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Comment Re: Toilet paper and timber? (Score 1) 235

Forest farming is measured in decades. The Tree Farm system in America started is 1941, despite opposition from the federal government...

It's likely that even the oldest Tree Farm has only been through 5-7 cycles. And while a 'Tree Farm' might sound like it's a first is nice, polite trees lined up in rows, truly it is mostly trees well organized but still growing through the underbrush, grass, and other litter...

Comment Re: Toilet paper and timber? (Score 2) 235

Straight thin trees are similar to harvest mechanically. Monocultured trees mature more predictably and concurrently, and so simplify harvesting. Replanted cuts have been the norm for decades, primarily by the paper industry, but in very limited circumstances for lumber operations.

I'm not surprised that trees are more plentiful now than in the past, not that many will find every possible reason why that is actually bad. Pathetic.

Comment Re:Not in a long time... (Score 1) 284

There as a USB implementation for Windows 95, I think it was only in an OEM version known as OEM SR 2.1 and after.

This was intended to address manufacturers need for the USB support, and was not supposed to be added to prior releases.

If you recall, USB host controllers were both flaky and numerous at the beginning, and hardware support in Windows 95 was difficult enough without having to deal with that mess. Microsoft let the dust settle a little bit before plunging in.

OEM drivers were mostly pus back then.

Mind you, if you wanted USB support and had a retail 95 version, the solution was to go to 98SE.

there were lots of other issues around Win 98 OSR2 and following versions, enough to drive you to 98 if your hardware was supported well. Ah, those days.

Comment Best OS evah (Score 1) 284

I installed the Windows 95 Upgrade on top of W4W3.11. Ran for 28 days without rebooting, in an era (28.8k modem, PPP connection, AOL over IP, Trumpet Winsock, Mozilla) where I rebooted 3-4 times an evening (once an hour) to restore my connection.

Then I got some patch from Windows Update. No such uptime ever again until Windows 8. But damn, 95 was the shizzle, compared to all else before it.

Comment Same story, different book. (Score 4, Informative) 68

"lack identity and location verification, and appear to have other data quality issues. One attempting to explore the petition data for the 67,022-and-counting signers of a new petition urging a quick response to a court decision that could cut the time international STEM students can work in the U.S. on student visas after graduation, for example, would be stymied by thousands of missing and non-U.S. postal codes."

Gee, sounds like Obama's campaign finance reports.

Before you mod this down, do sooner of your own reading on this. If you dare.

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