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Comment: I can sympathize (Score 2) 516

by Chas (#49341899) Attached to: Comcast's Incompetence, Lack of Broadband May Force Developer To Sell Home

I currently have a $250 bill in collections from those jackasses at AT&T.

Several years ago, my landlords booted Comcast out and went with some fly-by-night Satellite/DSL reseller.

I'm eligible for 4G Service through Clearwire, but I'm on a SW facing of a brick, concrete and steel building, with the nearest antenna being NE of me. So I would get 1 bar connectivity most of the time. Totally untenable for anything other than web surfing.

As such, I'm stuck on AT&T DSL. I'm currently grandfathered into a 6Mbit/512K plan.
Recently I'd started getting notices about exceeding my bandwidth cap.
So I took a look at their business DSL. A bit more expensive, but at least it was a controlled cost, unlike capped consumer service.
I ask to make sure I can still maintain the same speeds I have now, as my upstream speed is BARELY able to accommodate my IP phone (heavy internet traffic causes my phone to start chopping up).
I get told "yeah yeah yeah" to pretty much everything I ask.
The day they show up to do the switchover, I get told that I'm getting 3Mbit/384K and went "whoa".
Apparently they stopped offering 6Mbit in my area because most of the lines are in need of replacement. And AT&T isn't going to invest in infrastructure in this area until they are FORCED to (due to fear of being getting fucked over the way Comcast was).
I immediately cancelled. Yet they stuck me with a $250 bill.

For what? A service I never used and never should have been sold? All because one of their sales-fucks wanted to make quota?

Uh uh!

Comment: A lot of this depends on price really. (Score 1) 184

Currently a LiON system is about 3x the price of a Lead Acid installation. Granted, the LiON has a smaller physical footprint and power spec due to efficiencies in LiON tech. But 3x the cost is 3x the cost. Maybe Tesla can bring that cost down some. Otherwise doing an solar install in locations other than sunny places like Nevada/Arizona don't make economic sense.

There's also the issue of thermal runaway.
Granted, current lead-acid batteries have a thermal runaway problem, but LiON is more prone to it due to the higher energy densities involved.

Lead Acid doesn't normally light up when the casing is breached.

Look up Lithium Ion fire or cell phone battery fire online and watch videos of LiON batteries burning VERY vigorously.
What happens if a home user's $45,000 worth of LiON goes Kurgan and decides it'd rather burn out than fade away?

Comment: Re:Oi vey. Applicability? (Score 1) 316

by Chas (#49328409) Attached to: Costa Rica Goes 75 Days Powering Itself Using Only Renewable Energy

No. I'm chastising environmentalists who do sloppy work and write sloppy papers with a definitive bias.

As for bothering to read what they wrote on the subject. How do YOU know that I didn't read?

As for being stereotypical. You OBVIOUSLY don't know me.

I'm all for using clean forms of power generation where they make sense.
I'm all for leaving this planet a cleaner (from WHATEVER forms of "pollution") place than I found it when I first popped out.

What I have a VIOLENT bias against is sloppy, yellow-journalism-style publication and coverage. Boldly presenting "facts" for a thing without covering the caveats.

I want to proceed into the future.

I want that future to be a bright, clean and safe one.

I DO NOT want to go stumbling into a future set up for me by a bunch of shysters and snake oil salesmen. Dystopia wouldn't even BEGIN to describe how bad that could be.

Comment: So. Zombie Google Glass? (Score 1) 140

by Chas (#49321463) Attached to: "Google Glass Isn't Dead!" Says Google's CEO Eric Schmidt

[Zombie] Rrrh. Brains. Rrrh. Brains.

[Cornered Victim] Ah! I'm doomed!


[Zombie] Ah dammit! The battery just ran down again! What the fuck? I was just getting to the good part!

[Cornered Victim] Uh. I'm... Doomed?

[Zombie] Oh put a sock in it! Just...just...get out! I'll shuffle you down LATER! Goddamn Glass! I can operate with this six inch hole clear through my torso! *Waggles hand in the hole* And this thing can't last long enough to record a chase and a bit of brain feast! I shoulda just bought a frickin' GoPro!

Comment: So. Zombies with Google Glass? (Score 2) 140

by Chas (#49321417) Attached to: "Google Glass Isn't Dead!" Says Google's CEO Eric Schmidt

[Zombie] Rrrh! Brains...

