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Comment VP's are a Impeachment Shield anymore. (Score 1) 379

The only reason the last few VP picks existed was for impeachment shields.

No one would dare impeach Bush or Obama because the VP would be worse.

It wouldn't surprise me if she gets an impeachment charge before her first year of office ends with Kaine as the VP. If she Chose Pelosi or Warren the Republicans would at least think about it before going forward. Even Bernie would have been a better shield and at least his followers would vote Clinton in the hopes that Bernie gets in through the back door instead of sitting back at home or voting Trump out of spite.

Comment Re:Textbook example of how to game a test. (Score 1) 260

No. There is something to Edge's efficiency. At least vs Chrome I've noticed it.

I have an old Lenovo S10e with an SSD and 2GB Ram running Windows 10, running on a first gen Atom Processor. When I installed Chrome on it it would take minutes before the main windows for chrome would show up. same goes for IE. Edge however would take up to 15 seconds tops. It also ran much better than chrome when browsing sites performance wise. Pages came up faster, video played smoother and pages would scroll smoother than Chrome Although Edge still sucks for general browsing vs Chrome rendering wise with some sites, but it's better than when it first came out on 10.

The Anniversary update will be the real test. Extensions do work on Edge and Adblock plus is pretty much the Chrome version with multiple lists and icons (although its interface is laggy, but it's still in beta so Not sure if it an Edge or ABP issue though). It also handles problem pages better than the current Edge.

If they keep refining Edge as they have so far, it could be a serious Chrome contender, but until the anniversary version comes out it's pretty much still in beta. A very efficient Beta, but a beta nonetheless.

Comment Overall issues I've found (Score 1) 982

First off I recommend upgrading to 10. It runs better especially on lower ram systems, and there is definitely improvements in app performance and startup.

That being said, these are the issues I've run into upgrading users to 10

1) Update your BIOS! Especially if its a Laptop: There are issues with the screen going black after updating to 10 that are caused by an outdated BIOS, especially on older Dell Vostro and some ASUS systems. If you forget chances are you can get a screen by plugging in a monitor but update the BIOS to avoid it in the first place.

2) if you have IDT audio installed on your PC, remove the driver NOW from programs and features!: Older Versions of this driver is FUBARed and will cause explorer to crash infinitely while it is migrating your profile, which will screw it up to the point where you will have to rollback to 7. Cheap Dells, HP's and Toshiba's usually have this sound card. 10 Will detect it as a HD audio codec and will work fine without the crashing, or use the latest 8.1 driver if your manufacturer actually has one. Not sure why MS doesn't detect this as incompatible during its check.

3) Windows update on windows 7 will screw you out of time: Windows update is so FUBARed on 7. it alone is a reason to upgrade to 10. I've found the best way to update from 7 is to install windows 10 setup to a flash drive, keep the upgrading system off the network until you see the installing windows circle, and open a administrative command prompt and "net stop wuauserv" about every 5 minutes during install. This will cut load times down significantly cause the install process will start a windows update session every 5 minutes and with win7 taking about 2 hours a checkin the above will get 10 installed in minutes rather than hours

4) Profiles may not migrate on first run and run temporary profile: Seems to happen to a lot of 2010-2011 HP units for some reason. Boot with safe mode and the profile should fix itself although the start menu will be clean of Squares.

5) Wifi card goes AWOL after Shutdown/Sleep: See this one constantly with 2013-2015 Dell laptops with a dell customized broadcom driver. Some people say removing the Dell driver altogether and using the 10 driver works but YMMV also the latest Dell driver does not fix this issue. I typically disable fast startup and Wifi Power saving options to get around this one but it will still happen from time to time.

6) Start menu and/or Windows store/control panel disappears or will not load: running tweaking.com all in one repair with all checks enabled and leave the system on overnight seems to fix this one. also reseting default apps may get this one fixed. if it doesn't fix after doing the above than use your win10 Stick to reinstall Win10 as an upgrade install.

Comment Re:What could possibly go wrong... (Score 3, Informative) 232

Microsoft (or Google for that matter, just not as bad) doesn't play games with their account credentials anymore. You have to have an out of network way to verify your account or you're going to lose it. Either through a Phone number or another Email address, and dammit make sure its up to date.

Also the two factor app that MS has for android is one of the best I've used when it comes to ease of use and how it's implemented. it's pretty much make sure the code on the PC matches the code in the authentication window and click approve on the phone if it does. No typing verification numbers like most authenticators. so it's a good idea to use that too since it will let you in if all else fails.

This account protection of course makes it a pain with windows 8 or 10 users that use MS accounts for credentials. Half of the time they use stupid pins for their passwords and forget their real password, and MS doesn't like that sort of thing to adjust account settings. Especially if you got to refresh the PC. Just about once a week I have a conversation that goes something like

(Me) Whats your password for your PC?
(grandma) It's 1111
(Me) No that's your pin. I need the password
(grandma) but it lets me in the computer so that's my password
(Me) (Three minute explanation of the difference between a pin and a password)
(grandma) oh... well, I don't know it cause my grandson set it up. (or its in my password book buried at my desk) can you reset it?

