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Comment Re: Net Neutrality? (Score 1) 173

If you need a larger pipe installed your installation will cost more.

The power company is not in any way dictating what you can or can't use their power for. They are just saying if your usage rate is above a certain threshold your per-unit rate is going to be higher. A 25Mb cable connection isn't going to cost as much as a 10Mb fiber link.

Comment Re:I'm not exactly fond of it, but .... (Score 1) 314

I live in a place where traffic doesn't matter much, and an address tells you how to get there

Huh, well the majority of the people in the developed world live in a type of area that doesn't follow your backwoods example. Where I need to go could take 15 minutes or it could take an hour, depending on weather and traffic. That same trip could have 3 routes, and the elapsed time for each is different every day. YOU may not understand why traffic predictions are wonderful, but I do. I enjoy the fact that if traffic is fucked up on one route, my phone will alert me. I enjoy the fact that google will let me see how long it's going to take to get to my cross-town appointment at 5PM vs 10AM.

why should my phone care what I did on my desktop

How about for the exact reason the OP suggested? I love the fact that I can google for something, find it on the map, then have it show up on my phone. I use it multiple times a week. I love that my bookmarks are synced between my devices.

Just because you don't like things doesn't mean they are useless. Oh, and all of the things that the OP mentioned he likes requires you to be signed in to chrome. Don't want it to do that? Don't sign into chrome on your pc.

Comment Re:I'm not exactly fond of it, but .... (Score 1) 314

What restaurant did chrome return? Did you choose it or did google choose it?...These are the kinds of things joe sixpack will see coming his way in the near future.

Wow. Just wow. How do you function with shit like that rattling around in your brain?

But an ad for a camera might seduce me into spending money on something i would not normally spend money on.

Maybe if an advertisement is swaying your thinking that much, you might not be as smart as you give yourself credit for.

Comment Re:Queue debate/trolling (Score 1) 85

Some resources would have been "depleted", but others would have been "concentrated into convenient, usable form in industrial ruins". Once you grant the initial massive die-off, the survivors might be able to bootstrap via an economy based mostly on scavenging. It would still be hard and horrible, but not necessarily hopeless.

Didn't they make a video game about that at some point? That sounds familiar.

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