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Submission + - Free Nintendo DS Game Demos at Airports

destinyland writes: "Nintendo just installed "download stations" at airports which will wirelessly transmit free game demos to your Nintendo DS. "Because people typically have a lot of down time, airports are ideal try out free new game experiences," says a Nintendo spokesperson. They'll rotate new games into the kiosks periodically, and they're hoping it gives them a new channel for promoting Nintendo games and consoles to customers (weaning them off Microsoft and Sony.)"
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Why the RAZR is killing Motorola

Dynamoo writes: "Motorola's latest RAZR2 handsets announced yesterday are certainly impressive and much improved under the hood.. but on the surface it looks just like the old RAZR warmed over.

Is Motorola terminally fixated on the RAZR design? Some people seem to think so — but can Motorola's recent woes can really be blamed on sticking with the RAZR for too long?"
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Who is Batman?

B00yah writes: "Adam West
Michael Keaton
Val Kilmer
George Clooney
Christian Bale
Kevin Conroy
Rino Romano
Cowbat Neal"

Submission + - AT&T/BellSouth deal near with new concessions

davidwr writes: The Associated Press reports: "AT&T Inc. has offered a new set of concessions that are expected to satisfy the two Democrats on the Federal Communications Commission and lead to approval of the company's $85 billion buyout of BellSouth Corp. Approval by the full commission could happen as soon as Friday. AT&T filed a letter of commitment with the agency Thursday night that adds a number of new conditions to the deal, including a promise to observe "network neutrality" principles, an offer of affordable stand-alone digital subscriber line service and divestment of some wireless spectrum."
Good news for Google and for end-users.
Portables (Games)

Submission + - How DS took over the world - the defining moments

ElFozzie writes: This Top 10 feature highlights the defining moments that led to Nintendo's handheld dominance in 2006 from the TV ad campaign to the return of Pokemon via developer's falling in love and, of course, the launch of the DS lite.
From the article: 10 Nintendo DS TV ad campaign
There must be a law of advertising that says a first campaign will be crap. It happened with Sony's Society Against PlayStation and Microsoft's bizarre arty Xbox ads, and in keeping with the trend came Nintendo's DS 'In Touch with Original Comedy' sponsorship of Channel 4 programmes. It began in Carry On mode with a selection of woman, often middle-aged, asking young men if 'They could touch it?'. This was followed by the camera panning down to groin level, finally demonstrating a shot of Metroid Prime Hunters or some such. Thankfully, the rise of the mass-market Touch Generation campaign eliminated this rubbish. There was even a brief halcyon period in the summer where the Trauma Centre ads coincided with the Green Wing comedy.
The Internet

Submission + - Expired domain name search

An anonymous reader writes: Expired Domain Name Search Beta was just released, making it possible to find domains that people forgot to renew. To find the best ones factors such as Google Trends are used to narrow down the list. The site has been making the rounds on Digg and hotlist and is clearly the best such list available.

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