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Comment Re:Why, You! (Score 1) 202

You're trying to defend a pejorative by using an absurd caricature as a straw man stand-in for people who actually support justice. It is pretty weak sauce. I mean, think how awesome and powerful Justice must be that you have to pretend it doesn't exist in order to argue against people who support it?

Justice and Social Justice aren't the same thing. One is intended to right a wrong, the other is intended to make everybody the same. While that might sound good, it often results in knocking people down just for the crime of being successful. When taken to an extreme, (such as an SJW) it results in the examples I listed, and instead of bringing down successful people, they come down harshly upon anybody who happens to make an ill conceived but otherwise benign action.

You even throw in a True Scotsman for good measure

Not at all. I very clearly outlined what it is, in my own opinion. To pull a "No True Scottsman" fallacy you have to create a definition that can never truly be met.

Do you even comprehend that you're fighting for perceived social justice in your argument? What is an "SJW?" People who do as you do here, and make a case for social justice. You can't be against bullies, and admit you are, and not be a social justice warrior.

No, that falls under justice; that is, righting a wrong.

Comment Re:Can I bid on the cash cops seized without warra (Score 1) 59

One thing I happened to notice is that they're selling a bunch of poker tables. If I were to guess, these were taken from people who were running illegal casinos. I wonder if they ever considered that the new owner might do the same. Or perhaps, they're hoping the new owner will do the same...

Comment Re:Why, You! (Score 4, Insightful) 202

The SJWs are the reason that things are getting better, actually. Did you think the rise of concern over social justice and the decrease of violence in the world at large were just coincidental?

I don't really think so. Of course, this depends on how you define an SJW, but it seems to me that the most ardent social justice supporters tend to themselves become bullies, and when they do they're worse bullies than the classic schoolyard bully. Take for example mass shaming over a single tweet, or getting people fired just because they made a mildly sexist joke. And unlike a typical bully, there's nothing you can do about it. The SJW doesn't care though, just so long as they feel better about themselves for having done it.

There is already somewhat of a precedent that public shaming runs afoul of the 8th amendment. In fact, here's a quote from Benjamin Rush, who was one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence:

“Ignominy is universally acknowledged to be a worse punishment than death ... It would seem strange that ignominy should ever have been adopted as a milder punishment than death, did we not know that the human mind seldom arrives at truth upon any subject till it has first reached the extremity of error.”

Comment Re:Yeah, but that just means... (Score 1) 202

The anti-vaccination craze?

This is mainly a cultish behavior.

Fad ketosis dieting?

Epilepsy treatment is considered a fad?

Near-worship of media figures like the Kardashians?

Hipsters also behave somewhat cultish. See how the Apple logo triggers brain reactions similar to somebody hearing a religious sermon, for example.

Climate change skepticism?

There can never be too much skepticism. Whether you are for or against, science just doesn't work without skepticism, especially during peer review.

I'd go on but that's already more than enough to refute your statement.

No you didn't. You basically sounded like that news broadcast in V for Vendetta where that guy says "Immigrants, Muslims, homosexuals, terrorists. Disease-ridden degenerates." as if that somehow makes you know why the world sucks unless it has your political enlightenment. It doesn't, and we don't. It would have made even more sense if you would have just argued that most of the world still believes in some kind of god that decides whether you'll stub your toe tomorrow morning or not.

Comment Re:yawn (Score 0, Troll) 387

Honestly this feels no different than those idiots on the TBN channel that poo poo anything that they feel distracts people from worshiping their god. Science aside, this kind of shit (telling people to stop enjoying any unrelated activities) DOES make the whole climate change issue feel indistinguishable from a religion.

Comment Re: 30 million lines of code?! (Score 3, Insightful) 130

Not only realistic, but I myself would be concerned with what is going on inside of the asic, and finding out would be very non trivial, even if they revealed the schematics.

Also of concern is, how do we know they haven't received an NSL telling them to maintain two sets of code, with one of them being compromised and can't be shown to somebody without government clearance?

Comment Re:Regulation please (Score 2) 161

If that was the case, then the FDA wouldn't have announced an incoming nationwide trans fat ban.

Also if that was the case, then there would be FDA approval for certain surgical procedures that you can't get done here.

Take for example, I myself need corneal cross-linking to halt the progression keratoconus, which has been done safely in other countries for about 17 years now. A company called Avedro is lobbying really hard to get it approved so that they can start selling the equipment and drugs required to perform the procedure, but the FDA has continually denied it every year, instead opting to just wait until you go all out blind and then get a corneal transplant as their current preferred treatment option.

Comment Re:Optimum health? (Score 2) 161

As anyone who isn't a physician can tell you, people living in the Northern latitudes get less vitamin D because they get less sunshine, and depending on where you live, from November through February you aren't getting any at all. And vitamin D has a half-life of about 6 weeks in the body, which is why we have a "cold and flu" season: once we stop getting sunshine, everyone's D levels drop low enough to depress our immune system.

Not exactly. The FDA recommendation assumes that you aren't receiving any D vitamin from sunlight at all. This assumption actually works universally because if you already have sufficient D in your blood, then it causes negative feedback so that your skin doesn't end up creating more than is necessary. So whether you get lots of sun or none, you won't overdose on D so long as you take the recommended amount.

Comment Re:Regulation, but after we feel better? (Score 1, Insightful) 161

(*) Note that we've run out of antibiotics *not* because we keep feeding them to livestock

Honestly the whole opposition to antibiotics in livestock is inhumane. A lot of morons out there perpetuate the myth that antibiotics are given to healthy animals (they aren't unless the herd has been infected and they need to inoculate to prevent spread of disease) and that antibiotics in livestock make it to your plate (they don't.) Likewise, they also don't contribute to multi-drug resistant bugs; that's actually caused almost entirely by overly sterile hospital environments, and those bugs ORIGINATE in human hospitals, NOT from cattle farms.

Meanwhile companies like Chipotle are pressuring suppliers to stop using antibiotics because of popular customer demand. So instead they buy from slaughterhouses that, when an animal gets sick, it either gets no treatment at all, or very inadequate treatment, and is allowed to suffer and die. Because, you know, antibiotics in livestock is bad, even though there's no scientific basis for that statement. In fact the whole thing started because some alarmist blogger noted that 80% of antibiotics made are sold to cattle farms, ignoring completely that the animals that require them are much larger and therefore need a MUCH BIGGER dose to have the same effect.

Comment Re:resemblance (Score 1, Insightful) 161

The supplement industry as a whole is typically that way. And while TFS states "It's about time", I'm not so sure.

People who buy this shit seem like they WANT to get ripped off. If you try to explain to them scientifically why the claims don't make sense, they'll respond with some spiel about how how it makes them feel so much better, how they never get sick anymore (I roll my eyes when I hear people make the later claim, especially when they claim shit like vegetarian diets make them never sick anymore) when in reality it's a combination of placebo and confirmation bias.

And then there's claims from people who hear about MSG, HFCS, or Aspartame, and then from that point onward claim that one or all makes them sick or feel bad, even though it's scientifically proven that these same people don't actually develop any symptoms so long as they aren't consciously aware that what they eat actually has any of it, just like that electromagnetic hypersensitivity bullshit.

This all is really just the modern incarnation of prayer as a cure, and overpriced shit from Whole Foods (which sells a lot of junk food) is the modern equivalent of buying indulgences.

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