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Comment: Re:new argument to undo copyright extension (Score 1) 88

by Chas (#49178613) Attached to: Has the Supreme Court Made Patent Reform Legislation Unnecessary?

The thing is, the government has an almost unassailable lock on the use of force. Not that ANYONE can't use force. But the government can do it bigger, badder and better than pretty much anyone else.

With that, they can pretty much dictate what your "rights" are and are not.

It's only because the politicians can't guarantee loyalty (and their own security) from their armed forces if given such orders that prevents them from simply dictating that you have no rights and telling the public to go pound sand.

So we get the byzantine crap with our government slowly, but inexorably eroding our rights through legislation and all the "rights" are for rent (not sale, as sale implies a permanent situation) to the highest bidder of the moment.

Comment: Re:Split on this. (Score 1) 503

Sorry, but on instances of government, I take an "us vs them" stance.

Us, being the general populace of the US. The people the government is supposed to be accountable to.
Them, being the government, elected and appointed officials and all the aides, toadies, hangers-on, etc that constitute our vastly overgrown federal, state and local apparatus.

But if you want to turn this into Republicrats vs Demoblicans, that's on you.

Comment: Re:Split on this. (Score 1) 503

The whole Snowden debacle showed us that wrongdoing CAN be caught by forcing these people to use accountable services.

Rather than taking things off to private, unaccountable services.

Sure, the release of the Snowden info embarrassed a lot of people. But they were people doing things they shouldn't have been in the first place. Thinking that NOBODY would EVER get to look at government data who wasn't already in on the swindle.

Comment: 202,586 people volunteer to make a snuff film. (Score 0) 233

by Chas (#49067603) Attached to: Mars One: Final 100 Candidates Selected

That's essentially what it is.

All you jackasses saying "Well, birth is a death sentence." can fuck off.

All pithy sayings aside, a one way Mars mission at this point is little more than a multi-victim snuff film.

These people aren't going to die of old age or related causes.

They're going to die of asphyxia, starvation, decompression, etc, as they're going to be shot out there with little to no actual means of support.

It's not like they can just get out there and live off the land.

So, great, we get video of people dying horribly in an alien environment with no hope of rescue, as the nearest people are at least 35 million miles and a MINIMUM of 40 days (with a maximum of 289 days and a median of 162 days) away.

Anybody who actually volunteered for this was an idiot.

Anyone who actually goes through with this is a suicidal idiot.

Anyone who actually facilitates these suicidal idiots is a sonofabitch and a murderer.

Comment: Re:Secret Wars? (Score 1) 98

by Chas (#49027825) Attached to: Spider-Man Finally Joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe

There is no reason for Marvel to break into the motion picture entertainment business

Sure there is.


Just looking at US box office, of the top 50 highest grossing movies, there are 11 comic book films. 8 of which are Marvel property films. All but three are actually PRODUCED by Marvel.
Representing over THREE BILLION DOLLARS in revenue. And that's just the US box office. Worldwide receipts are even BIGGER.

Marvel was not ALWAYS a subsidiary of Walt Disney Company. And the push towards Marvel Studios and the MCU began before the 2009 purchase.
It just accelerated once mouse money was involved. And, considering the returns, I don't blame Disney for shoveling cash at them at all.

I agree about the renegotiations being about creating bigger returns on investment however.

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