[Trapped victim] AGH! I'm DOOMED!


[Zombie] DAMN! My Google Glass ran the battery down again! Now how am I supposed to document my brain feastage!

[Trapped Victim] ???

[Zombie] Oh just get out dammit! I'll shuffle you down NEXT TIME! Damn tech! I can operate with a six inch hole in my chest! *Waggles a hand in the hole* And this thing can't even record a decently long chase-down and brain feast! Shoulda bought a damn GoPro!

Comment: Oi vey. Applicability? (Score 1) 316

by Chas (#49320531) Attached to: Costa Rica Goes 75 Days Powering Itself Using Only Renewable Energy

Costa Rica is roughly 20,000 Square Miles.
That's about half again the size of the NYC metropolitan area.

Rewrite it to read "Tiny country you can walk across in a couple days...."

Second, they're down on/near the equator. Long days. Mostly great weather. Now compare to Chicago, with roughly 30 days of snowfall a year (mostly in a period of 8 months)

Third, they got helped by high (even for them) rains, allowing their hydro resources to run at a higher capacity.

And, as others have noted, funny that eco-nuts are normally so averse to hydro power because of environmental factors.
But when it helps achieve things like this, NOT A FUCKING PEEP.

Comment: Re:Waste of time (Score 1) 252

by Chas (#49289169) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Building a Home Media Center/Small Server In a Crawlspace?

Sorry AC.

I READ the original post.

I'm saying that he's being unrealistic wanting to put it in a crawlspace with no environmental controls.

Even a completely fanless solution in an environment like that will collect dust in megaton quantities. And you can't hard-seal the device away to avoid moisture because it'll overheat in short order. Simply dumping dessicant packets in with it won't offset the moisture issue, as it'll condense out of the air and onto every surface.

Sure, if he wanted to forego his next automotive purchase, he could probably find (and afford) an environmentally hardened unit that would do MOST of what he wants.

His other option would be to convert the crawlspace into a semi-finished, insulated, environmentally controlled room. However there may be monetary or logistical problems there.

But, in the long run, he's better off building an silent or near-silent HTPC and putting it in an environmentally controlled area. Either integrated into his entertainment center, or tucked away in a closet with adequate venting.

Comment: Re:WTF? (Score 1) 79

by Chas (#49277159) Attached to: Judicial Committee Approves FBI Plan To Expand Hacking Powers

Talking like that would get me assassinated before the first ballot was ever cast.

Moreover, I don't have the patience to "play the game" the way all these incumbents would force me to.

That's part of the problem right here. All the favor mongering and "quid pro quo or I obstruct you" bullshit that goes on.

I'd probably be the first elected official to run berserk with a gun and execute numerous colleagues.

Comment: Solar Concentration 6,000 TWh? (Score 1) 437

Okay, current solar concentration clocks in at about 100MW steady output and about 300GWh per annum per square mile of facility.

You're talking about covering up about 20,000 square miles, or roughly 12% of the state, in solar concentrator facilities.

Never mind that Nuclear is many times more energy-dense and could support the state, with a more realistic investment in renewables in just a fraction of that land area.

Comment: Re:WTF? (Score 1) 79

by Chas (#49274267) Attached to: Judicial Committee Approves FBI Plan To Expand Hacking Powers

How pessimistic can you get? I don't buy that as a realistic assessment.

And that's why this slow erosion of our rights will continue apace.

Because people, as a large, unified group don't stand up and say "No" to this sort of bullshit, and then back it up with force if necessary.

Because, at the end of the day, all power derives from the application of force, or threat of force.

You can pretend it's all about civility and enlightenment. But people can still choose to be uncivil. And stupidity abounds. And, in the end, naked force, and the willingness to use it pretty much ALWAYS "wins" the argument.

The day will come, when people will have nothing left but their gilded little cages and a vague perception of liberty. The longer we put off that inevitable confrontation, the more people it's going to kill in the end.

If you don't want a tree to fall on your house, you don't plant a tree, and you cut them back before they get big enough to fall on you.
You don't just let the tree grow wild, have it fall on the house, then cut it up afterwards and complain about the damage.

Saliva causes cancer, but only if swallowed in small amounts over a long period of time. -- George Carlin