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Comment: Re:Evidence? (Score 2) 302 302

I came here to post the exact thing as the GP. I just signed up for the update and it said it would download when it was available on the 29th...

I don't think there is anything pedantic about your comment at all, it is a very valid point. Not like a software company has ever pushed something out before it was ready. released != ready

Comment: Re:Uber doesn't own the vehicles, correct? (Score 4, Insightful) 346 346

Am I missing something here?


"There is no set definition of the term "independent contractor" and as such, one must look to the interpretations of the courts and enforcement agencies to decide if in a particular situation a worker is an employee or independent contractor... DLSE starts with the presumption that the worker is an employee."

Basically they are saying that everyone is an employee unless proven otherwise, but there is no standard for proof. Awesome system ya got there.

Comment: Bring out the stickers and crying hipsters. (Score 3, Funny) 288 288

So now the good folks at Monster will have to go put black stickers over the "Made for iDevice" logos on their packages, and the millions of hipsters will cry out in horror as their overpriced headphones will no longer work with their iPhones.

+ - Netflix Is Experimenting with Advertising ->

derekmead writes: Netflix is experimenting with advertisements that run both before and after users watch a video. It's unclear whether or not the company will eventually push ads to everyone.

For now, the company is primarily experimenting with the HBO model of pitching its own original programming to viewers. The company is only showing trailers for shows like Orange Is the New Black and House of Cards—it has not attempted to sell third party ads, and the company told me that, for the moment, only specific users in specific markets are seeing ads.

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Comment: His letter (Score 2) 363 363

I have to admit, whether he actually wrote it or not, the letter to the judge was pretty powerful. I realize it's just a bunch of bullshit, designed to get him the lightest sentence possible, but it was still good bullshit.

That being said, when you can physically murder someone and still not get a life sentence, I think the penalty may have been a little harsh. I don't understand how a life sentance "as to make a harsh example out of Ulbricht" helps anything.

Comment: Re:Tesla enables Edison to win the endgame? (Score 1) 597 597

Yes, a small amount when compared to the number of AC transmission lines, but the parent comment didn't mention anything about a comparison (other than the difference between AC and DC termination degradation)

By your logic, there are only a handfull of Ferraris on the road (Ok, I had to stretch for this one... 7000/year sold vs 15.6M/year sold, or .04%), or only a "handfull" of CO2 in the atmosphere (.04%). That low percentage, compared to other cars and compounds, doesn't mean there isn't a shit load of Ferarris or CO2 out there, as the parent was seeming to imply.

Comment: Re:Follow the Good Eats mantra (Score 1) 270 270

Oh, dammit, I forgot one:

Will your microwave only cook shit that comes in an authentic Kitchen Aid brand bowl that has a specific color rim? Because god knows how much I love that "feature" of my piece of shit coffee pot. I'd hate to be free to choose what kind of coffee I drink in the morning.

(I say all of this as if I don't own a piece of shit Keruig that I use every day and will most likely replace with a new one when this one dies a year from now .)

Comment: Re:Follow the Good Eats mantra (Score 1) 270 270

My Keurig can also make hot cider, hot chocolate, or hot water for tea.

So can my microwave.

Yeah, but can your microwave make a cool "ka-chunk ka-chunk ka-chunk, gurgle gurgle gurgle, whoosh" noise, while consuming countless overpriced non-recyclable non-biodegradable coffee pods, then inexplicably die after a year? Yeah, I didn't think so.

You just keep your fancy multi-use device, I'll keep my shitty overpriced coffee pot, thank you very much.

Comment: Re:when? (Score 1) 182 182

Pretty cool, but still not a fundamental change in the way you use the internet.

Actually, for me personally, it was...

What you just described doesn't fit the mold of the vast majority of internet users. If I had to pull a number out of my ass, the number of home users that have multiple TB of data that needs to be backed up in multiple cloud locations as well as cold storage and home backups, would put you in the top .01%. You just described a business scenario that should be kept to a business class connection, not a $50 or $100/month home connection.

I think the OP's post is reasonable. The other 99.99% of internet users out there would benefit far more from a stable 10x10 connection than they do from multi-Gb download speeds.

I'm not bashing you, it sounds like you've got a great setup that works for you. Just pointing out that your use case doesn't apply to very many people.

Comment: Re:Yes... (Score 1) 218 218

Why are you out of office

I know you were being facetious, but the fact of the world (at least the one I live in) is that 2500 of users' "office" is a job site out in the middle of nowhere. We have a real need for these people to interact with our business system, recording hours expended, material installed, equipment utilization, etc. etc. For these type of workers, a desktop just isn't realistic.

Which leaves me in a quandary: Native app(s) or web-app. We don't have the appetite to develop and maintain several versions of the app for different devices. We don't have the need for super fancy/flashy UI, I envision something simple, plain, and utilitarian. And it has to have some off-line capabilities. Those all lead me towards a web-app...

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