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Company Uses DMCA To Take Down Second-Hand Software 488

dreemteem writes "A judge Tuesday heard arguments in a dispute over software sales that could potentially have repercussions on the secondhand sale of virtually any copyrighted material. The suit was filed by Timothy Vernor, a seller on eBay, after Autodesk, citing the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, asked eBay to remove some of its software products that Vernor had listed for sale there, and later to ban him from the site. Vernor had not illegally copied the software but was selling legitimate CDs of the products secondhand. For that reason, he argued, he was not infringing Autodesk's copyright. Autodesk countered that because it licenses the software, rather than selling it outright, a licensee does not have the right to resell its products."

Sport Is Unrelated To Obesity In Children 594

xiox writes "The UK government is planning to stop funding a study to understand obesity in children. The study fits children with accelerometers to measure how much energy each child uses in a day by moving. The results are surprising. Those children who do sports at school do not burn more calories than those who don't. Furthermore there is no correlation between body mass index and the number of calories used! The results are very interesting, suggesting that genetics and diet are the main reasons for childhood obesity, not sport. The UK government is trying to increase the amount of sport in schools."

Submission + - New Zero-day Vulnerability In Windows

Jimmy T writes: Microsoft and Secunia are warning about the discovery of a new "Zero-day" vulnerability affecting all Microsoft based operating systems expect Windows 2003. Both companies states that the vulnerability is currently being exploited by malicious websites. One attack vector is through Internet Explorer 6/7 — so be aware where you surf to.

Submission + - Tech Jobs for a Student?

Nick Manley writes: "I turned 17 back in August and have been fascinated with technology my entire life. I have a special interest in software and computer programming. While my classmates might settle for a job at McDonalds or Burger King, I really want to find a job or at least an internship where I can really learn more about my field and expand my knowledge to become a better software developer. I wanted to know if anyone has any recommendations for someone like myself, without any college education, to get a head start on my career that doesn't include selling iPods to kids at Best Buy."

Feed U.S.: Ozone-Zapping Pesticide OK (

Despite European objections, the Bush administration gets treaty partners to approve U.S. use of methyl bromide, a potent ozone-destroying pesticide banned internationally two years ago. And it'll manufacture nearly 6,000 tons of the stuff, even though it has 11,000 tons stockpiled.


Submission + - Shadows Servers Have Flames Shooting Out the Back

robertthefox writes: "one of my favourite services,, seems to have suffered from CSMS (catastrophic server meltdown syndrome), which has GCRED (gigantic confusing random exception disorder) as one of its first symptoms.

Over the past 2 days, going to the home page or any sub-page of has resulted in only a big, gnarly exception all over my screen, and not too much useful content. It's not my user account (as from my Fedora Core 6 box and my Windows box it's all the same) so I'm guessing there are some machines there with flames blasting out the back of the power supplies.

Unfortunate, because I really like Shadows. I find it's a neat place to post things and organize things. I put all of my favourite news stories there, with little notes on what I liked in them, cross linked to other various topics. Hopefully somebody else also finds this useful, as that's the whole purpose of human-indexed content — that someone has typed in some keywords that have to do with a page, and as a result you search for something and get relevant results as opposed to some other crazy thing that doesn't have to do with what you're searching.

I guess I'll use something else like my Kaboodle page on Scientology or something of the sort in the interim. Anyone else have any light they can shed on the matter?"

Submission + - Microsoft delays the auto install of Japanese IE 7

filenavigator writes: Microsoft has delayed the automatic install of IE 7. An interesting response in one of the MSDN blogs is that they have done this because business users asked it to be delayed. It seems to me many business users here in North America wanted it to be delayed as well, but were forced to scramble and deploy IE 7 blocking software. This looks like more proof that the IE 7 automatic push was more for Marketing reasons, than security. If it were a security issue, than why wait for the Japanese push?

Submission + - Child's Play begins for this year

DJLuc1d writes: Penny-Arcade's succesful charity, Child's Play is begining its drive for this year. For those who are unfamiliar with Child's Play, its goal is to help hospitals around the world by providing sick kids with not only video games, but consoles, books, movies, and other entertainment while they are in the hospital.

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