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Comment Tell me it's an optional plugin... (Score 1) 32


If Mozilla wants to do other projects, GREAT.

But stop trying to fold in every half-assed pseudo-plugin into the browser! Allow people the ability to install AT WILL, rather than forcing people to fuck around with your buggy, unstable alpha code!

This is why Mozilla was born in the first place! Bloat in Netscape!

And, while you're at it, get someone developing Mozilla who actually BELIEVES in developing Mozilla. Not re-jiggering Mozilla to look and act like Chrome because you've got a hard-on for Chrome and want to fondle the Google cock.

Because the current leadership at Mozilla has exactly ZERO interest in continued development and bugfixing of their flagship product.

Comment Enterprise Business? *GUFFAW* APPLE? (Score 1) 86

Hold on. Is it April first? Because that's GOT to be a joke.

Apple doesn't want, and cannot handle enterprise business.

Because enterprise customers, spending millions, aren't as forgiving of Apple's little "oopsies" the way their fanboy userbase is.
And having technicians constantly going "Well try this piece of software and see if it does what you want" would get old quickly.

The Mac developer base couldn't support it (bless their eclectic little hearts...)

Now the elephant in the room. Apple's inherent undependability.

People have been throwing a shit fit for the past few years about Windows 8 and the lack of a START MENU. The reason Windows 8 didn't take off was because enterprise was NOT willing to absorb retraining costs.

What happens when Apple decides to go its own way again and literally changes PLATFORMS (a'la PPC to x86) at some point in the future? You think enterprise customers are going to take a risk like that?


Apple's cut themselves a foofy little niche amongst cool kids, artsie-fartsie types and people who don't know any better. They simply aren't equipped to deal with anything at the enterprise level.

Comment I don't want a fucking TV channel! (Score 5, Insightful) 277

I want something that allows me to watch movies and/or episode-based content AS *I* want.

Their offerings of content have continued to get slimmer in the recent couple of years. And I'm finding myself using them less and less.

If Netflix stops delivering that content altogether, I stop subscribing.

And, if we start seeing ADS attached to the content, I'm fucking outta there so fast the wind of my passing will bowl you over.

Comment Re:Ban all NUKES NOW - accident waiting to happen (Score 2) 165

Then come back and talk about it once we have a world power grid in place.

Until then, the fact that central Wath Libya, Papunya Australia and Kayenta Arizona are perfect environments for generating massive solar power doesn't help people in Patlong Lesotho, Christchurch New Zealand or Bangor Maine.

It's what's known as "putting the cart before the horse".

Sure, small-scale stuff gets done. But not everyone can afford to drop the cash for a solar array or a wind turbine.
And not every place is suitable for doing so. Or should homeowners in Chicago be forced to climb out on their second and third story rooftops after a blizzard, risking life and limb, just to sweep off their panels? The main problem is that the current grid system(s) (PLURAL) simply aren't built for the sort of distributed input that renewables represents.

Fission nuclear power works NOW. And can tide us over on base load as we ramp up a modern power grid and increase renewables production to handle peak loads. Together, they can tide us over until we can perfect fusion or another form of clean power (vacuum energy extraction anyone?)

Comment John Sculley? The guy who nearly killed Apple? (Score 3, Insightful) 133

Sure, the guy ran Pepsico for a while.

But his business management was so damn pedestrian that he took Apple from a growing company with a complete lock on the education and AV markets to an also-ran that became so afraid of innovation (mostly because Jobs had gone wild, running after any and everything, before that) that the company stagnated nearly to death.

He was okay as a brand manager. But absolute shit at actually LEADING the company and bringing forth new products.

Comment Re:Worst outcome? Social. All the fucking prudes. (Score 1) 370

Again, I have no problem with "private" judgements. Honestly, I'm not exactly enamored of most of the people who used the site myself.

My problem is with a select subset who're actively getting their jollies from the fact that people are being caused pain (and not just the AM subscribers), losing their jobs, etc.
My problem is with the select subset that thinks it is "okay" to climb a pulpit and scream their neighbors' sins, generally acting as if they're sin-free, meanwhile completely glossing over the fact that they're no better.

They're the neighbor who's constantly peeping over the fence, into windows, and listening at doors.

I'm not saying I'm pure as the driven snow.

I'm saying I detest such buttinskies as much, OR MORE, than I do cheaters. Probably more, because cheating is a flash in the pan. Big explosion and then it kinda peters out.
Nosy, judgmental hypocrites are pretty much ubiquitous.

Comment Re:Worst outcome? Social. All the fucking prudes. (Score 1) 370

It'd be nice if people would actually learn to fucking read.

I've already said, multiple times, that cheating isn't okay.

But neither is screaming about your neighbor's sins from a bully pulpit.

Glass houses, two wrongs not making a right.

Etc, etc.

And I noticed that you safeguarded yourself behind an AC post.

Why? You have nothing to hide, don't you?

Comment Re:Worst outcome? Social. All the fucking prudes. (Score 1) 370

Sorry, I was brought up to believe that what went on with adults in their private lives was just that. Private.

Was what these people did "right"? In many cases, no.

But there's NOBODY who's straight and moral and upright all the time. Sorry. NOBODY.

So, I say again, people who live in glass houses shouldn't be chucking rocks.

Comment Re:Worst outcome? Social. All the fucking prudes. (Score 1) 370

I made my point.

On one hand, cheating is, of course, wrong.

But nobody elected you, or any of the hackers or other shitty fucking people who're happy these people are suffering now, as arbiters of The Right.


If you don't like that, the only problem here is YOU.

Once you have your own glass house in order, THEN, maybe you can start bleating about "wrong" and chucking rocks.

I didn't say only perfect people can criticize.

I'm saying that the people who ARE criticizing have no business doing so. PARTIALLY because they're at LEAST as much of a sack of shit as the people they're castigating.

Mind you, these are people who are ACTIVELY getting their jollies off human suffering, self-inflicted or otherwise.

As for "stop being an idiot". You first. Demonstrate some of that upright moral character you are intimating you have.

And no, saying that I disagree with people who're getting their jollies off screaming about their neighbors' sins is NOT the same thing as defending those people.

Take a fucking rhetoric class.

Comment Worst outcome? Social. All the fucking prudes. (Score 3, Insightful) 370

Now. I'm not saying cheating on one's significant other is okay. Far from it.

But the whole, holier-than-thou, buttinsky lot of self-appointed moral guardians who are PERFECTLY happy to tear people down for their perceived faults, as if these hypocrites had no faults of their own, and generally starting a fast-pitch league in their own glass houses.

I know, I know. The US, in general, is stupidly puritanical and judgmental (with emphasis on "mental").

And, basically, these assholes feel that everyone else's rights cease when such rights contradict their "feels" and prejudices.

The world would be MUCH better off if everyone would just mind their own fucking business and stop prying into other peoples' lives.

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