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Comment Re: so, open season on American civilians now? (Score 1) 74

Modulating your response is rarely helpful. With the bully, once you've given up on avoidance, the authorities, and reasoning, snack them hard. Or you continue to get abused.

In war, conventional war, you would if course focus on combatants, overwhelming force, quick resolution if possible.

In unconventional war, where combatants mix with civilians and disguise their identity, you have no such luxury. Starving them off their weapons sounds good until they start making them in kitchens. Starving them literally means starving their civilian shields.

Fortunately ISIL is becoming a well organized state-like entity. We could starve it's revenue, oil for instance, and see how many of its fighters flee. But our president is reluctant to do so. And given time, Iran may get access to enough funds to bankroll ISIL and deny that option.

So many people who find gains to deny the option of warfare in this modern world, while our enemies do not. Are they hopeful or oblivious?

Comment Re: so, open season on American civilians now? (Score 1) 74

You are at war with people who are at war with you.

Did the school bully ever ask you if you wanted to be bullied? Did the drunk in the bar ever ask if you'd like to be beaten up, please sir?

Seriously, if a group picks you as their enemy, it doesn't matter of they are a nation-state.

Comment I'm not sure this is as bad as it sounds (Score 2) 67

0. Surprisingly, cards are compromised all the time.
1. Some issuers know that as many as 40% of their cards in force are actually compromised.
2. All issuers employ fraud detection systems intended to identify the first fraudulent transaction. They aren't 100% effective, but getting better.
3. EMV (chip) cards add a significantly better authentication step by verifying the physical card is in fact being used. But this does little or nothing for card-not-present (cnp) transactions, like buying from Amazon or eBay.
4. American Express probably first does the usual fraud detection, spots fraud, disabled the card, and when a new one is issued might very well already have that account under greater scrutiny, at least for a while. Maybe.
5. Some fraud may even be 'ignored' to gather more information.
6. Most importantly, however, a replacement card must be activated, acknowledging receipt by the card holder. The fraudster must also break into that process or wait for the card holder. That's weak point maybe.
7. And purchases can leave a trail.

I'm being this is not such a big deal as it seems, at and easily fixed.

Comment The good ol' days (Score 1) 108

I worked with TWTs in the 70s, airborne systems not space. We could admit to Ku band capabilities, and the real limiting factor we were concerned with was the high voltage required. And vibration.

Fabulous devices. Lots of power output. Ours were tough. Radar systems relied on them mostly exclusively, replacing magnetrons. Very difficult to adjust though, and a finite life.

Now, can we get cold cathode tech into 12AX7s and 6L6s?

Comment Re:I have an idea (Score 1) 594

You think that was partisan? 7 years we've had virtually no leadership in Washington. That's not limited to any single party.

I don't have anyone to vote for for federal office. No Senator, no Representative, only one Presidential candidate and I'm not hopeful he will get through the primaries and nomination process, the establishment has that well rigged.

And no, my favorite isn't who you think it is, because you're a flaming idiot. You cannot know.

Comment Re:I have an idea (Score 1) 594

"Either Obama MEANT to "dick around", as you put it, or he's COMPLETELY incompetent - as are Hillary! and Kerry, at the very least."

If you define incompetence as 'permitting your ideology to guide your actions instead of responding to the situation as it actually is', then yes, they are all incompetent.

Except for Obama. He is intentional, I believe, based on his own words and history.

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