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Comment if "flexible" means uncontrollable 100X variation (Score 1) 59

> The next thing you need to know is that renewable, whilst mostly very flexible

"Flexible" is an interesting word choice. Consider wind, for example. A 20 mph wind has 8 times as much power as a 10 mph wind, at 30 mph it's 27 times as much power. You can't control how much wind there is. Similarly, we might not realize it since our eyes measure brightness on logarithmic scale, but a cloudy day has 95% less solar energy than a sunny day. Most people would probably call this "unpredictable" or "unreliable" rather than "flexible".

On the other hand, the operators of a typical small natural gas plant with 4 generators can choose to run anywhere from full throttle on all four to just one at half throttle.

Comment Re:Wrong image in second link? (Score 3, Informative) 112

This is what happens when an object breaks up and the pieces strike a planet, you get a line of impacts. If these fragments both came from the same object then they would have to be very far apart, so the breakup of the object would have happened long ago, and even so they still probably wouldn't strike in the same place. The Earth is not stationary, the equator is rotating at around 1,000 miles per hour and the planet is moving through space at 67,000 miles per hour. So for 2 impact events that occur 11 days apart, you're talking about the earth moving over 17 million miles through space during that time and completing around 11 rotations. If you think that these fragments came from the same object then you're talking about something that must have been in geosynchronous orbit, where the object was orbiting the planet roughly above the area where they came down (probably a little "farther"), and it took one fragment 11 days longer than the other to fall from orbit. They've already identified rocks as belonging to the object that fell, so we aren't talking about man-made space junk, and there aren't any rocky satellites in geosynchronous orbit. In fact, the only rocky satellite in orbit around the planet is the moon, and it is most definitely not in a geosynchronous orbit. The odds are anything but "very high".

Comment Whatever is downloaded ends up being run as admin (Score 2) 115

I'm going to simplify this a bit, but consider you download two things You extract, which is a data. You don't execute anything in that download. You just extract it to your downloads folder and use notepad to open the resulting songlist.txt. You don't notice that it also included a file called netssl.ddl, which sits in your downloads folder.

Later, you download mcafee_setup.exe. You run macafee_setup.exe, which needs to run as admin. mcafee_setup.exe makes use of netssl.dll. It could use the hacked version which was part of songlist,zip, running code with full admin privileges that you never intended to run at all.

Comment Re:Price Is Still Just One of Two Sticking Points (Score 2) 157

Yes, the SSD does have a separate tracking algorithm to manage dynamic LBA mapping to cells for wear-leveling. And yes, and abrupt power outage can corrupt and brick the drive. The OCZ Vertex series have a history of this happening where it can't decrypt (internal) and mount the value due to said corruption. Newer SSDs such as the prosumer and enterprise variety include extra capacitance to ensure half-writes don't occur and thus recover from both a firmware and OS journaling file system error.

Comment Re:Cores Schmores (Score 1) 121

x64 actually runs x86 code more efficiently than classic x86 due to the large number of registers available for renaming on x64 which is why you can see significant improvements switching from the x86 to the x64 build of any of the MS OS's on exactly the same hardware with exactly the same applications (no recompile needed). The only thing you give up is a bit of storage (on the OS side) and a bit of ram so it won't work for $200 tablets but for anything with reasonable specs it makes sense.

Comment Re:Price Is Still Just One of Two Sticking Points (Score 2) 157

Some swapping of live data occurs, but having extra slack free space to move around in helps the algorithm better work within those constraints. In fact, Samsung provides a utility called Magician to manage Over Provisioning for extended life. It's not required, but ostensibly it does help.

Comment Re:Amicusnycl, answer a question (lol)... apk (Score 1) 257

Grow up APK. You're a delusional immature sociopath, and people know it. Against a man in his 50s who thinks that posting anonymous messages in support of himself is clever, there's really nothing I can say to make you realize how stupid you look. You think that "high comedy" is calling someone "queer". That is definitely high comedy for people in the range of 11-12 years old. You have illustrated time and time again that your emotional maturity level is about at that level. If your emotional maturity was even at a fraction of your intelligence then you may be able to see yourself for how ridiculous you are, but with your maturity level where it is there's not a chance. Even though I do feel bad for you, still, you need to grow the hell up and move on. You lost this battle a long time ago.

Comment Re:Wrong image in second link? (Score 4, Insightful) 112

Yeah it looks like the image is from the first strike, not the second. It says the guy who was killed was going to a water tank to drink and that it damaged the water tank and several vehicles. That doesn't sound like something that landed in the middle of a rice paddy.

What I find strange is that there was a strike on Jan. 26th, and so a scientist was camping in the area, and then another strike in the same area only a couple weeks later. What are the odds of that?

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