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Comment Re:RAID 0 is not for anything you don't want to lo (Score 1) 73

Hopefully we start seeing boards transitioning over to offering connectivity for ever-greater numbers of M.2 drives.

For RAID-0, the big issue is "lose a drive and you're fucked".

For RAID-5, the big issue is "lose a drive on a large-enough array and you could be looking at an unrecoverable read error during the array recovery".

Granted, most of the people who are using these setups are frothing gamers and hardware junkies who aren't keeping anything truly valuable within those filesystems.
But for those who are looking for truly dependable storage solutions, they should be looking at RAID-10 or better, or looking to offload their storage needs to a device that can handle something like RAID-6 or high-level ZFS.

Comment Re:One word (Score 2) 171

Honestly, most of your options don't lead to demonstrably better selections.

With an option to vote for "None of the Above", voters have a way to tell the various political entities "None of these assholes are acceptable. Try harder."

Then give the parties 45 days to find and prep another candidate (who can't be one of the rejects).

I can almost guarantee that we'll stop seeing these huge, clout-heavy, money-munching campaigns when said asshat candidates can be told "Oh that was cute. Now run along!"

Comment Re:Nobody is buying email software anymore (Score 0, Flamebait) 244

Outlook is for business, because Exchange is for business.

Outlook is a shitty mail client for idiots because Exchange is a shitty mail solution for lazy-fuck admins.

The ONLY thing Exchange has going for it is that it's integrated into Active Directory, making mail user creation part of domain user creation.

If it weren't for this sad fact, Exchange would have died years and years and years ago.

The fact that you have a MAIL SERVICE that literally eats the entire resources of a server, belches and screams for more, all while delivering bare functionality, for a minimal number of people is an absolute joke.

Comment Why the fuck would a nerd give a shit about this? (Score 1) 108

Why should anyone who isn't a greedy corporate raider or rapper wannabe care about "Greedy corporate raider threatens rapper"?

Let's see, I have zero desire to buy a company, jack up prices or dismantle it.

I wear my pants up around my waist where they belong.
If I wear a ball cap, it isn't set on my head cockeyed.
I don't drown myself in bling. Hell, I don't wear bling in the first place.
I don't talk funny.
I don't shoot people over a pair of Air Jordans or some silly east/west coast rivalry that is ALMOST as meaningless as the rivalry between democrat and republican.

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