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Comment Re:Why should anyone trust the report? (Score 1) 404

My point was that, for the party of Reagan, it's a huge shift. Hell, up until a couple years ago, they wouldn't have rolled over as much as they have. Hell, earlier this month, McConnell did say that "the Russians are not our friends". But he's not actually interested in doing any investigating into the matter,

And that's the thing. Let's say that there was no Russian involvement in the election. That everything we've seen has been misinterpreted and at no point did the Russians try and influence the election.

Wouldn't you want to prove that? Wouldn't you want to investigate it so it doesn't cast that shadow over Trump's presidency?

Comment Re:Why should anyone trust the report? (Score 2) 404

Trump's doing a decent job of making himself look like a thundering idiot. Also, I'm not sure when it happened, but at least when I was a kid, the idea that "the Rooskies" might have interfered with a U.S. election would not be so casually dismissed by the party of Reagan.

Except that they're really not the party of Reagan any more, are they? I mean, I know why McConnell isn't rocking the boat. He got paid with his wife being offered a Cabinet position. And Ryan is too busy thinking of ways to shit on poor people to actually give a fuck (in that way, he is still part of the party of Reagan, because he's continuing with all that "welfare queen" folderol). But the rest of the party? Where's the indignation?

Oh right, they're too busy celebrating that they're going to be back in power to actually give a fuck about how they got there or the consequences. (You can also see that in the "repeal and replace" plan they have for the ACA.)

Comment Re: Breaking news (Score 2) 267

Who cares if he did something that he's claiming credit for? Uh, me. How about that. And I'm not the only one.

Also, I wonder if Trump realizes that claiming credit for all these things could bite him in the ass. I mean, what happens if the economy takes a down-turn after he takes office? He's claiming credit RIGHT NOW for the uptick in Christmas sales, jobs coming back, etc. That makes it really hard to not "be responsible for" the economy ticking down after he takes office.

Oh, who am I kidding, he'll do what every fucking politician does. Everything good is because of him, and everything bad is because of the previous guy. The problem is, Trump will actually toot that horn MORE than most politicians because he might actually believe his own press. He's already referring to himself in the third person, and the inauguration is still three weeks away.

Comment Re:You gave Trump's plan (Score 1, Troll) 164

Was that before or after he called all Mexicans criminals? (You know, where he ended with "And some, I assume, are good people.")

Was that before or after he said he wanted to create a registry for an entire religion? (Which he's since flip-flopped on.)

Yeah, I'm not sure at all (sarcasm intended) where he got this rep for being a bigot.

Comment Re:SubjectIsSubject (Score 5, Interesting) 164

I'm pretty sure both books are routinely ignored.

I went to school with a number of Muslim students. They didn't attack me, or condemn me, or anything like that. I was actually in a study group with a couple of them for one semester. And at least one of them routinely ignored the Koran's prohibition on drinking.

I worked with at least one Muslim co-worker at my last job. He didn't attack me, or condemn me, or anything like that. I had a number of Muslim customers (including at least one who converted to Islam). None of them attacked me, or condemned me, or anything like that.

There are an estimated 3.3 million Muslims living in the U.S. I think we would have noticed if most of them were routinely attacking Christians.

It is not the religion, per se, that is the problem. It is fundamentalists or extremists who claim to be part of the religion that are the problem.

Comment Re:SubjectIsSubject (Score 1) 164

And I'm pretty sure that the Old Testament says that kids who sass their parents should be put to death. Not to mention the large number of "abominations" outside of being gay that are routinely ignored in Leviticus.

What was your point again?

Maybe, and I'm just throwing this out there, we shouldn't base the entirety of our behavior models on books over 1000 years old. I'm just saying....

Comment Re:Whatever next? (Score 1) 366

I want to say that there are a couple religions that hold marriage ceremonies between dead people already.

But, okay, that aside....

Who cares? So what if someone marries a robot? What skin off your nose is it? What, is it some bullshit about how it makes your marriage worth less than it was before because someone else got married in a way you disagree with?

Comment Re:Let him promise (Score 2) 111

I never said he had the power to do it. Just that he would promise it. You may have noticed that politicians promise all kinds of things that they are actually unable to do. And Trump is very bad about promising all kinds of things, and then walking back from those statements.

Hell, Trump _did_ promise coal miners that the jobs would come back. And they won't, for the reasons you mentioned.

Comment Re:We already have one. (Score 2) 635

1. The relevance is that Rick Perry is a thundering idiot who wanted to get rid of the Department of Energy when he was running for President in 2012 BUT COULDN'T REMEMBER THE NAME OF THE DEPARTMENT.

2. Article I, section 8 of the U. S. Constitution grants Congress the power to "lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts, and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common defense and general Welfare of the United States."

I'd say research is part of "general welfare".

Government funded research has led to a lot of breakthroughs and improvements in technology. Better water purification, GPS, the space program....

Comment Re:You are insane (Score 4, Informative) 635

The actual number of jobs 'saved' is around 730. Trump was claiming about 300 jobs that weren't going to Mexico to begin with.

Furthermore, Carrier is getting paid $7 million to keep those jobs in the U.S. That's not exactly a sustainable method of retaining a U.S. workforce. Nor is it necessarily a desirable one. How many more companies are going to line up for a payout to keep jobs in the U.S., now that they know it's an option that the President-elect could take?

And let's get something straight. Trump doesn't give a shit one way or the other about illegal immigration. It was a talking point, nothing more. He's already been backing off the proposal for a border wall AND he's already been backing off full deportation of illegal/undocumented immigrants.

Illegal immigration numbers have been going down for years. Current estimates have it at the lowest it's been since 2003.

Comment Re:Outsource jobs, blame AI, bring 3rd world (Score 0) 635

I would point out, Trump is also the guy whose clothing line is not made in the U.S., who has bought Chinese steel for his projects because it was cheaper than buying U.S. steel, and generally goes for whatever makes him the most money. He's not really concerned about saving U.S. jobs (or at least not more than any other politician).

Trump's sole interest is Trump. He will do whatever he thinks will get him the most out of it. If that happens to correspond to saving U.S. jobs, it's a coincidence.

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