Then you find out that their recovery creds were an old Email and phone number from a DSL/Phone provider they no longer have and have to go through the account verify process of shame that the Parent post went through, which never seems to work until you submit it 3 or more times regardless of how much info you put in the thing.

Comment Re:Does this mean (Score 1) 159

One of the worst decisions MS ever made is to tie Software support to Service pack and Point releases. They would be much better off setting the lifecycle date hard to 10 years after initial release and extend it by announcements if necessary.

All that policy does is make them call service packs anything but service packs, delay or flat out cancel them to avoid extending OS lifecycle (which is the main reason why 7 takes forever to update anymore) and confuse the hell out of Sysadmin staff trying to figure out what Version of OS users are on. (EX: Windows 8 should be 8.4 by now instead of 8, 8.1, 8.1 update 1, 8.1 update 2, ETC)

Windows 7 updates are so bad anymore, it's almost alone a reason to upgrade to Windows 10. At least with 10 they're doing the Cumulative security updates like they do for IE so there's only a few patches to download from a fresh install. On a fresh windows 7 install It's takes hours just to get 7 to see updates, and during that entire time it's sucking down 100% on one or your CPU cores and SVCHost taking 1GB or RAM in the process. You can kiss the rest of your RAM goodbye when it actually updates for 6 hours and starts thrashing the drive for Swap space in the process on anything short of a 16GB machine.

Almost all of my Windows 7 "my Computer is Slow" calls the past 3 months have been due to windows update and the only fix is either install windows 10, or install the optional windows update client of the month, which basically is the same thing as installing windows 10 since the GWX will force it on them at some point and the telemetry patches are all included as well, not to mention that all it does is take that 1GB of SVCHost ram usage and Shift it to TrustedInstaller during the patch install session.

Submission + - Linux Mint serving iso images with a backdoor (linuxmint.com)

greenfruitsalad writes: Yesterday, 20th February 2016, Linux Mint website running on Wordpress was compromised and links to ISO images on their downloads page pointed at altered ISOs with a backdoor from a Bulgarian IP The website was promptly fixed after the discovery but compromised shortly after again. At the moment, linuxmint.com is shut down but you can follow this issue on the mint blog at http://blog.linuxmint.com./ So far, it seems the altered ISO images contain the Tsunami trojan but there could be more. The blog post contains valid md5sums.

Comment Yet Another Hacked Online Overlay (Score 1) 141

Do they do anything at all that isn't done better by someone else?

Spread Malware and Scams using Trojan Ad's comes to mind. There's very few companies that do a better job and have the reach than Yahoo does when it comes to this.

The Shareholders are probably wishing they took the Ballmer deal when Microsoft offered them stupid amounts of money for Yahoo.

Submission + - Forbes Asks to disable Adblock, Serves Malvertising (engadget.com)

Deathlizard writes: From Engadget: The Forbes 30 Under 30 list came out this week and it featured a prominent security researcher. Other researchers were pleased to see one of their own getting positive attention, and visited the site in droves to view the list.

On arrival, like a growing number of websites, Forbes asked readers to turn off ad blockers in order to view the article. After doing so, visitors were immediately served with pop-under malware, primed to infect their computers, and likely silently steal passwords, personal data and banking information.

Comment Re:How about chromebook (Score 1) 193

Second this. Absolutely maintenance free and easy to use if all they want to do is check email, Facebook and the web.

For the Chromebooks, I typically stick with Epson printers since they never seem to change and are well supported. You can pick up an Epson XP-420 usually cheaper than buying ink for a 5 year old printer.

As for the Chromebook, stick with either a big screen notebook or go for a chromebox/chromebase model and use their existing monitor or TV to use it.

Setup Chrome remote desktop so you can remote into it either by invite or on demand.

Also, as with any PC, make sure you install Adblock plus on the Chromebook. People do not understand modern ad's and they will get a scam phone popup or a malicious redirect if you don't. Not that it will do damage to the chromebook, but if you don't want to deal with that call asking if it's real or wanting you to scan the box for a virus that does not exist than Adblock plus is a must.

Comment DisableGWX (Score 2, Insightful) 288

First off, If there's no reason not to upgrade other than FUD, then they should update. 7 only has a little more than 4 years left and is already in extended support and windows 8/8.1 interface is crap vs 10. If they're worried about being spied on stay with a Local account and don't setup a Microsoft account. It will only take the same telemetry that they've been doing since the customer experience program in vista, which you can then turn off. That being said MS shouldn't have started downloading the OS on PC's without explicit reservations but even that can be disabled.

Easiest method to disable windows 10 from updating is to use the DisableGWX Policy setting. This site's Method 3 will walk you through setting the registry key. Microsoft Also has some other blocking methods as well.

If you just want security patches from that point forward go to windows update settings and uncheck "give me Recommended updates the same way I receive important updates"

Comment Re:/facepalm (Score 0) 426

This is getting out of hand. Every day I see one of these privacy articles and they all say basically the same thing.

It's reminding me of the Hysteria with Smart Meters. I just got one last week and searching about them online I found tons of sites telling me how it's going to give me Cancer, Hack my Router, Kill my Plants, Keep me up at night and Burn my house down.

I guess I'll have to make another story counter like the one I had to make for the Firefox .NET Plugin but i'm afraid i'll have 30 articles in it by the end of this month at this rate.

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