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Comment: Re: E-mail client? (Score 1) 83

by rickb928 (#49773999) Attached to: Attackers Use Email Spam To Infect Point-of-Sale Terminals

0. Square qualifies as a POS system. It requires a browser. I'm not claiming this is good or secure, just that it is.

1. Small businesses multitask at everything.

2. You seem to misunderstand the small business employee mindset, especially in retail. Seems like you would be a lot of fun to work for.

Comment: Re: *shrug* (Score 1) 386

by rickb928 (#49759457) Attached to: 25 Years Today - Windows 3.0

My first NetWare service call was to upgrade a DCB from 2x40mb drives to 2x80mb drives. That very server went to 4x2gb internal drives and from thinnet to gigabit Ethernet over the years before they finally tried it. 2.15c was a robust OS. Linking nic drivers was a chore. Mapping drive parameters to fit the limits of the OS took me a whole morning once, they would load and then fail creating volumes.

Fun times.

Comment: Re: Not the Issue (Score 1) 163

by rickb928 (#49759411) Attached to: 'Prisonized' Neighborhoods Make Recidivism More Likely

Amen. I rent apartments and regularly rent to men who are non-violent felons. They can't find rents in complexes where credit checks and references are expected.

I have had no troubles, save for one out of 12 over 9 years.

Many were found guilty of some form of violating a restraining order, repeat offenders, and in some states that gets you a felony.

They have a hard time finding work, but seem to keep jobs and pay their bills. For these at least, this is better than prison.

Comment: Re: *shrug* (Score 1) 386

by rickb928 (#49758593) Attached to: 25 Years Today - Windows 3.0

The company was called Novell. They certainly proved the network business was real enough for Microsoft and others to fight for it. I made a living installing NetWare 2.15 servers in banks using token-ring with Windows 3.x or DOS and WordPerfect. When NetWare 3 came out we could route to Ethernet and leave the token network with the IBM hardware these banks were stuck with.

But I first used Windows at v1. something to play Balance of Power. Terrible, but I always wanted Windows after that.

Comment: Re: Proving you understand spheres (Score 1) 493

by rickb928 (#49753843) Attached to: The Brainteaser Elon Musk Asks New SpaceX Engineers

The question 'where are you?' Have me the option of finding my one location. I didn't past that, just to avoid making the interview more complex that it needed to be.

Had they asked for the available options, I would have had to think through the others. Would I get extra points for considering 2-d options?

Comment: Re: It's not a networking issue. (Score 2) 384

by rickb928 (#49739053) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Way To Solve a Unique Networking Issue?

Professional Engineers do indeed have a code of ethics. Ask the NSPE.

But there are few network engineers that qualify as Professional Engineers. A P.E. is licensed and/or registered, and mostly a graduate of an engineering school.

Cisco certifications are demanding, but I doubt they qualify anyone as a P.E.

Comment: Nothing special (Score 1) 278

by rickb928 (#49703353) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What's On Your Keychain?

My keychain (Nite Ize S-biner) gets either one set of car keys or the other, most of the time. Rarely both. Also on it are the house keys, mailbox key, and two loyalty tags, for the supermarket and the auto parts store.

Most always with me:

Front pocket wallet with the minimum cards.
Leatherman Micra that needs to be sharpened.
Motorola Elite Flip headset.

My phone, the HTC One M8, is always with me.

Plantronics Backbeat Fit headset (fabulous).

And a pedometer while I choose a fitness gizmo.

Not much.

On my work bag are the office keys and hard token, and snapped on is the keychain and other car keys, just in case.

No watch. Never again.

Comment: Re: 100% Naval grade coffee (Score 4, Funny) 270

by rickb928 (#49699993) Attached to: Here Comes the Keurig of Everything

If you're not brewing your coffee specifically to strip paint and refinish your concrete, you're wasting your time and coffee.

If your community isn't collecting your grounds to pave the local highways, you're not doing it right.

If you bother to stir your coffee and get the spoon back, you're not trying hard enough.

If adding sugar doesn't cause a violent reaction requiring evacuation, you're not doing it right.

Coffee is intended to be a test of endurance and strength. C'mon, man...

An inclined plane is a slope up. -- Willard Espy, "An Almanac of Words at Play"