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Comment China is Doing the Same Thing (Score 1) 117

The biggest fear of the US Military is autonomous fighter jets. Even if you disrupt command and control it's quite possible the jets could still defend/attack enemy forces. The problem for that is the Chinese can make a MIG for a fraction of the cost of a F-35. Sure, the F-35 would take out some MIGs, but the it only holds a relatively small number of missiles.

Submission + - Angie's List To Charge User $1000 For Any Post That Runs Afoul of New T&C ( 2

Kagato writes: Customers of Angie's List may end up regretting not reading the new terms and conditions. Effective June 1st they added the following to the terms and conditions: "If You post Content in violation of this Agreement, You agree to promptly pay Angie’s List One Thousand Dollars ($1,000) for each item of Content posted in violation of this Agreement. We may (but shall not be required to) to issue You a warning before assessing damages." It's not clear what the consumer oriented website intends to do with the stipulation, but the rest of the terms and conditions are vague enough that they could attempt to fine members for just about anything they find objectionable.

Comment Re: After I received a DMCA notice from them... (Score 2) 94

In the US most ISDN service was terminated to an PRI T1. That hooked into a modem bank that would answer both ISDN and 56K calls. By that point the ISDN modems where smart enough to be able to use both 64K channels as a pair bond. It would utilize two modems at the NOC.

It was also pretty common for us to order channelized T1s for 56K applications. You could get one extra modem per T1, but we would lose the ability to get real time ANI data and ISDN.

Eventually we started having the NOC/POPs configured with a T3 and them demux it into a variety of T1s and fractional T3. For instance for a mid size POP we could have a single T3 handle both the incoming phones and the upstream data. I.e. We wanted to drop a crap ton of modems into the back room of a rural shopping mall because that was the most cost effective location based on LATA lines and what was considered the "local calling area".

A lot of the times people would claim MSN or AOL or whatever was the best service. In reality in most parts of the US all the main national services would terminate to the same place and run on the same equipment. We'd just route it differently based on the number you called.

Comment Re:Most everybody else does it (Score 1) 64

The large grocery chains have quite a lot of R&D into the white label products they sell. They have test kitchen's and conduct focus groups. I think Target and Trader Joes in particular have set the expectations bar fairly high in terms of what a white label brand should deliver. In many cases they offer products and flavors that are new. They don't just replicate an existing brand like some generic.

Comment Re:People say "custom-made" like it's a bad thing (Score 1) 474

There are plenty of companies that make rolling stock for that gauge. BART had no problem finding someone to make new rolling stock. At issue is they mandated an 18 month period to test accessibility. So they won't have the new cars until early 2017. So in the mean time they'll have to scavenge parts until the new rolling stock is delivered.

Comment Re:Better have Dolby atmos and at least 4k at that (Score 2) 288

Nope. If you want that service it already exists and has for many years for the ultra-wealthy. $500 for a single screening. Credit Check required. The equipment has a fingerprint scanner to verify you authorized the screening. It uses a satellite connection to pull down an encrypted file ahead of time and then the internet connection to get the key to decrypt. It's basically the same source material a theater would use.

Comment Re:MS Store is instant delivery, but BitCoin is no (Score 1) 116


Legitimate retailers don't need the hassle. This transaction time issues have been known for some time, but you have competing parties on the solution. So we are at a stalemate. I believe the dispute between developer factions has been going on for over a year. Different factions have interests that are not always about what's best for the general user population.

Comment You'll Never Know if a Device is Compliant (Score 2) 297

Go out to Amazon and start looking closely at adapters, chargers and lights. A shocking number of items have obviously fake Under Writers Laboratory marks. Outside well known US and Major Asian Brands (Sony, Sharp, Panasonic, Samsung, LG) I'm dubious that the devices will be compliant.

Comment Re:GOOD (Score 1) 165

To a certain extend the JVM does attempt to detect poorly writing code and will attempt to optimize the opcode at runtime. But there's only so much it can do.

Even Microsoft has a pretty decent VM for .Net, but because the op codes change so much version to version the JVM has proven to be far more useful for other languages (JRuby, Jython, Scala, Closure, etc.)

Comment Re:Not a big surprise (Score 1) 358

There are tons of crappy C++, C#, Java, VB.Net, apps out there. Frankly your comments come off as out of touch. This idea that somehow C++ guys are the only ones that understand what it takes to write good good is laughable. Lotus had the same opinion of C and C++ and insisted on writing windows apps mostly in assembly. That hubris allowed other companies to run circles around them.

Some languages tend to attract poor coding because they have entry points that require no skill. You end up with developers that pick up a lot of bad habits over the years. PHP is a notable actor, but .Net has the same baggage from all the guys who started with VB in Access and .Net back in the day. It doesn't matter that Microsoft actually has a really good VM and really put a lot of effort into C#.

Put another way, you can't take the AOL out of the internet.

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