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Submission + - FBI, 5 other agencies probe possible covert Kremlin aid to Trump (mcclatchydc.com)

linzeal writes: Investigators are examining how money may have moved from the Kremlin to covertly help Trump win, the two sources said. One of the allegations involves whether a system for routinely paying thousands of Russian-American pensioners may have been used to pay some email hackers in the United States or to supply money to intermediaries who would then pay the hackers, the two sources said.

Comment Re:Obvious Missing - GOLD (Score 1) 868

Almost all the industrial use captures 99% of the gold and reuses it over and over again as well, that should be clear. We use about .001% of the weight of copper per annum. The few gold contacts and insulation that are on satellites being pretty much the only exception. Besides Chinese New Year, Valentines Day and Christmas, there is not a large demand for using gold. Gold mines opening up worldwide on the current prices will see gold drop dramatically in value once they come online in 2012 and beyond.

Comment TSA has made us an easier target (Score 2) 239

The long lines are what they are bombing now, terrorists targeting airports right now are thinking that rolling up with a suitcase filled with explosives in the middle of a large crowd waiting for security:

a) Shuts down the whole airport.
b) Inflicts more causalities than randomly crashing an airliner
c) Will make security spend massive amounts of money countering

Let''s review, TSA has made us less safe by offering us up as a larger and slower target. It is like putting security at the watering hole to make sure no one is a crocodile while lions eat everyone else who is waiting in line.

Comment Re:Similar to mixing up Baptists and Mormons (Score 1) 189

Iran, last week, released nearly all of its Al Qaeda prisoners, so what the fuck are you talking about? Don't claim I'm misinformed when you don't read the damn newspaper. I'm not implying that Iran and Al Qaeda are buddies but that they are working together in this instance against the United States, is that really surprising?

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 189

A company I worked for left some USB sticks laying around our break room one weekend, us local IT guys and corporate were the only ones in on it, by the end of the day, 8 out of 10 of the USB sticks had been plugged in. One low-level manager, had 3 of them and when we came into his office, he was offloading porn and mp3s from his work computer unto them.

Comment Charlie Wilson's War II (Score 2) 189

Iran has stepped up efforts at helping Hamas, Hezbollah, the Taliban and is now releasing all of its Al Qaeda terrorists back into the wilds of the Middle East, the question we should be asking, was this attack worth it if terrorism increased because of it? From what I have seen, no, we are now dealing with Iran supplying larger and larger munitions to the Taliban, 'Charlie Wilson's War' is going to have a sequel and this time the protagonist is going to be Iranian.

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