because I know no one will ask me to) on how repressed cable tv is in its current state. I'm <b> paying </b>for the privilege of watching premium television, and I'm being delivered a caricature of the original work.

    I think there's something wrong with that.

    - 0 -
  • by The Iconoclast ( 24795 ) on Thursday August 24, 2000 @06:02PM (#829646)
    As far as pure toy marketing power, nothing can beat M.A.S.K. I mean those toys were C-H-E-A-P. But I loved the show. I even made a Lego version of their gas station/hidden base.

    is the mighty power that will save the day,
    no one knows what lies behind their masquerade.
    always riding hard on V.E.N.O.M.'s trail.

    and i forget the rest

    A wealthy eccentric who marches to the beat of a different drum. But you may call me "Noodle Noggin."
  • I watched both the cartoons and read the comic books. As far as Beast Wars go, I hated them. I was just too partial to the origonals I guess. As far as the best story line, that has to go to the comics by Marvel. It got a little weird in the latter issues before they ended it but I really liked them. Too bad my mom acidently threw them away =(

    So Linus, what are we doing tonight?

  • power puff girls.

    feer. :)

  • by jayhawk88 ( 160512 ) <> on Thursday August 24, 2000 @06:48PM (#829658)
    Wings of metal...Nerves of steel...:)

    Bah! Silverhawks, Thundercats, Voltron, hell, even Power Rangers...imposters! They all bow down before the glory that is G-Force. No other cartoon team was their equal. Consider how many cartoon-team themes that we now take for granted were pioneered by G-Force.

    - Teams must have 5 members: A studly leader, a rebel loner, a token female, a wacky kid brother, and a fat guy who's good with machines.
    - Every 5th episode must be feature a team-member other than the leader in great detail. Said episode usually involves the feature team member doing something incredibly stupid, which usually leads to him/her being captured. The rest of the team must then bail out stupid team member, and give them a stern lecture about the importance of teamwork.
    - Whenever the entire team is rendered unconcious, the studly leader is ALWAYS the first to wake up. Second up is the rebel loner.
    - Each team member has their own unique form of transportation. There is usually a motercycle of some form. Each team member also has their own unique weapons. There is usually some form of boomerang, whip, and grapling hook.
    - Whenever the team is facing off against their arch-enemy and his legion of goons, the rebel loner is the first to attack. The fat guy invariably ends up throwing 5 goons into a pile to show his massive strength, the wacky kid makes two goons run into each other, and the token female fights one goon the entire brawl. The studly leader, of course, goes straight for the arch-enemy, but always let's him escape.

    Come to think of it, these themes also seem to apply to family sitcoms and boy-bands as well. Hmmm....
  • Well... a couple references to sake slipped through in Tenchi Universe. One that comes to mind is when Ryoko takes off with the cash to buy groceries and gets plastered. It's not edited out a couple times here and there, and since I was so used to hearing 'tea' it was even funnier.

    Course, my roommate's kid was watching it with me, and asked me, "What kind of tea comes in bottles like that?", after earlier asking me, "Why are they wearing towels in the pool?"

    Wheee. =)
  • you left out a part:

    [bad guy does something that may suggest he's powerful]

    Krillen/Gohan (either/or/both):

    "uhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuuhhuuhuhuhu "

    bad guy d'jour (or year in america):
    "and now you see the power of which i speak! those who are with me were not powerful enough but as you can see i have a power lever of *arbitrary number*(100*episode number)* and now you stand before me and *ramble* *ramble* *ramble*"

    -= 3 epsiodes later! =-

    Krillen/Gohan (either/or/both):
    "Boy, i sure hope Goku gets here soon!"

    "I'd better keep training because I'll not make it there until the last second (which will last 10 episodes)! Hahahaha! Some situation is keeping me from getting there on time!"

    regardless, it's sucked me in.. I'd say I'm a feeble minded media-sucker, but i've never set foot in a Gap. hmm, different strokes, i guess. maybe i'm no better than the neon/mustang-driving zombies
  • Well, I don't think G-Force came before the Fantastic Four, though the FF does fit the criteria somewhat, save for the rebel loner part. And the good with machines guy is also the (hardly studly) leader Reed.

    As others have pointed out, G-Force was technically known as Battle of the Planets. The team was called G-Force, though, and they ran around yelling it all the time, so that's how I remember it.

    G-Force basically was formed to defeat Zoltar and his legion of dumb goons and occasional super-monsters. They all flew around in the Phoenix, a space-ship that also flew underwater, and could literally transform itself into a firey Phoenix. When things got really tough, all 5 members banded together, formed a human pyramid, and spun around at tornadic speeds.

    Looking back, I'm not really sure how any of these things was supposed to defeat giant monsters or hordes of gun-toating goons, but it always seemed to work out that way. Guess Zoltar and Mum-Ra went to the same School for Inept Villianry.
  • The thing that people seem to forget is that serial anime (like GBZ or Gundam Wing) are the asian counterpart of US cartoons.. Most series anime lacks deep plots or interesting philisphical meaning because it's being marketed primarily to 10-year-olds. I mean, if you want detailed explorations of a charaters motivations, got watch 'LA Law'. GBZ is about action, plain and simple, and any witty dialogue that gets thrown in, well, it's probably stuff that the editor forgot to edit in the cutting room. Hell, if we were all 9 years old, Techni would fscking 0wn.

    The other side of this is Film Anime -- Stuff like 'Ghost in the Shell' and 'Lain' that, while possessing action sequences, are more about exploring issues and meanings verse 'pink shit' coming out of ones forhead. I dare you to get a pre-teen to sit still during 'Lain'.

    Eh, fuck it. So be it.
  • Untitled Normal Page

    G-force? aka Battle of the Planets aka (bleh) "Eagle Riders"; that which was also and originally
    known (to the Japanese) as Science Ninja Team Gatchaman []!!!

    How sneaky of you to link a Toonami thread into the Anime topics like that...

  • Now, some people might say they "have" to. However, I submit that all of these episodes have been shown on PBS before, uncut, durning the daytime without any problems

    Just a guess, but it may be that Cartoon Network actually has sponsors that have to be comfortable with the content. PBS, obviously, is member-supported.

    - Scott

    Scott Stevenson
  • ...seasonal anime. Stuff like Sailor Moon (you think I'm joking, don't you; watch it Japanese) or Neon Genesis Evangelion or Saber Marionette J.

    The main story is drawn out over an entire season. While selling toys is a big part of it, the only way to do a seasonal anime properly is with a half decent story. After all, they can show it over and over and over and.....

    It's good for those who like having stuff like plot, and don't want it all shoved at them in two hours.

I've got a bad feeling about this.