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Comment: Still unsure about Wheeler. (Score 2) 63

by Chas (#49553061) Attached to: FCC Chairman: a Former Cable Lobbyist Who Helped Kill the Comcast Merger

Okay, let's be honest here.

The guy was put under an electron microscope the second this hot issue came up.

Had this not been as controversial as it was, I SERIOUSLY doubt that he or the issue would have had that kind of all-seeing scrutiny.

In many cases, skulduggery requires apathy and/or ignorance from the general public.

The Comcast/TWC merger had a few octillion candle power focused on it from all directions.

You had consumers going "FUCK NO!" by the millions.

You had reportage going "FUCK NO!"

Hell, you had POLITICIANS going "FUCK NO!"

Had he rubber-stamped this merger, all manner of people would have been howling for blood. He'd be removed from his position, and the ensuing legal and political inquiries would have essentially ended his life and neutered any prospect of future employment.

So, with pretty much EVERYONE standing over his shoulder (with club in hand), he was FORCED to play it straight.

Comment: Re:Either way (Score 1) 14

by Chas (#49551849) Attached to: A Guide To the 5 Cybersecurity Bills Now Before Congress

I hope that the elected officials in Congress, that promised to serve the public, actually read the bills before voting on them.


That's funny.

Basically, officials care about three things:

1) Did THEY get money out of it?
2) Is one of their pork projects rider'ed in on the bill?
3) Was primary authorship of said bill under the proper wing of the US Political Monoparty?

Comment: Re:This never works (Score 3, Insightful) 279

by Chas (#49549195) Attached to: Microsoft, Chip Makers Working On Hardware DRM For Windows 10 PCs

You're right. It'll either be broken or it'll just deep-six the format.

I wish these jackasses would just stop wasting time, money and other resources telling people how they should consume content and put the cash they save towards...more/better content.

Fuck me! If they'd just stop with this idiotic shit, I'd look the other way and CHEER if they just used the saved cash to line their own pockets!

Look at the current situation of Blu-Ray.

There are NO free players out there that work reliably.

Most Blu-Ray player software, that isn't the trial versions that come with a drive, costs between $50 and $70
And all the PAID ones stop working for newer disks and force you to pay AGAIN to upgrade 4-12 months after purchase. Not to mention most of these programs are buggy as shit too.

Something like AnyDVD costs the US equivalent of $90 with updates for 2 years (and can be bought with lifetime support/upgrades for $130).
And you can recycle an old PC, toss in a few disks and BOOM! Media server!
At that point, it's actually less hassle and expense to RIP a Blu-Ray to a video file than it is to LEGITIMATELY play the disk!

Why? All this stupid DRM crap standing between the content makers, the content and the consumer.

Comment: Stardate 201504.23 (Score 1) 297

Upon approaching the Neutral Zone with the RIAA, we have encountered an immensely powerful Stupid Field.

But it's okay! We're drinking like fish and flinging poo at each other while Mr. Snot attempts to bore a hole in the outer hull and let space in...

Man. And I thought Apple fanboys lived in a powerful RDF!

Comment: Re:Apple? (Score 2, Insightful) 411

by Chas (#49540875) Attached to: We'll Be the Last PC Company Standing, Acer CEO Says

A Mac is basically a UEFI x86 box running on non-standard hardware. It will happily allow a recent Windows version to be installed on it, with or without BootCamp. In fact, in some scenarios, if one compares hardware features to hardware features, and steps into the reality distortion field, Apple's offerings actually feel cheaper than the PCs with the exact same specs.

Of course, Apple isn't really gunning for the enterprise, mostly because they can't handle it and thus, don't want it, in addition to the fact that most enterprise implementers wouldn't put up with their clown-shoes support antics, so some company ordering 10,000 iMacs with a specific company-custom Windows image isn't likely, but their hardware is definitely usable, so long as you don't mind paying for what's essentially a branding fee.

Okay. Went through and converted that to English from Mac Fanboi.


Comment: Re:No wifi, less space than a Nomad, lame? (Score 0, Troll) 74

by Chas (#49533967) Attached to: Apple Offers Expedited Apple Watch Order Lottery To Developers

Yeah. Must be the buyers who are braindead, not people like yourself (and CmdrTaco) who can't see what Apple actually does bring to the table.

So, they bring MMO-style gambling to the purchase of a watch?


Hundreds of years of watchmaking, and we've been waiting for THIS! ... ... ...


Turning insufficient supply of a crappy product into gambling opportunity for all of the sheeple.

What next? The Apple Pen? The Apple Shoe? The Apple Belt?

Oh! I know! The Apple WALL SOCKET!

Like a regular wall socket, but white, with an embossed, glow in the dark Apple logo!

Seriously, Apple could package fresh feces, say it came from Steve Jobs, and millions of fanboys would real-life deathmatch for the opportunity to buy it.

A rolling disk gathers no MOS.