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Comment Liberal Arts? (Score 0) 191

...provide inmates with a liberal arts education so that when the students leave prison they are able to find meaningful work.

Do they also teach them how to cook? That seems like it will be useful when they apply their degree to their McDonalds' job.

Joking aside, I think this is amazing. Actually trying to meaningfully rehabilitate offenders so they can re-integrate into society and actually do something productive. I would also hope that they would offer more specialized or in-depth programs for individuals that show the initiative and promise.

Comment Re:On Slashdot? (Score 1) 1165

This is Slashdot news why?

Maybe it's here just so YOU can click on the post, read the article, scroll 2/3 of the way through the comments, then post a comment asking "This is Slashdot news why?"

Why did you click on the article? You knew what the post was about. There are hundreds of other news sites you could have gone to, why did you come here?

Probably for the same reason I did: You frequent Slashdot. You enjoy the comments that are moderately more intelligent than the average drivel in the "general" news site comments. The discussion is peer-moderated. Then again, maybe you just came here so you could bitch about non-technical articles posted on a "nerd news" site.

Comment Re:Picture of the "bomb"? (Score 1) 956

Yeah, I just saw the picture on a Yahoo News article. pic Exactly as described. Standard clock guts+big LED display crammed into a small suitcase. No way to tell if it was the display that came with the clock guts or not.

Pretty low-level "experiment", but he is 14, so I'll cut him some slack. At least he's tinkering with something instead sitting on his ass on Snapchat. Definitely not worthy of all the attention it's getting..

Comment Picture of the "bomb"? (Score 2) 956

Where the hell is the picture of the "bomb clock"? I see a picture of the kid next to circuit board. If that is the "bomb clock" then a lot of adults need to get slapped upside the head.

The point being, what he is sitting next to could not conceivably be considered a bomb by anybody with a brain between their ears. Now, if the "clock" was a display protruding from a small box, where you can't see what is going on inside the box (as the story implies), then maybe (just maybe) there was a tiny shred of justification for their actions. However, maybe a more appropriate response (assuming the thing actually resembled a bomb) would have been to say "hey son, could you please show me what's inside the box?" If you were TRULY worried about it being a bomb, maybe evacuating the school and calling in the bomb squad would have been appropriate. I would expect any of those responses by the teachers if the kid was white, black, brown, purple, or green. But no, these backwards mother fuckers see a brown kid with a "muslim sounding" name and all hell breaks loose.

If the second teacher TRULY thought this was a bomb, why the fuck would you put it in your desk and leave it there for hours? They need to be fired, immediately, for failing to act responsibly in a "dangerous" situation. If the police were TRULY worried that this device was a bomb they all need to be fired, immediately, for failing to properly handle a suspected explosive device.

Oh, reading the story again, nobody ever thought it was ACTUALLY a bomb, they just thought it kinda looked like one. First teacher probably should be talked to, if he thought the device could be perceived as a threat (saying "you probably shouldn't show that to any one else") he should have confiscated it on the spot. Second teacher acted appropriately. Knew it wasn't actually a bomb, just thought it looked like one, so she confiscated it and reported it to the principle. I would expect the same thing to happen to someone that brought in something that could be perceived as a bomb, gun, knife, whatever. Principal? Yeah, he needs to be fired. Threatening to expel a student for not providing a written statement? Yeah, not cool. Intimidating a 14 year old by forcing a written statement without a parent present? I'd be pissed if they did that to my kids. The police involved, definitely reprimanded. Interrogating a minor without a parent present, big no-no. Arresting him without charging him with a crime? Also a no-no.

Comment Re:10 Mbps (Score 2) 280

It was half arse-pulling and half knowing how to type into google. Both of those come up with around 10Mb (using nice round numbers). My original comment was related to someone saying 50Mb was becoming pretty much useless, so I went with that.

Comment Re:10 Mbps (Score 2) 280

anything less than 50Mbps is starting to become pretty worthless

It would take a family of 10 simultaneously watching different HD Netflix streams to saturate a 50Mbps connection. At a certain point (according to the article, that point is around 10Mb) it becomes "impossible" to actually consume that much bandwidth. A 10-20 Mb service with proper QoS to account for gaming and other latency sensitive activities and a well thought out update regime to cover game updates should take care of 99% of the average user's internet needs.

I realize that 10Mb doesn't fit with consumers' "I want this, and I want it now" mentality, but calling less than 50Mb "worthless" for your average consumer is a bit of a stretch.

I have 500 (full duplex)

What do you you ACTUALLY do with that much bandwidth? I mean yeah, being able to download a full HD movie in minutes is nice, but seriously...

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