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by Pascoea (#47681019) Attached to: The Billion-Dollar Website
That really is an excellent question. It's tough to answer, beyond the usual "Why SHOULDN'T we have free healthcare, you a heartless asshole."

My initial though is, I am entitled to healthcare because we live in a civilized country, and it is the moral thing to do. And people have a basic right to live out their natural life alive. If someone gets dragged into the hospital dying, your choices are to help him or let him die. Human beings, for the most part, are designed to be compassionate. The "I'd rather just let him die" people are in the definite minority. (Again, leaving the financial argument out of it) Now you just have to figure out how to pay for keeping that person alive.

And to me, it only makes sense, purely from a financial perspective. I pay $XXX per month, my employer pays $YYYY for "Health Insurance". I use quotes because it's not really insurance. I carry car insurance because if something catastrophic happens to my car I will need a new one. If I don't have car insurance I don't get a new car. If I don't get a new car, my life will be significantly inconvenienced, but I'll still be alive. I carry health insurance because if I don't carry it and something catastrophic happens they will still do what is reasonable and necessary to make sure I don't die. Wait, what? Yup, it still gets paid for. They will ruin me financially if I don't have insurance, but they aren't going to lock me out of the hospital, and SOMEONE is going to end up paying for it.

So, now we have the insurance companies. Their job is solely to sit between me and my hospital. And they "earn", collectively, over $13B in profit annually to do so. That's a shit load of money. And that is just the profit. That come's after they have paid their thousands and thousands of employee's salary. I know it's the norm to hate on insurance companies, but holy shit, what value do they add to this equation?

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This whole argument revolves around Obamacare. You can argue its effectiveness till you are blue in the face and never get anywhere. You would be more successful arguing about religion or programming languages.

It boils down to one simple question that you have to get consensus on before you can move forward: Is healthcare a basic human right? I specifically left out words like "affordable" and "quality" because they dilute the conversation. It is simple, if I am sick am I entitled to get better? I would love to hear somebody answer "no" to that question, and offer a reasonable justification without using any terms related to affordability, money, insurance companies, or quality of care.

So, assuming you are all with me on the basic right to healthcare, we dive into the money part of it. Which is what all of the bitching is actually about. Everybody has the right to get well, who pays for it? The current solution is that everybody has to buy health "insurance". If you can't "afford" it the gov't will help you pay for it. This is where the current administration looses me. And since this is Slashdot, why not use a car analogy. The gov't assumes that at some point, everybody in the country is going to have to get from one place to another, so they make it mandatory that everybody must own a vehicle. If you can't afford a car, they will help you buy one. Some people will drive their car every day, some cars will sit in the garage all day every day. Yes, in theory, everybody will be able to get where they need to go when they need to go there. But what about all of the money wasted on the cars sitting around not being driven, where has that gone? You can bet the guys at GM, Ford, Toyota, et al. are happier than pigs in shit. They just broke every sales record they have ever set. That is my frustration with Obamacare, the gov't just handed truck fulls of money to the insurance companies (who have been continuously turning record profits.)

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Surprisingly, IN MY EXPERIENCE (In Minnesota), the DMV was an absolute nightmare, even compred to Comcast. I have lived in Michigan, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and now Minnesota. MN has BY FAR the worst DMV. It took me 3 hours and four trips to two different buildings get my drivers licenses and vehicles registered. Comcast, on the other hand, was insanely painless. I stopped in their store, grabbed a cable modem, went home and plugged it in. Now, let's not talk about the time that they shut my internet off for no reason, blamed it on "security" (apparently someone had walked into the store using my address to start up a new account). Since it was after 8PM the sales office was closed and they couldn't turn my internet back on. It took an hour, but eventually I got through to a call center in CA that was able to turn it back on.

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by Pascoea (#47198311) Attached to: Musk Will Open Up Tesla Supercharger Patents To Spur Development
I was reading a similar article that came through yahoo news today. I got down to the comments (which are the best part about Yahoo news) and the first one was from an investor bitching about Tesla "giving away" their technology. It was basically a "won't somebody please think about the shareholder" comment. Just dumbfounded that someone can be that shortsighted...

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You have a good point there. Being the technologically inclined type, I get a certain level of both amusement and frustration of watching someone struggle with technology. It's like people see a computer screen and just freeze. 'Cause it's pretty hard to figure out to touch a flavor, then push the giant flashing button that says "press here" My first experience with one was standing behind a 40 year old biker-type watching him cuss out the machine because he couldn't figure it out. lol.

And then you have the soccer mom with 14 kids, none of which can make a decision on what kind of diabetes water they want...

Not gonna lie, I was hoping you had some insight into any technical problems with it. I used to work for the CM that helped them build it, I left before they started this project though.

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by Pascoea (#47047319) Attached to: Gun Rights Groups Say They Don't Oppose Smart Guns, Just Mandates
I know I'm just feeding the troll here, but I can't help it.

Full disclosure, I'm a gun owner. I wouldn't call myself a "gun nut" by your standards, but I believe I have a right to on the hunting rifle and shotgun I own.

My question to you, my obviously excessively "liberal" friend, is what the fuck is the point of owning and carrying a weapon if you aren't going to carry it all the time? You carry it all the time because situations that arise that may require you to use you chosen form of protection aren't exactly scheduled. A rapist isn't going to say "Oh, sorry Ma'am. I didn't realize today wasn't rape day. Meet you tomorrow at the same time? Don't forget your gun."

I realize this is probably a bad example for you, but let's look at another form of protection. A condom. It's used to protect consenting adults from problems that tend to arise from sexual intercourse. It doesn't do you any good when you're on your way to the girls house and the condom is sitting in your fucking sock drawer at home, does it! I realize it's tough to compare avoiding getting an STD or unwanted pregnancy to getting forcibly raped because you are un-armed that day...

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by Pascoea (#46907505) Attached to: Jury Finds Apple and Samsung Infringed Each Other's Patents
In a round-about way, yes, I believe he is saying that Samsung ripped off Apple. But in the same breath implied that Apple is stealing Samsung's shit. Which, as he said, everybody already knew that. So, in the end, they trade a shit ton of money, neither of them change what they are doing, and the price you and I pay for a smartphone goes up by 10c to subsidize the lawyers. Great system we have going.

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